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Posted on: January 22, 2011 8:45 pm

Two Oklahoma players arrested Friday night

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Two of the Oklahoma Sooners' most promising freshmen, WR Kenny Stills and safety Tony Jefferson (both 2010 starters), were arrested overnight on misdemeanor charges. According to the Tulsa World, Stills was arrested for driving under the influence and Jefferson was arrested for interference with the official process at 2:10 this morning.

Both men are 19, and while that's not particularly important in Jefferson's case, it is regarding Stills; like most states, Oklahoma law has a zero-tolerance policy toward underage drinking, so if Stills had any amount of alcohol in his system at all -- even a 0.01 BAC -- he was subject to arrest. It's worth noting that the two players are both California natives, where the standards are the same, so neither can claim ignorance of the law, but still, it's possible that Stills' major mistake was being two years too young.

As Jefferson, well, all he's being charged with is interference and not any other crime, so it's likely that he protested Stills' arrest process a little too much and got himself in trouble for it. Foolish, yes, but 19-year-olds tend to overreact at times.

All of which is to say, it's important to wait for details to come out from these arrests before reacting with any hysterics; the possibility remains that Stills had a beer, then was driving with Jefferson somewhere when they were pulled over for what they perceived to be a DWB. One guy gets breathalyzed, one guy gets upset, both get arrested, and here we are. It's also equally possible, of course, that Stills and Jefferson were both hammered and had no business being in a moving vehicle at all. That's not off the table either. The details are going to be crucial before branding these guys as "brainless thugs" or just college kids making college mistakes (or anything inbetween).

Bob Stoops has yet to release a comment on the arrests.

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