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Posted on: January 17, 2012 1:02 pm

Report: Cosh leaving KSU for USF

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Kansas State is coming off of its best season in years, but it looks like the Wildcats will have to find a new defensive coordinator for 2012.

GoPowercat.com is reporting that defensive coordinator Chris Cosh is leaving Kansas State to take the same position at South Florida. Cosh spent the weekend in Tampa interviewing for the job and spent Saturday night at the team's banquet.

Cosh has spent the last three seasons as Kansas State's defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. He would be reuniting with Skip Holtz at South Florida, as both spent five seasons together on Lou Holtz's staff at South Carolina, where Cosh spent his first four years as linebackers coach before becoming defensive coordinator in 2003.

Cosh would be replacing Mark Snyder, who left South Florida to take over as defensive coordinator on Kevin Sumlin's staff at Texas A&M.

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Posted on: August 31, 2011 7:00 pm
Edited on: September 2, 2011 1:38 pm

PODCAST: Previewing Week 1

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

There's always going to be a metric ton of excitement surrounding the first week of the season. But 2011's first week ought to cause even more than most Week 1's: Oregon vs. LSU. Georgia vs. Boise State. Notre Dame's newest Return to Glory taking on Lou Holtz's own son from USF. Wounded Miami traveling to Maryland. Baylor's electric Robert Griffin taking on Tank Carder and TCU in Friday primetime. And more.

It's somehow all happening this weekend, and our Adam Aizer and J. Darin Darst break it all down for us right here on the College Football Podcast. Listen below, download the mp3, or listen in a popout player to continue browsing. And -- if you like what you hear -- subscribe to the CFB podcast on iTunes.


Posted on: April 27, 2011 12:07 pm

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Aside from possibly Cam Newton (in locales outside of East Central Alabama, anyway), there's nothing college football fans despise more than an unnecessary unsportsmanlike conduct penalty with the game on the line. There's not a fan alive who wouldn't prefer officials keep their flags in their pocket whenever possible, and given the emotion, competitiveness and spectacle of a big college football game, it's almost always possible to let a touchdown celebration to go unpunished.

Which is why the NCAA's decision to potentially make those penalties even more damaging in 2011 -- by making them a live ball foul when committed before the whistle, thus able to take an otherwise legitimate touchdown off the board -- has already become the most criticized, most hated rules change in recent memory.

But one SEC official says the furor is going to be much ado about nothing. Speaking to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, the SEC's John Wright assures fans the zebras aren't going to deploy the nuclear unsportsmanlike option unless they have to (emphasis added):
Wright ... says conference officials won’t be “nitpicky.”

“If somebody turns a flip or flips a bird at somebody, a team should be penalized,” he said. “But if somebody does something borderline, we will not call it. Everybody in the stadium will know (that it was an unsportsmanlike act) if we call it.

“The way we have been told (by the SEC), these things have to jump out at you. If a guy stands over somebody and beats his chest, we know that’s a foul.”
SEC supervisor of officials Steve Shaw echoed Wright's statements, saying the league has made those calls a point of offseason emphasis and that "we don't want to be too technical" when applying the rule.

But we already knew the SEC doesn't like overzealous unsportsmanlike flags. Remember A.J. Green getting penalized for this in the dying minutes against LSU?

The league subsequently admitted the call had been blown, but by then the Bulldogs had already lost. And even if the SEC is doing its best to prevent needless unsportsmanlike calls, what about the leagues whose officials have been responsible for this ...

... or this* ...

If there's any silver lining to this collection of horrors, it's that even in 2011, none of these flags would have negated the touchdowns in question. But that lining doesn't remove the giant black cloud that suggests that given the power to unnecessarily alter the score over perceived unsportsmanlike conduct, some official somewhere will.

So we appreciate Wright's reassurances. But until/unless we actually reach the end of the 2011 season without some new outrage perpetrated by this rule, we're going to continue believing this to be a terrible, terrible idea.

*Incidentally, this was the officiating decision which Lou Holtz would later decry as a "shavesty of justice." Just so you know.

HT: DocSat.

Posted on: March 23, 2011 8:42 pm

Notre Dame to make Dr. Lou an actual doctor

Posted by Tom Fornelli

If you're a college football fan, then it's likely that you've seen a Dr. Lou segment featuring Lou Holtz on ESPN at some point. You may enjoy them, you might not, but all that really matters is that you understand that Lou Holtz is not actually a doctor. Or at least, he wasn't before. Now it seems that Notre Dame, the school Holtz spent 11 seasons coaching and where Holtz won a national championship in 1988, is determined to give the man some credibility.

The school announced on Wednesday that Holtz would be one of thirteen people receiving honorary degrees this spring.
The university announced Wednesday that Holtz would be given an honorary doctor of laws degree. Notre Dame previously had announced that Defense Secretary Robert Gates would be the speaker at the commencement May 22 at Notre Dame Stadium.
Among the others who will receive honorary degrees are Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Prize-winning physicist John Mather, former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Tucson Bishop Gerald Kicanas.
I hope that Holtz, the Nobel Prize winners and space folk appreciate what an honor this truly is. Honorary degrees aren't handed out by Notre Dame all that often, and when they are, they usually go to cultural treasures like L'il Sebastian.* And that little horse could work his way through a corn maze like nobody else.

*Ron Swanson told me this, and Ron Swanson wouldn't lie to me. Even if he does speak on another network that doesn't feature the same quality programming that we do on the mothership.
Posted on: January 31, 2011 5:21 pm

Urban Meyer joins ESPN full time

Posted by Tom Fornelli

When you leave your job to spend more time with your family there comes a time when you realize "I need to get away from my family." The time it takes for a person to realize this varies. Some take weeks, some take years. Urban Meyer appears to be one of the former, as a report in the Palm Beach Post says that Meyer has joined ESPN as an analyst.
It is unknown what role Meyer will hold at ESPN or how often he will appear, but those details likely will be available once the hire is officially announced. It will be publicized later today.
Meyer has appeared on ESPN twice recently, as an in-studio guest in December and as part of the network’s national championship game coverage this month.
Meyer "auditioned" with the network during bowl season and I thought he did a pretty good job. Of course, when all we have to compare Meyer to at ESPN is Lou Holtz and Mark May, a talking parrot would seem refreshing. In fact, it'd be downright awesome. Alas, we're probably years away from parrots hosting studio shows, so Meyer will have to do for now.

Meyer will also be retaining his position in the Florida athletic department, which means that the man who left his former job to spend more time with his family now has two jobs. The real question is how long will Meyer hold on to those two jobs. Considering his age, and his obvious dedication to the game of football, you have to wonder how long he'll be sitting behind a desk before taking another coaching job. You know he'll be sought after, but I suppose it's possible being an analyst will suit him just fine, and he may never leave. 
Posted on: November 4, 2010 2:26 pm
Edited on: November 13, 2010 6:06 pm

Fulmer not interested in Minnesota job

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Since firing Tim Brewster , just about every college football coach who has experienced any kind of success in the last 20 years running a program has had his name pop up as a possible candidate to take the head coaching job at Minnesota .  Names like Mike Leach , Tony Dungy , Chris Petersen , Gary Patterson and even Lou Holtz have been tossed out as candidates.  All coaches who probably wouldn't leave their current gigs for the Gophers without a gun pointed to their heads.

Another coach who had been named, and is actually out of work and looking to get back in the game, is former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer .  Fulmer would be a much more viable candidate than somebody like Petersen or Patterson, but there's one small problem for Minnesota.  According to a radio report, he doesn't want the job.

Jimmy Hyams , a radio host at Knoxville's WNML-AM/FM, said on his show Thursday that he contacted Fulmer about his interest in the Minnesota job and that Fulmer said it "was not a good fit" for him.  Which isn't all that surprising.  Odds are that at the age of 60, if Fulmer wants to get back in to coaching he's going to want to do so at a program that won't provide such a sizable challenge as Minnesota does.

The Gophers aren't built to compete in the Big Ten right now, and it would take years before any coach was able to get the program on par with schools like Ohio State , Wisconsin , Iowa , Nebraska and even Michigan .
Posted on: October 20, 2010 3:32 pm
Edited on: November 13, 2010 6:14 pm

Lou Holtz to Minnesota?

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The coaching corpse of Tim Brewster hasn't even begun rotting yet, but there's already been plenty of movement to find a replacement in Minnesota.   The Gophers wanted Tony Dungy, Dungy said no thanks, but he'll help.  He then offered up Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Lesley Frazier, to which I replied Mike Leach, and then this morning interim head coach Jeff Horton said the school should look at Vikings offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

But what if the Gophers wanted to go the crazy route?  What if they actually wanted to look outside the state of Minnesota for a replacement?  Apparently there are some within the schools who have set their eyes on a crazy old man in Bristol, one who just might have the prescription to make Minnesota football all better.  That's right.  Dr. Lou.
There was some talk Tuesday that some local dreamers will try to bring Lou Holtz , 73, back as Gophers football coach, with a master plan that Holtz's son Skip, the coach at South Florida, would succeed his dad at Minnesota.

The late Leroy Gardner, who worked for Holtz as an academic adviser at Minnesota, described Holtz as "the most sophisticated (fibber) he had ever seen."
Lou Holtsch back to coach the Minneshota Golden Gophersh?  Shufferin' shuccotash!

Holtz spent two years at Minnesota before leaving to take over the job at Notre Dame, leading the team to the Independence Bowl.  The Gophers beat Clemson in that game, but Holtz had already left for South Bend by then. 

Personally, I don't know that hiring Holtz would really make all that much sense for the Gophers.  He is 73 years old, and he seems pretty content with his television gig.  Besides, I don't want Minnesota's football team being the only people in this country privy to Holtz' pep talks and life advice.  That wouldn't be fair to the rest of us.

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