Posted on: October 21, 2010 1:49 pm

Walker: Richt has "got to take control"

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

One of the deepest ongoing mysteries in the SEC is why Mark Richt and Georgia simply cannot shake their team's penchant for (mostly) petty lawlessness. There are plenty of other coaches with a more laissez-faire approach to discipline than Richt, and plenty other programs with more character risks on the roster than the Bulldogs ... but almost none of them can match the amazing 11 arrests the Dawgs have racked up this calendar year, with several coming since the start of Georgia's roller coaster of a season.

Not surprisingly, this is a development of some concern for Georgia fans, and no Georgia fan's opinion carries as much weight as Dawg uberlegend Herschel Walker . So when Walker says of Richt ...

"The losses, that is going to concern me as well, but when you got kids that got off-field problems, we need to get into and see what’s going on. Because when you got off-the-field problems, there’s something going on with that program ...

“He’s got to fix it ... He’s the leader there on that team, so he’s got to take control."
... it's the clearest sign yet that if Richt wants to maintain the support of the Dawg fanbase -- particularly in the face of the miserable 1-4 start that put his head on the chopping block before routs of Tennessee and Vanderbilt righted the ship -- he'd best either find a way to keep his players in line, or desperately hope that whatever shoulder-devils have been luring them astray take the rest of the season off.

Walker did say that individual responsibility is "one of the problems I think athletes have today," but left the onus squarely on Richt to solve the Dawgs' problems. As for potential solutions, well, reading the notorious comments section of the Journal-Constitution website is wholeheartedly not recommended, but we can't help but make note of user "Chili"'s useful suggestion regarding Walker's budding mixed-martial arts career:

The next one arrested should have to get in the cage with Herschel.
Yes, please. And hey, at this point, what does Richt have to lose?

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