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Posted on: March 24, 2011 12:48 pm

Kiffin expecting Barkley to turn pro after '11

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Pete Carroll drew some criticism as USC's head coach in 2009, when he publicly chastised Trojan quarterback Mark Sanchez for deciding to forgo his senior season in Los Angeles and turn pro a year early.

Though Lane Kiffin has maintained many, many aspects of Carroll's program after taking over the Trojans, it seems those kinds of opinions on his quarterbacks' futures aren't going to be one of them. Bryan Fischer of our sister blog Eye on Recruiting (and our USC spring practice primer ) was on hand for Kiffin's post-practice comments yesterday, which included this on the future of junior quarterback Matt Barkley (emphasis added):
“Matt’s going into his third year here. Obviously, if he has a good year, I’m sure he’ll look to go to the NFL. Most guys do after their junior year.

“He needs to take the next step, to go from being a really good quarterback to a great quarterback. Obviously he’s not competing against the guys on this field, because he’s above that level. But he’s competing against the best guys in the country every single day.”

The very lack of competition for the Trojan QB job that Kiffin describes would be reason to think he'd all but beg Barkley to return. But Kiffin has always made his and his program's ability to put players into the NFL a cornerstone of his recruiting pitch; clearly he's not going to send the message to potential future quarterbacks that he won't make every effort he can to get them into the pros as quickly as possible.

But is Barkley really on track to make that kind of leap? Assuming he makes the same kind of progress in 2011 he made in 2010, he likely is; he improved his touchdown-to-interception ratio from 15-to-14 to 26-to-12, taking his QB rating from approximately 131 to 141 in the process. Another 10-to-15-point increase would put Barkley amongst the national top 20 in QB rating and one of a very few quarterbacks in that range playing in a pass-centric, pro-style system like Kiffin's. If an occasionally-erratic, spread-trained quarterback like Blaine Gabbert could go as high as No. 1 in this year's draft, it seems likely that a prospect like Barkley could find his way into the first round after a solid junior season ... if not all the way into the top 10.

So Kiffin's not exaggerating. But to see a head coach expect -- and almost hope , it seems -- that his best player will skip town a year early is just one more sign that Kiffin is marching to an entirely unique drummer amongst college coaches.

Posted on: February 2, 2011 12:47 pm

Mitch Mustain arrested for selling drugs

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Remember when Mitch Mustain was supposed to have a great career at Arkansas? Well, things never quite worked out that way as he would eventually transfer to USC where he'd spend the rest of his college days backing up Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. So now that his college football days are over, and the NFL doesn't really seem to be in the works, Mustain needs to find a way to make money.

Though if he could find a way to do so legally I'm sure the police wouldn't mind. They probably don't feel like arresting him on suspicion that he's been selling prescription drugs.
Former USC quarterback Mitch Mustain is free on bail after being arrested on suspicion of selling prescription narcotics, police said Wednesday.
Mustain, 22, was arrested Tuesday at 8:10 p.m. and was booked on the felony charge at the West Valley-area station, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials. Mustain was released after posting $30,000 bail.
The arrest came as the result of a sting operation, but police did not elaborate on details of the case.
You can see Mustain's official booking information here.

Mustain is still scheduled to work out as part of USC's "pro day" in March, but you have to figure this arrest may put a damper on his draft stock. Mustain is also the second former Trojan to be arrested this week, as former Trojan Everson Griffin was arrested and tasered by police on suspected battery charges.
Posted on: October 13, 2010 4:58 pm

Something is missing from USC's mural

Posted by Chip Patterson

No, it is not a cool game of Erotic Photo Hunt, and what's missing should be pretty obvious.  This recently revealed USC football mural documents the presence of Trojans in the NFL.  As probably expected, the mural lacks the presence of a certain running back who now suits up for the Saints.  USC may have tried to rid Reggie Bush from their written/painted history, but none of us can forget what we saw.  Just like Marion Jones' Gold Medals, and the Final Four trips of the Fab Five at Michigan, we all witnessed it happen.  It's hard to erase moves like this.


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