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N.C. State wants to remain one school Wolfpack

Posted by Tom Fornelli

As we've seen recently, universities aren't afraid to go after high schools for copyright infringement on their logos and other trademarks. It doesn't really seem fair for schools like Florida State to go after high schools, but it's the world we live in where college athletics equal big bucks, and merchandise sales certainly add to it. Further north in the ACC, N.C. State now finds itself in a similar situation, though it isn't going after a high school. No, N.C. State is going after a small university in Louisiana called Loyola.

It seems Loyola calls its sports teams the Wolfpack, and N.C. State wants to make sure that it is the only Wolfpack in the country.
The Jesuit school in Louisiana has called itself the Wolfpack for more than a half-century, but N.C. State says it owns the exclusive legal right to use the Wolfpack name and logo.
N.C. State Assistant General Counsel Shawn Troxler last month notified Loyola officials that their use of the Wolfpack image constitutes trademark infringement. Loyola's use of Wolfpack could lead to confusion and misunderstanding in the marketing-intense, big-money world of collegiate sports.
"People could think something is being sponsored by N.C. State," Troxler said Sunday. "We're in the beginning stages of discussion of how they could use the term 'Wolfpack.' "
N.C. State trademarked the name Wolfpack back in 1983, though Loyola has used the name since the 1930s. Though not trademarked, N.C. State didn't begin using the nickname until 1947. So I'm not sure how this will work in a courtroom, since I didn't study Mascot Law in college. What I do know is that N.C. State went through a similar case with Nevada, which ended up changing its name from Wolfpack to Wolf Pack. It's possible that Loyola may end up doing the same thing.
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Could Crowell puppy become next Uga?

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

There is no question which bulldog is the most famous Georgia bulldog at any given time: Uga, the university's English bulldog mascot, which has served on Georgia's football sidelines since 1956.

But on Signing Day, Uga got his first taste of actual competition for the honor: the unnamed (and undeniably adorable) bulldog puppy held aloft by blue-chip running back prospect Isaiah Crowell as he announced he would be attending Georgia and completing Mark Richt's "Dream Team" recruiting class. When the current Uga, Uga VIII, passed away last week , more than one Georgia fan joked that the school ought to simply promote the Crowell puppy to the job.

It turns out the puppy's candidacy might not be a joke after all, though. Crowell was short on details on Signing Day, but the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer has since reported that the puppy (whose name includes a reference to legendary Georgia radio broadcaster Larry Munson) would make a highly viable heir to the throne :
The dog’s name is Magical Munson Woods, and Wednesday’s high-profile college signing was only the latest dip into Georgia football lore for the pup, which is part of the Uga lineage, and it’s owner, Mike Woods , who is best known to fans for painting of a bulldog atop his bald head at football games.

“I couldn’t have been more honored for (Crowell) to hold up one of my puppies,” Woods said. “It’s a great thing to be a Bulldog, and for him to hold up one of my puppies was absolutely great, especially with the puppy being part of the Uga line. I couldn’t ask for anything more" ...

“I’m going to offer him to Georgia for Uga IX,” Woods said. “I’ll be glad to give him to Georgia. He’s got the background to do it, and I’ve got the papers to prove it.”
If you're wondering what sort of fan would have an Uga-descended puppy waiting around for recruits to pose with and the university to possibly anoint as the school's next mascot, this kind of fan :

Clearly, this is a puppy whose ties to the University of Georgia could not possibly be any stronger. Dawg fans are firmly behind him . Not to be insensitive, but the current direct line of Ugas appears somewhat ... frail , for lack of a better term.

So, Georgia: is it time to add one last member to the "Dream Team"?

Photos by the Associated Press and the Red and Black .

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Video: Mike shows Ole Miss what they're missing

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Ole Miss , you'll recall, went searching for a new mascot this season (after parting ways with the notorious Colonel Reb a little while back), eventually settling on the Rebel Black Bear. But unless the Rebels bother to bring in an actual, live black bear from parts distant and unknown, they'll have a ways to go to match up to the effort being made by their LSU opponents today, as this video illustrating the life of Riley led by LSU's Mike the Tiger makes clear:

Following LSU's example and hosting the bear wouldn't just make Ole Miss that much cooler; it might have some benefits on the football field, at least if LSU's intimidating home-field advantage at Tiger Stadium is any indication. The Tigers lead 10-7 midway through the first. And Mike approves.

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Uga VIII set to debut against Vanderbilt

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Good news, Georgia fans!  The solution to what has ailed your team all season long is finally here.  No, it's not the return of A.J. Green, it is the return of Uga.  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the newest in the long line of Georgia mascots, Uga VIII, will be making his debut at Sanford Stadium on October 16 against Vanderbilt.

The news comes from Sonny Seiler, the man who has provided Georgia with Ugas since 1956.

Seiler said the plan is to hold a “collaring” ceremony for Uga VIII before kickoff of the Vanderbilt game. He said UGA President Michael Adams, athletic director Greg McGarity, Seiler family members and interim mascot “Russ” will participate in the ceremony.

Seiler said he could not provide details about Uga VIII until next week, when he said a news release will be issued and a photograph provided. The photo will be shot in Savannah later this week, he said.

Seiler did give one hint, saying that Uga VIII is a "big" dog.  So maybe he can double as a defensive tackle or something.

The Bulldogs have been Uga-less since Uga VII died from heart-related causes in November of 2009.  Which may have been a blessing because had he lived to see this season he'd have probably been wishing for death.  Russ, Uga VII's half-brother (dog infidelity!), has been serving as the interim mascot since.

So should the Bulldogs start winning once they have their new mascot, Russ can serve as a handy "fall dog" for Mark Richt.   "Don't blame me, blame Russ!"

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Rufus' attack on Brutus a year in the making

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You probably don't recognize the name Brandon Hanning, nor should you.  He's just a 19-year old kid from Ohio who toils in anonymity, or at least did until this last weekend.  You see, Brandon Hanning is the Clark Kent to Rufus Bobcat's Superman.  Yes, he is the kid who ran onto the field and tackled Brutus Buckeye this past Saturday, blazing a path to internet stardom.

He also blazed a path to getting himself banned from games, but don't worry about Brandon.  It was all worth it.  In fact, he's already gotten everything he'd ever wanted.  Tackling Brutus was the only reason he tried out to be a mascot.

Brandon Hanning, the person in the Rufus costume, said he was not upset with the aftermath.

"It was the whole reason I tried out (to be Rufus) last year," he said. "I knew we were going back to OSU this year, and I wanted to tackle Brutus."

Hanning, 19, is a student at Hocking College. He enrolled at OU last year but dropped out, he said. He added that he still hadn't been informed of his firing, but didn't care.

You have to have goals in life.  Some of us want to help sick children, others want to run for President and change the world.

And, I guess, some of us just want to be a mascot so we can tackle another mascot.  A noble cause, I suppose, though I do wonder about the aftermath of completing your life's goal at the age of 19.  I mean, it's all downhill from there isn't it?
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Posted by Tom Fornelli

You are Rufus Bobcat, and your team -- the Ohio Bobcats -- faces quite a big challenge.  The Bobcats are in the Horseshoe taking on one of the best teams in the country in the Ohio State Buckeyes.  It's not going to be easy to knock off the Buckeyes, and they need a spark.

What are you going to do, Rufus?  How are you going to fire your team up?

You're going to tackle Brutus Buckeye, that's what!

Man, missing that first tackle and having your head come off while doing so is never a good omen, but at least Rufus didn't give up.  Sure, he failed to bring Brutus down and had to be escorted away by security, but he might have done a better job tackling than any of the Bobcats actual players did during their 43-7 loss.

Unfortunately for Rufus -- well, the kid playing Rufus -- the school didn't enjoy his performance as much as I did.

Video courtesy of Deadspin

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