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Posted on: November 24, 2010 6:28 pm

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach suing ESPN

Posted by Chip Patterson

Former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach has spent this football season commentating for CBS College Sports, hosting his own satellite radio show, and now flexing his lawyer muscles a little bit.  Leach's lawyers filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against ESPN and Spaeth Communications for libel and slander, among other accusations.  The suit focuses on ESPN College Football commentator Craig James, father of Adam James, who was at the center of Leach's firing at Texas Tech.  Leach's camp is accusing James, ESPN, and Spaeth of actively conspiring to smear the coach's name in the wake of December's firing.

I may have my biases (Leach was kind enough to sit down with me back in October) but I do feel as though the former head coach of the Red Raiders was mistreated by the media during the time surrounding his dismissal.  People may have their own opinions about how players should be treated, but there definitely appeared to be a distinct slant in the way the story was being reported by certain outlets.  The success of the lawsuit is months away from determination, and some have called this a move of a "desperate man" searching for someone to blame.  No matter who's side you take in this one, we can all agree that re-hashing the details of the Adam James incident will not be pleasant.  For anyone.   
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