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Posted on: November 4, 2011 5:14 pm

Minnesota security guard tackles fans, is fired

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Ever wanted to see a security guard just start knocking people over as they triumphantly storm the field following a victory? No, you've never wanted that? You think that's awful, horrible behavior regardless of whether someone's being a Pretend Cop? You think that should be grounds for immediate termination at the very least? Well, congratulations, Minnesota agrees with that assessment, and now this guy taking out fans after the Gophers' 22-21 upset over Iowa is fired.

Keep an eye on the aggressive man wearing hot pink at lower left. 

Per the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, that unnamed man has since been fired by CSC, the company providing security for Minnesota sporting events:

Before Saturday's game, the security staff was advised not to stop the fans if they poured onto the field after the game, U athletic department spokesman Garry Bowman said on Thursday. But the security guards were told to protect the "stadium's assets," such as the goal posts, he said.

After the Gophers beat the Hawkeyes to claim the Floyd of Rosedale trophy, fans streamed onto the field. At one point, the guard was hit in the head "and got angry about it and then started pushing fans down as they ran by him," Bowman said. "He was way out of line and has been dismissed from his position by CSC."

Let's make the assumption that the guard is telling the truth and actually did get hit in the head. That isn't an excuse to take it out on other innocent fans. It's not even close. Frankly, the security guard is lucky that the only thing happening to him is a firing; tackle random people like that on the street, and you're looking at assault charges.

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