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Posted on: February 24, 2012 10:59 am

Are these the new Mizzou uniforms?

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Simply moving to the SEC isn't enough for Missouri football. Much like when you get a new job, or you're going on a date with a new beau, you find some new clothes to wear. And that's exactly what Missouri seems to be doing.

The school plans on debuting some new jerseys on April 14th, but before it does anything official, it's teasing the fan base a bit. Missouri posted a video of former Missouri wide receiver and current Philadelphia Eagle Jeremy Maclin getting a look at the new jerseys. Well, one Mizzou fan went through the video frame by frame and took as many screengrabs as he could to try and piece things together.

Judging by one of the photos -- a photo that is intentionally left blurry by the school -- it seems that yellow jerseys are definitely in play for the Tigers next season, as well as a new helmet.

If all that isn't enough, how about some tiger stripes?

Again, while there's nothing here that gives a definitive look at what the jerseys are going to look like, if you look at all the different photos available in the video, you can get a pretty good idea of what Missouri will be wearing during its first season in the SEC.

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