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Posted on: January 20, 2012 6:35 pm
Edited on: January 20, 2012 6:36 pm

PICTURES: Minnesota unveils new uniforms

Posted by Adam Jacobi

It's the offseason, and for teams coming off disappointing seasons, that means it's time to generate renewed excitement about the program in any way possible. One great way to do that? New uniforms! And with that, Minnesota unveiled a bevy of uniform combinations on Friday afternoon to go along with its new matte maroon helmet:

And with that, here are the new uniforms (all modeled without helmets on, because... okay?), courtesy of the Minnesota athletic department:

From a distance, the new uniforms are pretty drab. And that's a good thing! In football, the flashier aspects of a uniform belong on a helmet, which are more suited for smaller flourishes and details -- like, say, the SKI-U-MAH on the back of the Minnesota hats. On a uniform, though, the primary necessity is legible numbers, and Minnesota's are pretty solid in that respect (though why is it so hard for uniform manufacturers to come up with a "5" that doesn't look like an accident?).

Put it another way: You know what happens when uniforms aren't boring? They end up looking like this.

Still, being that this is Nike we're talking about, there are some interesting details up close. From the official news release:

Brick patterns and texture are also prominent in some of the design elements. Jersey numbering and lettering on the white and gold jerseys will be printed with a brick pattern, which was taken directly from one of the walls of Memorial Stadium, which is on display at the McNamara Alumni Center.

So that's neat.

So what do you think? Yea? Nay? Neigh? (If you vote neigh, you are a horse, get off the internet you horse, this is for people) 

Posted on: August 4, 2011 8:20 pm

Purdue debuts new, slightly different uniforms

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Continuing a rather popular theme from this offseason, the latest team to unveil a new set of uniforms is ... (shakes Magic 8-Ball) ... Purdue! The Boilermakers had their old uniform design for five years, so clearly something had to be done. Ladies, and gentlemen, here is that something:

Yeah, that's the same color scheme, and the helmets are essentially the same (different center stripe) too. There's just three different sets of pants and two jerseys now, and the numbers have a new font. Not to be flip about it all, but that merited a press conference?

In fact, if there's one thing to be celebrating here, it's the otherworldly moustache on display by Chris Carlino, a senior backup linebacker who was almost certainly chosen for this unveiling solely for his soup strainer. That is a top-caliber, grade-A, All-American moustache. Let's see it some more.

And he's only a backup? Well, that's your problem right there, Danny Hope. You've got this moustache for the ages on your team, just waiting to be the keystone of a defense desperately in need of leadership, and it's just sitting on the sideline. Surely a school like Purdue -- one that has employed moustache aficianados as head football coaches for the past 14 years -- can appreciate the power of a well-crafted handlebar like Carlino's, no?

[VIDEO: Carlino "just gonna rock it for a while"]

Anyway, there's a whole set of pictures from the conference on Purdue's Facebook page, though there are so few noteworthy sartorial flourishes that we can't in good conscience say it'd be worth one's time to click through. And sure, when it comes to football, the uniforms pale in importance to the actual play on the field itself, so yes, this is pretty shallow criticism. But Purdue's the one who called a press conference over what amounts to different numbers and more pants, so nobody's really above reproach here.

Except for Chris Carlino, of course. 
Posted on: April 6, 2011 1:01 pm
Edited on: April 6, 2011 10:11 pm

TCU busts out some new duds

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Fresh off an undefeated season and victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, in which the Horned Frogs busted out some fancy new uniforms, TCU unveiled the jerseys it will begin wearing in the 2011 season. Which is also the last year TCU will spend in the Mountain West before moving on to the greener pasture of the Big East in 2012, where going undefeated may actually afford the school a chance to play for a national title.

As you can see by looking at the new duds - those are them up there in case you haven't figure it out - they are rather basic, especially when compared to what we've seen Nike come up with in recent years. Which means that I like them because I've always been a fan of a simpler, cleaner look. So if Oregon ever wanted me to play football for them, they'd have to pay my street agent a lot of money to get me (I'm kidding! Sort of).

What you can't see as well in the photo above, however, is that there has also been a change to TCU's helmets. That cute little horned frog that had been on the helmet in recent seasons, and had a rose dangling from its mouth in the Rose Bowl, is gone. Now it's just the TCU that is being displayed. Which is the one aspect of the new ensemble that I don't like.

I was a fan of that frog, darn it.

Both images courtesy of GoFrogs.com
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