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Posted on: September 8, 2010 2:25 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2010 2:30 pm

Pryor and Harris have off-field friendship

Posted by Chip Patterson

On Saturday, Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor and Miami's Jacory Harris will be dueling on the field as opponents in what is arguably the biggest game of the weekend.  But off the field, they will likely go back to being friends.

Miami's Harris revealed to the Sun-Sentinel on Wednesday that the two have been friends ever since Hurricanes DT Marcus Fortson introduced Pryor to Harris over the phone.  Fortson and Pryor were teammates in the high school Army All-American game in 2008.  “Off the field, [Pryor] reminds me somewhat of Jacory Harris — outgoing, likes to have fun,” Forston said.

Harris told the reporter that although the two have never hung out, they "have always kept in contact" since their freshman year, talking and texting regularly.

What are the conversations about?

“Anything but football,” Harris noted. “We talked one time about this game and that was in the spring. Since then we haven’t talked about this game. We talk about regular things that friends, boys talk about.”

Of their conversation in the spring, Harris said, “We were just excited to play each other, go out there and represent for our schools and just have a good game.”

It is not surprising the two are able to find so much in common.  Both juniors stand at least 6-4 (Pryor is listed at 6-6), they both are threats to throw deep as well as burn a defense on the ground, and they both had to split time in-season before being given the keys to the offense.  Odd enough, last week both quarterbacks threw for 3 touchdowns, put up at least 200 yards, and their teams' scored 45 points.

But the friendship between the two Heisman hopefuls will have to be suspended momentarily on the field.  Because if either team expects to be in contention for the National Championship, they cannot afford an early season loss.  

“I don’t look at it as a challenge between me and him,” Harris said. “It is a game between two teams and not individuals. We just want to go out there and have a good showdown between the two teams, and then that is what we will settle from there.” (Photo credit: AP/Naples News)

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