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Posted on: May 31, 2011 3:33 pm

Fans have decided on Pac-12 title game logo

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The Pac-12 has released the official logo for its inaugural championship game. Behold:

What's most interesting about the logo isn't necessarily the logo itself, but how the conference went about selecting it. The Pac-12 offered fans four choices in an online poll and anointed the winner above only after it had edged out "logo three" by 1.8 percent over 25,000 votes. (The personal feeling here is that the fans made the right choice; logo three looks a little too Florida-based bowl-esque, and the other two look like failed Super Bowl insignia from the '90s and '80s, respectively.)

We're hoping this is only the beginning of the Pac-12's efforts to crowdsource certain decisions regarding its football season. Turning over executive power to online voters could yield promising results in any number of fields:

Television coverage: Why, yes, we home viewers would like another extended shot of the USC Song Girls over a replay of that last three-yard gain, thank you for asking.

Rules changes: Hey, Larry Scott, want to watch your ratings for this year's Cal-Oregon clash skyrocket? Let us vote on the real punishment for any Bears player caught suffering from a fake injury. (Ooooh, "Sideline hot foot" sounds fun.)

Washington State: We're not sure choosing their next playcall for them will make the cellar-dwelling Cougars any better, but it will make them more interesting.

Uniforms: If Nike's going to force us to watch Oregon play in 692 different uniform combinations, the least they can do is let us do the mix-and-matching ourselves. (First order of business: bringing back the Donald Duck logo on the helmets.)

We're sure you've got your own suggestions for how crowdsourcing could benefit the Pac-12, so leave 'em in the comments.

Posted on: March 16, 2011 2:05 pm

Pac-12 reveals new logo in video form

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While I'm not exactly a conference logo connoisseur, I do enjoy a logo from time to time. Without question, my favorite conference logo in college football is that of the Pac-10, which is now the Pac-12. In fact, when the conference expanded, one of my main concerns was that the league might make drastic changes to the logo.

Thankfully, that's not the case. The Pac-12 knows it has a good thing going, and it unveiled the new logo officially on Tuesday. Though, unfortunately, they decided that a lame video would be the best vehicle to get it out there. I'll forgive them for it since they did nothing more than change the 10 to a 12.

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