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Posted on: April 23, 2011 10:12 pm

Site challenges Cam Newton to lie detector test

Posted by Tom Fornelli

At the moment, Cam Newton is busy worrying about his future in the NFL. He's working out for numerous pro teams who are trying to get an idea of how the kid who dominated college football last season will perform in the professional game. Of course, no matter how he performs in the NFL, odds are that Newton is going to get a nice contract before he ever steps foot on an NFL field.

Though if Cam would like a shot at earning $1 million before that, it seems that somebody is giving him a chance.

A website has been created at camnewtonliedetector.com that challenges the former Auburn quarterback to take a lie detector. According to the site, if Cam Newton can answer "no" to four simple questions and pass the test, the site owner will give him $1 million. What are the questions?

- Prior to signing with Auburn, were you aware your father was “shopping” you to Mississippi State or any other school?

- Did you tell Dan or Meghan Mullen that you signed with Auburn because of the money because you truly believed Auburn had paid for your commitment?

- Did anyone on the Auburn coaching staff/athletic department instruct you how to answer questions from the NCAA by lying or avoiding the truth?

- Did you or your family ever receive any impermissible benefits from Auburn?

I would just like to point out right here and now that I can answer no to all four of these questions and pass any kind of lie detector you would like to subject me to. Can I get $1 million? I'll even let you shoot video of me taking the test and post it on the internet. I'm that confident.

Of course, you do have to wonder if the person challenging Newton to the test actually has the funds to pay Newton the money if he passes. You also have to challenge that person's sanity. I'm just not sure I'm willing to risk that much money in case Newton did pass the test, no matter how confident I was that he wouldn't.

I mean, it's just college football, folks. I love the game too, but not that much.

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