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Posted on: December 23, 2010 3:43 pm

Day after flooding, Qualcomm Stadium looks fine

Posted by Adam Jacobi

It wasn't but 24 hours ago that Qualcomm Stadium, the site of tonight's Poinsettia Bowl between Navy and San Diego State , was flooded with what appeared to be several inches of standing water. For a refresher, here's this picture:

Cue the Navy jokes, etc. etc.

Bowl officials were adamant the entire way that today's game would not be postponed, and that the drainage system would work properly. Strongly confident words, considering we're talking about a 43-year-old stadium and less than 24 hours of dry weather.

So? How's the Q looking today?

Well! That's... that's actually looking quite good. Those bowl officials who predicted nothing but green grass and blue skies for tonight's game? They were right. Now, that doesn't mean the field will be perfectly dry; there's a world of difference between "no standing water" and "dry," of course, and the football might still get slick if someone puts it on the ground. But the bottom line is that it's looking very much like Qualcomm will have a perfectly playable field tonight, and that is a major victory considering the conditions yesterday.

Posted on: December 22, 2010 5:16 pm
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PHOTOS: Qualcomm Stadium flooded day before bowl

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The Poinsettia Bowl is set to take place tomorrow evening between San Diego State and Navy. It has not been postponed. And whenever information as basic as that needs to be explicitly stated 27 hours before kickoff, yes, there's some trouble afoot. Check out these pictures of Qualcomm Stadium, the site of the bowl game, just one day before the game:

Incredible, right? Yeah, I didn't know it rained in San Diego either.

Poinsettia Bowl reps are taking to Twitter to assuage fans' fears that the game might be affected in any way; the official account asserts that "everything will go on as scheduled," and that "it's a lot easier to fix a stadium full of water than a stadium full of snow." It's necessary to take the bowl officials at their word for now, but don't be surprised to see some puddling on the field at kickoff, even though the weather forecast is pretty much dry for Thursday.

So the game's in San Diego ... but the field is underwater. Gotta think Navy gets the homefield advantage after all.

And really, if for some reason the Qualcomm pumps fail and/or get sabotaged by Loki the Norse god of discord, what's the worst that happens if a football game gets played in 6 inches of standing water? Sure, keeping the ball from floating between plays would probably be a hassle and the first-down graphic computer would probably blow up, but you could still play ball. Probably. Maybe.

Photos via SignOnSanDiego.com

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