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Posted on: October 10, 2011 11:38 am
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UCLA QB Brehaut breaks leg, out 3-6 weeks

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The most cursed position in all of college football is, as it turns out, still cursed.

That position is UCLA quarterback, of course, and its most recent victim is starter Richard Brehaut, who suffered a broken leg in the Bruins' come-from-behind victory over Washington State Saturday. Rick Neuheisel confirmed Sunday that Brehaut will miss at least three weeks and up to six with the injury.

There's a couple of good pieces of news here for Brehaut and Bruins fans, however. One of them is that thanks to the endless series of injuries to Bruin quarterbacks over the past few seasons, nominal backup Kevin Prince certainly isn't lacking in experience, and in fact had an outstanding game in leading the Bruins back against the Cougars.

The other is that Brehaut may still be able to return this season. Neuheisel said the junior has recovered from injuries quickly before, and could still make an impact later in the year.

"It's tough, establishing myself as the quarterback and then for something like this to happen," Brehaut said. "But everything happens or a reason, and hopefully I can be back in time for the season."

No doubt Neuheisel hopes that the case, since there's no telling when the curse is going to strike again. With Bruin starting quarterbacks having missed nearly six full seasons through injury since 2000 even before Brehaut's break, the clock is no doubt already ticking.
Posted on: August 31, 2011 1:07 am
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Prince named starter at UCLA, other QBs will play

Posted by Bryan Fischer

As the old saying goes, if you have two quarterbacks, you don't really have a quarterback.

Such is the case at UCLA, where head coach Rick Neuheisel named Kevin Prince the starter Tuesday night but told reporters that fellow signal-caller Richard Brehaut would see playing time in the Bruins' opener against Houston.

"This is not so everybody feels good," Neuheisel said. "It's so that the competition continues. We're going to play this position well. We're going to play it consistently. Both kids are capable of doing that and I'm going to expect it from them. I'm excited to watch them both play."

Prince started the first five games last season before being sidelined with a knee injury. At the beginning of fall camp, Neuheisel said Prince would start out with the first team offense but preferred to keep the quarterback competition open. The hope was that either Brehaut would push Prince or one of the two would win the job with no questions asked. Instead, naming a starter is code for "QB rotation" in Westwood.

"I just believe both deserve to play, so both are going to play this weekend," Neuheisel said. "We'll start Kevin, and Richard will come off the bench and play. I've told both of them that I don't know exactly when or how or why, because when you make promises of that sort, you end up setting yourself up for disappointment because you can never predict the ebb and flow of a game."

Considering that UCLA was almost dead last among FBS teams in passing offense last season, one has to assume there's nowhere to go but up no matter what the rotation looks like in the opener. Neuheisel, who also doubles as the Bruins quarterbacks coach, has also pledged to work in true freshman Brett Hundley in some specially designed packages. He is slowly returning from a knee injury that kept him out at the beginning of camp but it appears he will see some meaningful snaps at some point this season.

Given the injury history at the position in recent years, perhaps it is a good thing that more than one player will be ready to lead the offense. On the other hand, there is that old saying...

Posted on: August 9, 2011 12:13 am
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UCLA looking for depth as team begins fall camp

Posted by Bryan Fischer

LOS ANGELES -- UCLA kicked off fall camp Monday evening on a picturesque day in Westwood and while there wasn't much to report from the no pads practice, the Bruins got off the field without any injuries and with noticeably more depth at certain skill positions than years past.

Given the Bruins injury history (which is a very long, almost comical one), escaping every practice to the nearby icebaths without a signficant injury is key as the team looks to finally build some depth in year four under head coach Rick Neuheisel.

"These are all our guys," Neuheisel said. "We recruited them, we've coached them, it's our job now to get them to where they can compete successfully."

Quarterback Kevin Price took the field without a knee brace and intends to keep things that way unless ordered to wear one by trainers. The oft-injured quarterback missed most of fall camp last year before starting the opener and sat out all of spring practice with a knee injury. He took reps with the first team offense as expected and was sharp throwing the ball out of the pocket but still seemed to be a bit rusty with his timing running the offense.

"Not once did I feel limited physically. Like I said before, I feel 100 percent physically," Prince said. "I just have to make sure I know the playbook the best and can execute it the best. I do that and I think that will get me on the field."

With highly touted freshman quarterback Brett Hundley sidelined for a few weeks following knee surgery, Richard Brehaut was the man looking to take the starting job away from Prince but looked uneven throughout the two-plus hour practice. Brehaut tossed a few interceptions - including one into double coverage - but did make a several nice throws in the pocket. He said afterwards that he believes it is 50/50 between him and Prince to start but based on the number of reps and how Neuheisel coached during individual drills, it seems as though the head coach favors last year's starter.

Offensive line depth is still an issue and the team will be without one of their most flexible players in guard/tackle Jeff Baca, who is recovering from a broken ankle suffered in the spring. At this point UCLA will mix and match with several inexperienced players and finding the right group remains one of the big questions the offensive staff is looking to answer early on in camp.

"It's a work in progress," Neuheisel said of the line. "Especially at the inside positions. We're going to have to work through that and then see which freshmen can help with depth. The next question is when does Baca get back."

Tight end Joseph Fauria stood out, literally, as the tallest player on the team but also with his play catching passes over the middle. He seemed to only have one drop and there's no question that he'll be a big target for the quarterbacks to use if they're (likely) being chased out of the pocket by a few defenders. Wide receiver Shaq Evans and tailback Johnathan Franklin also impressed with their speed and quickness.

On the defensive side, ends Datone Jones and Owa Odighizuwa both looked good and the latter in particular seemed bigger and more confident than he was in the spring. Defensive tackle remains a work in progress but the Bruins should be able to get a decent pass rush from the front four if the ends do their job. Linebacker Patrick Larimore looks a little bigger than last year but still was able to cover one of the numerous tight ends the offensive sent out during 7-on-7 and team periods. The secondary was solid but not spectacular.

All in all, it certainly appears that UCLA has their deepest, and possibly most talented, team under Neuheisel but it remains to be seen if that can translate to wins on the field. It's early and there's plenty of time to incorporate some new pieces but for day one, things were not bad at all for the Bruins.

Posted on: July 27, 2011 8:01 am

Neuheisel not afraid to talk about the 'hot seat'

Posted by Chip Patterson

The college football coaching industry has become increasingly volatile over the last several years, as a failure to meet expectations is often immediately met with questions about the dreaded "hot seat." One of the Pac-12 coaches who will face those questions all season is UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel. The seasoned vet would not be caught off guard while meeting the media in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and beat them to the punch with the "hot seat" reference.

"Excited to be here," Neuheisel said as he began his opening statement. "As a coach on the proverbial hot seat, I guess you're excited to be invited to any of these things."

The crowd chuckled a bit, and then he returned to the topic in the first question when asked what it is going to take to turn this season around and continue coaching the Bruins.

"Well, we don't have to turn it around yet because nothing bad's happened yet. But I think in this business we all are on somewhat of a hot seat at all times. I mean, it just comes with the nature of the beast."

Here are some more highlights from UCLA's time with the media in Los Angeles on Tuesday:

- Neuheisel dropped the bomb that we reported earlier about true freshman quarterback Brett Hundley undergoing knee surgery to repair torn meniscus, and injury he suffered playing pickup basketball. He said that once against Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut will be competing for the position and Hundley will likely miss three to four weeks.

- For the first time since Neuheisel's arrival back in Los Angeles, he says the Bruins are two-deep at every defensive position with the exception of cornerback. After suffering from injuries defensively in 2010, the depth on that side of the ball is a reason Neuheisel says "hope springs eternal."

- Running back Johnathan Franklin is ready to step up and be a leader of this team. He was singled out by Neuheisel early in the press conference as a big reason for optimism heading into the season. The Bruins believe they are "light years ahead of where they were at this point" a year ago in the running game. Franklin also stepped up and acknowledged that when the team needs someone to make a play this fall, he is going to take that responsibility on himself.
Posted on: July 26, 2011 3:58 pm
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UCLA QB Hundley to undergo surgery

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

We don't know what Rick Neuheisel did to curse the UCLA quarterback position. Maybe he entered an NCAA Tournament pool with a coven of old gypsy women. Maybe the one area of the Bruins' practice field where Neuheisel has them warm up is a very, very small ancient Indian burial ground. Maybe he signed his UCLA contract by the light of a full moon under a ladder on Friday the 13th under the advice of legal counsel Joe Theismann.

But whatever the reason, UCLA's quarterbacks have the most rotten luck of any single position on any single college football team in the FBS--and by this point, that's closer to fact than opinion. The latest evidence? Neuheisel announced at Pac-12 Media Days Tuesday that true freshman Brett Hundley has torn his meniscus and will undergo surgery. Hundley suffered the injury playing pickup basketball.

Fortunately, the injury is expected to sideline Hundley for only three-to-four weeks, and the Bruins still have two quarterbacks with starting experience in Kevin Prince (the expected starter) and Richard Brehaut. But as a highly-touted prospect who fits the Bruins' pistol offense snugly and enrolled early for spring practice, Hundley nonethless had a shot at major playing time or even the starting position--particularly given that both Prince and Brehaut have their own injury histories to deal with.

He may still have that shot, especially later in the year. But missing out on the critical first few weeks of fall camp and being forced to deal with his recovery on the fly isn't the recipe for any player to make an immediate impact, much less a true freshman.

So in the end, it's just one less option for Neuheisel to work with through the first several weeks of the 2011 campaign. If there's any silver lining, though, it's this: Neuheisel must be awfully comfortable handling setbacks at the quarterback position by now. Right?

Posted on: April 8, 2011 11:26 am

Neuheisel 'forgets' to include Prince in 7-on-7

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

If there's anything you'd have expected Rick Neuheisel to learn in his star-crossed, injury-plagued tenure at UCLA, it's that he needs to have as many quarterbacks prepared for action as he possibly can; you never know when whatever angry Norse god or gypsy curse that's been shredding Bruin ankles and ligaments the past few seasons will strike again. 

That goes double when one of those quarterbacks is Kevin Prince, the junior whose quarterbacking down the stretch of the 2009 season played a major role in propelling UCLA to a bowl game and represents one of the few stretches of competent quarterback play for the Bruins in recent memory. But from Neuheisel's management of the limited Prince and his other quarterbacks at yesterday's practice, you wouldn't know it (emphasis added):  

Prince, who was cleared to participate in 7-on-7 drills as he recovers from knee surgery, stood on the Spaulding Field sidelines on a frigid day, waiting, waiting, waiting.

But the reps went to junior Richard Brehaut and freshman Brett Hundley, as UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel forgot Prince was ready to go.

"To tell you the truth, I completely forgot that he was available to go today," Neuheisel said. "He came up, I looked at him and I said, `You've got to tell me, you've got to remind me.'

Just so we're clear on Neuheisel's logic, the responsibility of getting his most experienced, likely most talented option at quarterback involved in quarterbacking drills on the first day that quarterback is available falls on ... the quarterback.

One day of missed drills isn't going to make-or-break Prince's positioning in the Bruins' QB race, of course, much less make-or-break Neuheisel's make-or-break season on the UCLA sideline. But if Neuheisel wanted to prove how tight a ship he's running -- or maintain the best possible relationship with Prince, who admits "it's frustrating" -- missing a not-so-minor detail like which quarterbacks are ready to participate in practice isn't the way to do it.

Posted on: October 4, 2010 1:54 pm
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No QB controversy at UCLA

Posted by Chip Patterson

On the momentum of a three game winning streak and revitalized Pistol offense, the UCLA Bruins are starting to turn heads away from that other program in Los Angeles.  

In the same week that USC fell from the AP Top 25 for the only the second time since 2002, the Bruins continued to bounce back from a dismal start with their 42-28 win over Washington State.  Starting quarterback Kevin Prince missed the game because of a knee injury, but sophomore Richard Brehaut thrived in his first starting opportunity under center, guiding the team to 565 yards of total offense.

As usual, the Bruins were led by running backs Derrick Coleman (185 yards, 3 TDs) and Johnathan Franklin (216 yards, 1 TD).  But Brehaut's 128 yards passing was the most of any Bruin quarterback all season, which has led to speculation regarding the starting quarterback job.

Head coach Rick Neuheisel put much of that speculation to rest in a conference call on Sunday, naming Prince the starting quarterback for Saturday's match up with the California Golden Bears.  Neuheisel confirmed that as long as Prince is healthy, he will be the starting quarterback.  Though he did have some interesting comments about Brehaut's performance.
"I thought he played pretty darn good," Neuheisel said. "He had a couple of really good plays. Some inexperience showed up at times. Ran himself into some problems, didn't realize how to take advantage of some protection issues. But for a first time out, I thought he was terrific."
Brehaut does not run the ball as well as Prince, which is a crucial part of the Bruins scheme, but he did display toughness under pressure leading the offense on three straight scoring drives to overcome a 28-20 deficit late in the third quarter.  Prince had fluid drained from his knee last week, but appears to be done with medical testing.  Neuheisel said it is "a basis of how he feels" at this point.  After seeing Brehaut's performance on Saturday, it would not surprise me to see Prince anxious to take the field against Cal.

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Posted on: September 9, 2010 1:32 pm

Quick Hits: UCLA, Mike Leach, Wake Forest

Posted by Chip Patterson

- UCLA will start the banged-up Kevin Prince at quarterback on Saturday night against No. 25 Stanford.  Even though he looked rusty in the Bruins' 31-22 loss against Kansas State, but Prince is convinced he will be able to perform up to par come game time. "I can make all the throws I need to make," said Prince, who injured his right shoulder in the Kansas State game. "If I didn't feel comfortable with that, then I wouldn't feel comfortable playing."  Prince has been splitting time in practice with Richard Brehaut, being kept on what head coach Rick Neuheisel is referring to as "a pitch count.

- Former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach was never afraid to speak his mind when he was leading the Red Raiders, and now he will have the opportunity to broadcast his thoughts to satellite radio customers all over the world.  Scary thought, right?  Mike Leach will co-host a three-hour show on weekdays on the newly launched Sirius XM college sports station.  From 12-3 p.m. ET you can hear Leach and Jack Arute on Sirius XM's College Football Playbook.  In other broadcast news, Leach will make his television broadcast booth debut for CBS College Sports this weekend when Central Florida hosts North Carolina State.

- Wake Forest return man Devon Brown was disappointed to see a flag on the field after returning the opening kick for a touchdown in the Demon Deacons' opener against Presbyterian College on Thursday.  Not as disappointed as Marcus Dean Hobson of Greensboro, N.C..  In a new promotion by the Wake Forest radio network, Hobson would have won a $20,000 car had the play not been called back for an illegal block.  In the "North Point Chrysler Jeep Dodge Run Back For A Ride" contest, if Wake Forest returns the opening kick of either half for a touchdown, a randomly selected contestant will win a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Wake Forest ended up winning the game 53-13.  Hobson?  Well he certainly didn't drive off in a new ride.

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