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Posted on: October 4, 2010 7:33 pm
Edited on: October 5, 2010 10:50 am

Jacory Harris' dad says son's shoulder is fine

Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Monday a radio station in southern Florida, WAXY-70AM, reported that Miami quarterback Jacory Harris had a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder.  Which is understandable seeing as how Harris completed only 13-of-33 passes in Miami's win against Clemson on Saturday.  With numbers like that it's only natural to think that something must be wrong with the kid's shoulder, but that just means you aren't familiar with the special brand of entertainment that is Jacory Harris.

Jacory prefers to coin that kind of performance as "Saturday" or sometimes he'll mix it up with the occasional "Thursday night."

For further proof, just ask Jacory's father.  He'll tell you everything is just fine.

Of the shoulder injury, Rodney Harris said, “From what I understand talking to him, he’s doing OK. He’s a little sore from getting beat up on a little, but he’s doing all right. He’s fine.”

Rodney Harris also went on to say that his son is having no trouble with his surgically repaired thumb.  The Sun-Sentinel also reports that, according to a source at Miami, Jacory does have a sprained AC joint in his non-throwing shoulder.  A sprain he supposedly suffered during that one "Thursday night" against Pitt a week and a half ago.

Oh, and for those of you Miami fans out there who would like to see the interceptions stop, Jacory's dad offers this.

“He can’t stop being aggressive, he has to go for it,” Rodney Harris said. “If [an interception] happens, it happens. We play defense and keep going. …I know he can’t sit back and think about those interceptions. He’s got to brush those off and move on. He’s done that and he’ll continue to do it.”

Now, now, don't worry too much about it.  Sure, 10 touchdowns and 8 interceptions isn't exactly the optimum stat line you'd like to see from your quarterback, but it's good enough to win the ACC.  Besides, things could be worse, you could have Jordan Jefferson.

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