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Posted on: March 23, 2011 1:58 pm
Edited on: March 23, 2011 2:06 pm

Iowa completes its rhabdo investigation

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The University of Iowa has completed its investigation in to what caused the outbreak of rhabdomyolysis among the football team that caused 13 players to be hospitalized. Iowa president Sally Mason will present the results of the investigation to the school's board of regents on Wednesday, but the board doesn't have to wait that long if it doesn't want to. Here's what the investigation concluded, and in all honestly, there isn't much here that we didn't already know.

- The school is "as certain as possible" that the outbreak of rhabdo was caused by the strenuous workout the players participated in on January 20. While the players were hospitalized with serious muscle injuries, none developed symptoms of advanced rhabdomyolysis damage. Like kidney damage, so that's good news.

- None of the 13 players are responsible for the outbreak. They did not suffer from rhabdo due to any prescription meds, over-the-counter meds, supplements or energy drinks.

- This isn't the first time Iowa players have participated in this workout, as the team held them in June 2004 and December 2007. The difference this time, however, is that the players weren't coming off of a three week break the last two times the team held the workouts. Still, the coaches can't be held responsible for the outbreak because they had no reason to believe the workout would lead to such a condition since it never had before.

- There was no evidence to support the claims that the workout we meant to be a punishment for the players. Though the team's strength coach did make a comment saying that the workouts should help take care of all the close losses that Iowa suffered last season, and would help determine "who wants to be here."

Iowa rhabdo outbreak

As for recommendations the investigation makes for the Iowa football program in the future, it's not surprising that it was recommended that the school not hold such strenuous workouts in the future. It's also recommended that Iowa develop "effective mechanisms for determining when players are experiencing unexpected complications that can result from a specific type of workout."

Also, if any player should become injured or ill following a workout, the entire team should be tested to make sure they aren't suffering the same symptons.

In other words, this entire investigation could have been summed up in one sentence. "Let's try and learn from our mistakes and use a bit more common sense next time, shall we?"
Posted on: January 27, 2011 3:10 pm

Iowa to launch investigation into hospitalization

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It hasn't been the greatest week for the Iowa football program following the hospitalization of 13 members of the football team, and the ensuing press conference. The players were all hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis following strenuous workouts last week, and now the school wants to find out what happened to cause such a mass outbreak of the unusual muscle disorder.

Which is why the school's Board of Regents announced on Thursday that they're ordering an investigation of the situation.
Board of Regents President David Miles and school President Sally Mason call the case "a cause for grave concern."
They agreed the university will have 90 days to complete an investigation analyzing events and the results will be presented to the Board of Regents. The review will involve independent experts.
Hopefully the investigation will yield more answers than Wednesday's press conference did. As Adam Jacobi already went over on the blog, yesterday's press conference was not exactly the most enlightening hour. The only information that came out that seemed helpful, other than finding out that the players will be hospitalized a few more days and are recovering, came from one of the player's fathers, Biff Poggi. It also opened up head coach Kirk Ferentz and AD Gary Barta to a lot of criticism since neither were in town for the press conference, with Ferentz recruiting in Ohio and Barta golfing.
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