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Posted on: December 12, 2011 11:32 am
Edited on: December 12, 2011 11:34 am

OSU working on new contract for Mike Gundy

Posted by Tom Fornelli

We've basically known it was coming since T. Boone Pickens first tweeted that he thought Mike Gundy deserved a raise following Oklahoma State's win over Oklahoma to finish the regular season, but the Tulsa World is reporting that the school has begun talks with Gundy's agent to discuss a new deal for the head coach.

"As we said we would do a few weeks ago, now that the season is over we are reviewing coach Gundy's contract,"  said Gary Shutt, OSU's director of communications, in the Tulsa World. "We also have begun discussions with his representative.

"A new contract - reflecting the success we have enjoyed the past three years and expect to continue for years to come - is being discussed. We are striving to have a new, long-term contract for coach Gundy in place soon."

Gundy's current deal paid him $2.1 million for 2011, and still has four years remaining on it. Coming into the season Gundy's salary was the fourth-largest in the Big 12 behind Mack Brown, Bob Stoops and Gary Pinkel. Since then Charlie Weis has gotten more money from Kansas, and Art Briles' new extension will likely exceed $2.1 million annually as well.

With Pinkel leaving for the SEC with Missouri, it's safe to say that Gundy's new deal will make him the third-highest paid coach in the Big 12 along with Stoops and Brown. Which is fitting seeing as how they're the only three head coaches who have won the conference over the last decade.
Posted on: December 5, 2011 6:56 pm

BCS snub costs Mike Gundy $500,000

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

On a list of reasons Mike Gundy will have been disappointed his Oklahoma State team wasn't selected to play in the BCS championship game, money's probably not all that close to the top. But we're betting it's on there somewhere. 

Because as the Tulsa World reported in November and Business Insider reminded us Monday, we're talking about a lot of money. Gundy's contract offers a $500,000 bonus for an appearance in the BCS title game, a sum that would represent a 24 percent raise on his standard $2.1 million salary all by itself. 

Gundy will instead "settle" for a $100,000 bonus for winning the Big 12, a bump he would have forfeited if he'd received the BCS title game bonus instead. So all things considered, we're still surpised Gundy's as calm in the above interview with Tim Brando as he is.

Of course, when it comes to his finances, there's no reason for Gundy to worry ... not when a certain bajillionaire program benefactor is tweeting things like this:

If T. Boone Pickens thinks the Oklahoma State head coach should get a raise, we're betting the Oklahoma State head coach is getting a raise.

Posted on: October 27, 2011 12:04 pm
Edited on: October 27, 2011 12:05 pm

Switzer and Pickens want Mack Brown around

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The rivalry between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on the football field isn't something that's going to die any time soon, but it seems that some members of the schools are finding ways to get along with one another off of the field. All it takes is one common bond, and it seems that bond is hating Texas.

Two people who definitely seem to share this bond are former Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer and the Godfather of Oklahoma State athletics, T. Boone Pickens. Both were at a luncheon on Wednesday, and while there Pickens shared an email he received from Switzer after Oklahoma's 55-17 victory over Texas earlier this season.

In the email Switzer told Pickens to make sure that Oklahoma State didn't beat Texas "as bad as the Sooners did because we want to keep Mack Brown as coach — we want somebody that both of us can beat."

Switzer, never exactly a shy person, encouraged Pickens to tell the story. The next week Oklahoma State beat Texas 38-26 and Mack Brown hasn't been fired as of yet.

So it seems Switzer's master plan is working.
Posted on: October 11, 2011 12:39 pm

PODCAST: The Free Bruce Podcast with Mike Gundy

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Bruce Feldman joins Bryan Fischer from New York City to break down all of the week 5 action, including the Red River Rivalry and the nasty Oklahoma defense. They also look at the upcoming Oregon-Arizona State game, if Urban Meyer is interested in the Ohio State job and how Florida State is the most disappointing team in the country. Then, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy comes on the podcast to talk about the relationship with his brother, what kind of weapons Brandon Weeden and Joseph Randle are, how much T. Boone Pickens has meant to the program and he talks about his famous YouTube clips.

To listen in a pop-out player, click here. For a direct link to the .mp3 file, click here. Otherwise, hit play below.

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Posted on: January 28, 2011 12:55 pm

T. Boone Pickens supports angry UConn booster

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier this week on the blog, we introduced you to Robert Burton. Burton was a UConn booster who donated quite a large sum of money to the school and was just a tad bit annoyed by the fact he wasn't consulted when it came to finding a replacement for Randy Edsall. So, in return, Burton demanded his money back from the school, and said he wants his name removed from a complex he financed. Burton's taken a bit of heat for this from columnists all over the country writing about how donors and boosters have too much influence in college athletics these days.

Burton does have one very powerful ally, however. T. Boone Pickens, the man behind the curtain at Oklahoma State, can empathize with Burton and feels that UConn should have done a better job of appeasing him.

"You always have time for people who are putting up the money. That just makes all the sense in the world," T. Boone Pickens told USA Today. "You can't ignore those people. I mean, they've paid their money, and they're entitled to be informed.

"Your donors are as important to you as some of your players are. So you don't want to offend anybody.

"You can't spend all day every day talking to somebody about things. But I would just say, from a distance, that somebody should have talked to the guy and he never should have gotten to the spot where now he's damned unhappy and he wants his money back."

Pickens is right, too. While I don't condone Burton's petulant act of demanding all of his money back - I would have just let the school know that my checkbook is closed in the future - I can totally understand why he's angry. If I was capable of donating that much money to a school, I'd like to think my opinion was valued somewhat. I mean, you wouldn't have to agree with every idea I had, but at least listen to some of them.

I just gave you $3 million, the least you can do is act like I exist.
Posted on: January 19, 2011 12:55 pm

Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

A major part of Oklahoma State's rampant offensive success the past several seasons has been head coach Mike Gundy's keen eye for spotting offensive-minded coaching talent. But after losing yet another offensive assistant to another program, it might be time to ask: has Gundy's eye been too keen for the Cowboys' own good?

Former Poke play-caller Larry Fedora was hired as Southern Miss's head coach. Fedora's one-time co-offensive coordinator Trooper Taylor just won a national title as Auburn's receivers coach. Dana Holgorsen spent just one brilliant season in Stillwater before agreeing to become West Virginia's head coach after a one-year apprenticeship. And as of today, Gundy's most recent receivers coach (and his 2008-2009 co-coordinator), Gunter Brewer, has also flown the coop; he's following his father's footsteps to Ole Miss.

As Kyle Veazey of the Clarion-Ledger reports, it sounds like Brewer was just waiting for the right time to come back to same school where his father, Billy Brewer, once served as head coach:

“It’s good to always be coming home,” Brewer said. “So I’m looking forward to the journey. Done some outstanding things at Oklahoma State, and I hope to carry that over to Ole Miss and just expand on that.”

Brewer said he always tried to stay in touch with Ole Miss over the years to see if the timing would be right for an opportunity to join the Rebel staff. “When the opportunity arose, (Houston Nutt ) asked if I might be interested,” Brewer said. “And he was wanting to look at some things offensively that we’ve had success here at Oklahoma State and other places."

In this particular case, it's not that that success was what yanked Brewer out of Stillwater; without his family ties to Oxford, it seems clear he'd still be on Gundy's staff. Then again, it's also clear that if he hadn't put together the kind of resume under Gundy he did -- Brewer was the position coach for All-Americans like Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon -- Nutt wouldn't have bothere reciprocating Brewer's interest in the first place.

At some point, the Cowboys have to wonder just what it takes to keep their offensive staff intact for more than a year. (With T. Boone Pickens footing the bill, you wouldn't think salaries would be an issue.) The price of success is always high, but for whatever reason, it's seemed particularly steep at Oklahoma State.
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