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Posted on: October 5, 2011 2:19 am

Buckeye WR depth takes hit before Nebraska game

Posted by Adam Jacobi

For Ohio State, the 2011 season has been one of a nearly unprecedented amount of challenges. We all know about the off-season oustings and suspensions, and that resultant instability -- probably moreso at quarterback than at head coach -- has led to a 3-2 start that seems even more worrisome than the record would indicate.

At the very least, though, Week 6 was supposed to be when the cavalry arrived for the Buckeyes. Five starters, including offensive stars Dan Herron and DeVier Posey, were to come off of suspension, and the influx of high-caliber talent was going to kick-start the season into the high gear that most Buckeye fans were accustomed to. Well, clearly, that's not quite going as planned either, and for the Buckeye passing game, the news gets even worse.

Not only is Posey -- the unquestioned top wide receiver of the team -- still out for this week's tilt against Nebraska after Ohio State admitted that Posey accepted over $700 in unearned wages, but his top backup is now out for the year. As RapidReporter Doug Bean notes, WR Verlon Reed (seen at right) has been lost for the season after he suffered a torn ACL against Michigan State. Reed led all wide receivers with nine catches on the season, and only TE Jake Stoneburner had more catches on the year (10) thus far.

Reed's injury is particularly cruel, because it didn't occur while he was playing his usual position. After Ohio State scored a touchdown with four precious seconds remaining on the clock, OSU brought out its hands team for the onside kick, of which Reed is a member. The kick went to Reed's side, and he was hit hard in the ensuing collision before he crumpled backwards. Michigan State eventually recovered the kick and won the game.

As Bean notes, this likely means that Reed's vacated starting WR role will be filled by either Evan Spencer or T.Y. Williams, who are both freshmen who have combined for all of five catches this season. Devin Smith, who has eight catches for 183 yards and three scores on the year, remains the other starting wideout.

Posted on: April 23, 2011 8:14 pm

Ohio State passing game suspect without Pryor

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The Ohio State Buckeyes held their spring game today, and even though the offense "scored" plenty of points in its 59-27 victory over the defense, it was clear that the passing game was far from perfect.

With starter Terrelle Pryor sidelined as he recovers from foot surgery, OSU coach Jim Tressel (at right, looking every bit as unusual in camouflage as you'd expect) made use of four backup quarterbacks in today's scrimmage, with each throwing at least nine passes. Taylor Graham made use of a picture-perfect 69-yard touchdown pass to T.Y. Williams to lead all passers with 91 yards, but he was only 4-9 on the day. All in all, the four quarterbacks combined to complete just 20 of 43 passes for 249 yards and four touchdowns -- one by each quarterback.

"We’re all battling hard to make strides," said senior quarterback and putative starter Joe Bauserman, who went 4-11 for 42 yards. "We made some mistakes and there were some good plays and some bad plays."

Kenny Guiton went 5-11 for 43 yards, and Braxton Miller added 73 yards on 7-for-12 passing.

Although the offense had 59 points on the scoreboard, only 40 were points in the traditional sense; the other 19 were rewarded for first downs and plays of 20+ yards. Moreover, those 40 points came against a secondary stretched thin by injuries, as 10 defensive backs (nine on scholarship) were forced to miss the spring game.

The question of quarterback play isn't exactly moot without Pryor around, either; even though he's likely to fully recover long before the opening of the season, he's one of five Buckeyes suspended for the first five games of the season, as is DeVier Posey, the senior leader of an otherwise inexperienced WR corps. Still, fortunately for the Buckeyes, those younger wideouts performed well today.

"We have young guys at receiver and they really came along this spring," said Tressel. "They are starting to understand. First, they have to know where to line up. Then they have to understand what to do. Then they have to figure out how to it against the best guys."

"They’re just out there practicing hard," added Posey. "It’s difficult since they haven’t even been here for an entire academic year yet. The older guys are getting them to understand how everything works here and just leading by example. I felt like a proud dad today seeing three of them score touchdowns."

All in all, there's a difference between "inconsistent" and just plain "bad," and what the Ohio State Buckeyes got from their passing game was inconsistent play. Four touchdowns and no interceptions is nothing to scoff at, after all, even against a depleted secondary. The quarterback battle is still going to take months to resolve itself, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for the Buckeyes as long as those quarterbacks are getting as much practice time as possible.

In fact, the substandard performance may be something of a blessing in disguise if Tressel can use it as an impetus for a strong QB battle through summer and fall practice. Any coach can say a player needs to improve, but when he's got the stats to back up such a statement, there's some extra motivation, and that's the situation Ohio State's in now. Today wasn't a disaster for the Buckeyes, but hopefully it wa a reminder to the quarterbacks that there's a lot of work to be done between now and September.

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