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Posted on: October 20, 2010 12:33 pm
Edited on: October 20, 2010 12:33 pm

Oregon helps color-out fad up and over the shark

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

fans, Chip Kelly and the rest of the Duck football program have a request for you :


Imagine a television backdrop where every fan in Autzen is wearing brilliant bright yellow. Chip Kelly, along with all of us in the athletic department ask you to "yellow out" the stadium this Thursday, as we won’t only be in 3D, but the game will be televised nationally in primetime on ESPN.

Be a part of this spectacular show with your yellow best.. and once again make Autzen rock the nation.

Strangely enough, when this neutral college football fan imagines a television backdrop where every fan in Autzen is wearing brilliant bright yellow, the result is a peculiar desire to claw his own eyes out. It's crime enough against good taste (and the continued proper functioning of viewers' retinas) when the Ducks themselves trot out the all-yellow look . An entire stadium of yellow-clad fans matched by an entire team of yellow-clad Ducks might require the surgeon general to recommend some kind of protective goggles if we're going to watch the country's No. 1 team's likely beatdown of visiting UCLA .

Nonetheless, the Oregon administration feels that "yellow will best represent our football program and fan base to the rest of the country." And it might, if this becomes the tipping point at which college football collectively realizes that the color-out fad has run its course, and afterwards recognizes Oregon for taking the necessary final step towards its eradication.

That won't happen, of course; if Lane Kiffin 's candy-corn blackout at Tennessee couldn't stop the color-out bandwagon, nothing will. (It's a safe bet we'll also find out later that any and all visiting recruits "loved it.") But you do have to give Oregon credit for trying.

A certain, twisted kind of credit, that is.

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Posted on: October 18, 2010 3:27 pm
Edited on: October 18, 2010 3:27 pm

Vol QB Tyler Bray to play against Alabama

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

At 2-4 and with his Volunteers mired in next-to-last in the SEC in total offense (Vanderbilt: the statistical gift to the rest of the league that never stops giving), it's undoubtedly desperate times for Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley . So it's not surprising he's turned to the first desperate measure of the college head coach: tossing raw freshmen into the deep end :

That "good luck, skinny kid" (from Chattanooga Times-Free Press writer Wes Rucker) may not seem particularly sensitive, but it's sure not inaccurate. At 6'6", Tyler Bray is the same height as current SEC quarterback giants Ryan Mallett and Cameron Newton ... but listed at just 192 pounds, he's nearly 60 pounds lighter. (There's a reason the universal recruiting consensus on the California-bred Bray was "good arm, lots of upside, don't dare put him on the field until he's had a year to fill out.") And he'll be facing Alabama, so yes, some good luck will likely be required to make it out in one piece.

There are a few things working in Bray's favor. He'll be playing at home in Neyland Stadium, for one, rather than facing the foaming hordes in Tuscaloosa. He's already seen some game action this season, entering in garbage time against UT-Martin and Georgia and completing 11 of his 18 passes (albeit with one interception no scores as of yet). And he won't face the burden of starting just yet -- Dooley's plan appears to be to start the up-and-down Matt Simms and bring Bray in at the first sign of trouble.

But there's only so many ways to spin "head coach of 2-4 team with terrible offense turns to fencepost-thin true freshman quarterback against defending national champions." The obvious conclusion -- that Dooley feels his back against the wall and wants to leave no tricks in the bag in his search for a season-salvaging win -- is the correct one here.


Posted on: September 8, 2010 9:36 am
Edited on: September 8, 2010 10:04 am

Bryce Brown's father planning to sue UT, Dooley?

Posted by Chip Patterson

Bryce Brown was once one of the most prized recruits in the nation, a running back with explosive speed and power from an athletically impressive family.  But ever since he signed with Tennessee back in the spring of 2009, he has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After head coach Derek Dooley denied Brown a release from his scholarship with Tennessee, his father began considering legal action.  In an interview with Arthur Brown on Knoxville radio station WNML, the running back's father is planning to hire an attorney and potentially sue Tennessee and coach Derek Dooley for keeping his son from being able to be placed on scholarship at Kansas State.

But WNML reported that Arthur Brown received a registered letter on Tuesday from UT chancellor Jimmy Cheek upholding the decision and is looking for another option to gain a release for his son, which would allow Kansas State to put Bryce Brown on scholarship right away as he sits out a mandated year for transferring.

"Bryce has done nothing wrong," Arthur Brown told the radio station. "I don’t understand."

"If he used that criteria, he should have released Bryce. I think that’s bogus. I’m disappointed in UT’s stance."

That criteria which Brown is referring to is Dooley's criteria for granting release in different transfer cases.  

“As with the other players who have asked for a release, I went through the same process with the same criteria with Bryce,” Dooley told the Knoxville News Sentinel last month. “These are the three key factors - what their personal investment into the program was, did they have their heart into it and did they give it a good, fair shot. No. 2, the harm that their departure creates for the organization. No. 3, how they handle it as a professional.

“I’ve done that with every one of these guys -- with Aaron (Douglas), with Todd Campbell, with Nick Stephens, Nick Lamaison and now Bryce. So now my decision, based on those three factors with Bryce, is not to release him.”

Of course, trouble has followed Brown since he arrived on campus in Knoxville.  First there were the questions about his eligibility before his freshman season.  Then after showing bursts of potential but little production in 2009, Brown disappeared from Tennessee in the spring semester without consulting with new head coach Derek Dooley.  His lack of effort to give the Volunteers a chance makes it no surprise that the university is not jumping at the opportunity to release him from his scholarship.

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