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Posted on: November 23, 2010 6:21 pm

VIDEO: Nebraska player gets a TSA inspection

Posted by Adam Jacobi

During last Saturday's game against Texas A&M, Nebraska tight end Ben Cotton had one of the most eventful single plays from scrimmage a player could possibly have. In one play, Cotton recovered a fumble from teammate Cody Green, then was flagged for unnecessary roughness, then got another 15-yarder for unsportsmanlike conduct after he ripped his helmet off while leaving the field.

Oh, also, Cotton got one of the most uncomfortable "inner thigh massages" outside of an airport security gate in decades. Here's the video, which is not going to be comfortable to watch at all. Watch it anyway.

That's Texas A&M defensive tackle Tony Jerod-Eddie with the invasive procedure. Wonder what he was looking for.

Not surprisingly, Nebraska has decided to send film of the game to the conference for review. Bo Pelini declined to discuss any specifics of what plays the school may be protesting, but this play must be near the top of the list. Of course, if this lousy officiating was really some Big 12 conspiracy, it's not exactly going to matter if Nebraska complains to the conference or not, but Pelini and AD Tom Osborne ought to at least do their due diligence.

Also, Jerod-Eddie will not be suspended from this Friday's game, according to A&M coach Mike Sherman; Sherman said he had a "long" talk" with his player about respecting opponents, and that was that. Sherman's course of discipline stands in stark contrast to Man Law, which dictates that Jerod-Eddie must now be shot into space, never to be seen again. Butt stuff is no light matter.

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