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Posted on: November 26, 2011 3:30 pm
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QUICK HITS: Oklahoma 26 Iowa State 6

Posted by Tom Fornelli

OKLAHOMA WON. The weather in Norman wasn't pretty for this contest, with winds gusting up to 45 MPH at times through the game, and it's safe to say that the game matched the conditions. It was not pretty, nor was it all that entertaining. Odds are if you watched this one, you are either a fan of one of the teams, or you were working it.

Oklahoma and iowa State combined for 8 turnovers on the day, but Oklahoma was a lot more capable of moving the ball on offense. The Sooners finished the game with 503 yards of total offense. Landry Jones completed only 22 of his 43 passes for 256 yards, no touchdowns and 2 interceptions. It was Blake Bell who scored both Oklahoma touchdowns coming in for Jones in Oklahoma's goal line package.

WHY OKLAHOMA WON. It could actually manage to move the ball on offense and score points before punting or turning the ball over occasionally. Though that's not to say they were consistent on offense. The only consistency I saw from the Sooners on offense today was that they made sure all of their turnovers came after entering Iowa State territory.

WHEN OKLAHOMA WON. Considering that Iowa State really wasn't able to do anything on offense all day, as the Cyclones lone touchdown came after a botched snap during an Oklahoma punt gave them the ball at the Oklahoma 10-yard line, you could probably argue that this one was over at halftime. Still, I don't think it was official until Michael Hunnicutt's fourth field goal of the day made it 26-6 midway through the fourth quarter.

WHAT OKLAHOMA WON. This was a very important game for the Sooners coming off of last week's loss againt Baylor. First of all, it was Senior Day for the Sooners and it's always nice to send your seniors off with a win. Secondly, winning this game means that Oklahoma still has a chance to win the Big 12 and get to the Fiesta Bowl if it can manage to beat Oklahoma State next week.

WHAT IOWA STATE LOST. Nothing outside the chance to become the most hated school in the entire state of Oklahoma. Obviously Iowa State would have liked to win this game, but it's already bowl eligible after beating Oklahoma State last week and can still finish the regular season with 7 wins if it can pull an upset against Kansas State next week.

THAT WAS CRAZY. Oklahoma's leading rusher on the day was wide receiver Trey Franks, who managed 88 yards on two carries. One was a 43-yard pickup on a double reverse, and the other was a 45-yard gain on a double reverse. Now, I'm no coaching expert, but if I have a guy averaging 44 yards a carry, I give him a few more carries.
Posted on: September 25, 2011 12:09 am
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QUICK HITS: Oklahoma 38 Missouri 28

Posted by Tom Fornelli

OKLAHOMA WON. There would be no upset over the top-ranked Sooners for Missouri this season, though it seemed it was possible early on. Missouri took a 14-3 lead on Oklahoma in the first quarter, but the Sooners responded with 28 unanswered points before finishing the night with a 38-28 victory. The Oklahoma offense had a much better night this week than it did against Florida State, even without Kenny Stills and Trey Franks around. Landry Jones finished the night with 448 yards and 3 touchdowns, though he also threw 2 interceptions. That gives Jones 4 interceptions on the season and only 5 touchdowns. Compare that to 2010 when he threw 38 touchdowns and was only picked off 12 times.

As for the rest of the Sooners offense, Ryan Broyles didn't seem to mind not having Kenny Stills around to divert attention, finishing the night with 13 catches for 154 yards and all 3 of Jones' touchdowns. Then there was running back/Subway sandwich artist Dominique Whaley who finished the night with 150 all-purpose yards and a touchdown. Somebody get that kid a scholarship already.

HOW OKLAHOMA WON. One reason that Missouri beat Oklahoma last season was that the Tigers gashed the Oklahoma defense on the ground. Missouri had similar success on Saturday night, rushing for 233 yards, but Oklahoma was able to limit the big plays and keep Missouri out of the end zone. A couple missed field goals by Grant Ressel hurt Mizzou as well, as those 6 points could have played a role in the final quarter. Most important for the Oklahoma defense, it got off the field on third down, as the Tigers converted only 4 of their 13 attempts on third down.

WHEN OKLAHOMA WON. Missouri would add 14 points in the fourth quarter to make this game look a lot closer than it really was, but when Dominique Whaley broke loose for a 30-yard run and then pounded it in from 3 yards out for the score on the next play to make it 31-14 in the third quarter, you kind of got the feeling that Mizzou wasn't coming back. Still, you could say this wasn't officially iced until Jones and Broyles connected for their third score in the fourth quarter to make it 38-21 after Mizzou had cut it to a ten-point lead.

WHAT OKLAHOMA WON. The Sooners got some revenge for last season, which is nice, but more importantly this win kept the Sooners on track for a possible Big 12 title and national championship berth. There are still some big roadblocks in Oklahoma's way, but so far this year the Sooners are passing every test they've faced.

WHAT MISSOURI LOST. Missouri is not good enough to win the Big 12 this year, that much has been made clear through the first month of the season. That being said, I'm not sure Missouri really lost all that much in this game. This is a team that's likely looking at an 8-win regular season at best, and the Tigers still have a chance to do that. Though if James Franklin can become a more consistent passer, then the Tigers could surprise a lot of people.

THAT WAS CRAZY. As I said above, James Franklin has not been a consistent passer this year. Yes, he threw for 291 yards against Oklahoma on Saturday night, but he completed only 16 of his 32 passes. What is crazy to me, however, is the way Gary Pinkel ran the offense at times against Oklahoma. I can't remember how many times Mizzou faced a 3rd and long and ran the same quarterback draw play. Oklahoma knew it was coming, and stopped it repeatedly. Then in the fourth quarter, down 17 with under 5 minutes to go, Missouri kept calling the draw play or the read option. You're down three scores with less than five minutes to go! Your odds of winning aren't good at that point, but if you run out the clock they're non-existent!
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Oklahoma suspends Trey Franks

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You know, there were other things that Oklahoma did on Tuesday that didn't just involve wanting Dan Beebe to be fired, or saying that it knew the Pac-12 didn't want the school to join even though it had just held a meeting on Monday in which it gave David Boren the power to seek a new conference. I guess that was just a practice run.

Anyway, somehow, amidst all of this, Oklahoma was still able to find the time to suspend wide receiver Trey Franks. Oklahoma announced the suspension on Tuesday afternoon, saying it was for a violating unspecified team rules.

Franks had 7 receptions for 74 yards in Oklahoma's opener against Tulsa, but didn't play a role in the team's win over Florida State last weekend. As a freshman in 2010, Franks had 29 catches for 263 yards and a touchdown. 

Dejuan Miller, who started for Kenny Stills when Stills was suspended for the Tulsa game, is likely to get most of Franks' snaps while he's suspended, though Jaz Reynolds and Kameel Jackson could see some time as well.
Posted on: August 29, 2011 6:42 pm
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Oklahoma's Metoyer academically ineligible

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Wide receiver Trey Metoyer was the most highly-touted member of Oklahoma's last recruiting class, but it looks as though Sooners fans will have to wait until 2012 to see him in an Oklahoma uniform. A few weeks ago there were questions about whether or not Metoyer would be academically eligible to play football this fall, and on Monday afternoon we got that answer.

He won't be.

According to SoonerScoop.com, Metoyer confirmed that he will not be eligible to play for Oklahoma this season. Instead he plans to attend Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia this fall where he'll get his grades in order, and play football as well. Metoyer fully intends on being back in Norman this January.

As for the impact this could have on the Oklahoma offense in 2011, I wouldn't expect it to be much of one. Yes, Metoyer is a good player who could have contributed this season, but anything he gave to the team in 2011 would have been a bonus. The Sooners already have a deep receiving corps led by Ryan Broyles, Kenny Stills and Trey Franks.
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