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Posted on: September 13, 2010 7:04 pm

Vince Young would take Bush's Heisman

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Last week former Texas Longhorns quarterback, and current Tennessee Titan , Vince Young 's mother asked everybody to leave Reggie Bush alone.  Just let the former Heisman winner keep his trophy and get on with the rest of his life.  To be more specific, Felicia Young actually said "we're not interested in having no honor and no glory out of somebody else that they are tearing down."

The we she was referring to were her and her son, Vince.  Well, Mrs. Young, you may want to have a talk with your son about that.  You see, he went on Sportscenter on Monday morning and told Hannah Storm something a bit different than that regarding whether or not he'd accept the trophy .

"I definitely want it, I definitely want it,'' said Young, who guided Texas to the national championship. "But he won it fair and square definitely, and it's much respect to Reggie, man. He had a great career and he's already won a Super Bowl before me. I'm already mad about that.

"But at the same time I am definitely happy for him, man, and he is definitely the Heisman Trophy winner for that year. But if they send it over to me I am not going to say no to it," Young said.

Whether or not Young will ever be presented the opportunity remains to be seen. 

The Heisman Trust is expected to meet on Tuesday and odds are that what they're going to do with Bush's Heisman will be a focal point of their discussions.  According to a report from Yahoo! last week, not only will Bush be stripped of his Heisman , but the award will be left vacant.

Those reports were refuted at the time, but we'll likely know for sure in the next couple of days.
Posted on: September 8, 2010 3:26 pm
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Vince Young's mom: leave Reggie Bush alone

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The Dallas Morning News caught up with Vince Young's mother recently, and despite (refuted) reports that Reggie Bush is set to lose his 2005 Heisman Trophy, neither she nor her son are interested in Young receiving the award ex post facto:

"We're not interested in having no honor and no glory out of somebody else they are trying to tear down, no," Felicia Young said. "They did not give Vincent the Heisman when he was there, even though I know that my son, he was the one who should have had the Heisman, but God didn't see it that way. He gave it to Reggie Bush."

"I know that my son is not thinking about the Heisman because God blessed him with even more than just that piece of wood," Felicia Young said. "He blessed him with the National Championship."

"Leave (Reggie Bush) alone because his stats and his ability and everything that he did as a human being in playing football he did wonderful.

"I say to Reggie Bush today 'you keep your head up.' "

This is a wise stance for the Young family to take. Whether Young deserved the award or not, awarding it to Young five years after the fact on account of shady off-field business is the absolute wrong way to go about it. The ceremony happened, it's done, and reversing the decision would be just as unseemly as whatever Bush did to provide for his family.

Further, taking away Heisman Trophies is a road the Heisman Trust probably doesn't want to go down. After all, the probability that none of the previously named Heisman winners received improper gifts is, frankly, disturbingly slim. And the last thing the most hallowed trophy in collegiate athletics needs is a history littered with revocations.

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