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Posted on: December 16, 2010 2:17 pm

Report: VT using orange helmets in Orange Bowl

Posted by Adam Jacobi

For all the flak Oregon gets about constantly fiddling with its football uniform, it's worth mentioning that stodgy old Virginia Tech has also developed a penchant for the alternate uniform (not coincidentally, VT is also a Nike-sponsored team). The Hokies have gone with their traditional maroon helmets , white helmets at the ACC Championship, and some really choice matte black helmets against Boise State (even if the rest of the special Pro Combat uniform was a little ridiculous).

Now, it appears the Hokies are ready to add a fourth helmet to their season's total: an orange one, presumably in honor of the Orange Bowl. Here's a picture of the new helmet, according to Virginia Tech blog The Key Play:

Now, we can't confirm that these helmets will be used at the bowl; The Key Play cited an anonymous source for this picture, and Virginia Tech's equipment department refused to confirm or deny the report when contacted today.

The image itself is pretty obviously legitimate, however; it'd be nearly impossible to alter an existing VT helmet in Photoshop while still keeping the details like the reflections in the helmet, and we're confident nobody went through the trouble and expense of physically crafting this helmet for the simple benefit of an online prank. So whether or not Virginia Tech uses the orange helmets on January 3 when it takes on Stanford , the new helmet's at least in its sartorial arsenal, and what better event exists at which to debut it than the Orange Bowl, right?

So what do you think? Thumbs up or down for the orange hat?

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