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Posted on: September 21, 2011 4:27 pm

S. Carolina unveils Wounded Warrior Project unis

Posted by Adam Jacobi

South Carolina is set to play Auburn on October 1, and though that SEC showdown won't be lacking for drama or consequence by any stretch of the imagination, there's going to be another aspect of the game. That Saturday, South Carolina will be wearing special Under Armor uniforms designed for the Wounded Warrior Project, an initiative designed to benefit wounded veterans of the American armed forces.

Here's more from Under Armour and the WWP about the uniforms:

In an effort to recognize the sacrifices made by members of our Armed Forces as well as to commemorate the tenth anniversary of September 11, this year’s uniforms will embrace the American spirit by incorporating a custom “USA stars and stripes” head-to-toe design. To further support all veterans, each team will replace their last names on their jerseys with a core value embellishment – Duty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Country, or Service – and will be led on field by selected wounded warrior honorary captains.

“As we continue to reflect on the tenth anniversary of September 11, we recognize the importance of honoring those that lost their lives on that day and the men and women of our Armed Forces that continue to fight for freedom,” said Matt Mirchin, Under Armour Senior Vice President, Sports Marketing. “We are privileged to work with Wounded Warrior Project, South Carolina, Texas Tech, and the University of South Florida to carry on the tradition of these special games and support the Believe in Heroes campaign.”

As alluded to in the statement, Texas Tech and South Florida will be participating in the promotion as well, with Texas Tech wearing them against against Oklahoma State on November 12 and USF wearing them against Miami the following week. These two teams' WWP uniforms have yet to be released. 

Back to the Gamecocks, though. Here are the two South Carolina uniforms pictures officially released (click on both for EXTREME CLOSE-UP hi-res versions):


Not bad, eh? The camo hamstrings are an odd touch, but all in all it's not too radical a departure from South Carolina's usual digs. Also, check out the American flag glove combination -- something so extravagantly patriotic it belongs only A) in college football, or B) on the back window of the cab of a pickup truck. Still though, so we're clear: we like it. 

You can read more about the Wounded Warrior Project here

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