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Posted on: September 16, 2010 2:02 pm
Edited on: September 16, 2010 2:04 pm

Get your Sabanade shirts

Posted by Tom Fornelli

We've all got one somewhere in our closet.  A t-shirt that we love but we don't really wear anymore because it's old and ratty, with more than a few stains on it and though it doesn't bother us, our wives or girlfriends aren't exactly the biggest fans.  In fact, they've tried to throw the shirt out every time we've had our backs turned.

It's an endless struggle, and one that will only end in tears and possibly incriminating text messages.  Luckily for the men of Tuscaloosa and Crimson Tide fans everywhere, there is finally a solution.  The lady doesn't like your old, stained shirt?  How about a shirt that comes with the stain already on it?

Robert Holt and his wife Linda have come up with a shirt that celebrates what they believe is the seminal moment of Alabama 's national championship last season: Nick Saban taking a Gatorade bath .

"Saban getting splashed! That's it! I've come up with a great idea," Robert Holt said.  "I'll call it Sabanade, replica shirt with the stain front and back."

Huntsville natives, Robert Holt and his mother, Linda Holt, we're required to get the shirts approved by Saban since they were using the likeness of his name.

"Coach Saban generally only approves three things a year," Holt said.  "When I first spoke to [his wife] Terry Saban she loved it.  She thought it was the most unique idea ever."

Yes, the shirt comes with a giant red stain already on it, so feel free to spill as much food or drink on it as you like while sitting on the couch and watching the Tide roll.  Also, unlike that Chris Rainey shirt Tennessee fans are no doubt jumping all over, this one is approved by Saban so you can actually go online to buy it at Sabanade.com.

Even better, the shirts cost $22 and portions of the proceeds from every shirt go to Nick and Terry Saban's charity, Nick's Kids.

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Posted on: September 13, 2010 3:52 pm

Mark Ingram practicing, may play Saturday

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Trent Richardson had quite a night against Penn State on Saturday night, rushing for 144 yards and a touchdown while also grabbing four receptions for another 44 yards.  In other words, the Alabama Crimson Tide didn't miss their Heisman Trophy running back Mark Ingram all that much.  Though it appears that the Tide won't be missing Ingram at all in the near future, and that Richardson's role as the featured back may be coming to an end.

Ingram returned to practice on Monday after missing Alabama's first two games due to arthroscopic surgery on his left knee at the end of August.  It's possible that he may be on the field this Saturday when the Tide head to Durham to take on the Duke Blue Devils.  The deciding factor will be, according to Nick Saban , how much Ingram is able to practice.

He's still listed as day-to-day and Saban wants to see "how he gets back into it."

Odds are that if Saban sees anything he doesn't like from Ingram on the practice field, he's not going to risk hurting his running back any further against a Duke team that shouldn't pose much of a threat to his team.

After all, Trent Richardson has proven himself more than capable of carrying the load for Bama's offense, and there are some of us out there -- like me, for instance -- who think that Richardson is the best running back on Alabama's roster.  Even when Mark Ingram is fully healthy.
Posted on: September 9, 2010 6:46 pm

Nick Saban is very opposed to booing Penn State

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Football fans like to boo. It's in their nature, and it's something that's borne out in the stands of nearly every college football stadium every fall (IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: universities with Top 20 law schools. Stanford, Michigan, Duke... yes, they'd just never). Football is such a full-throttle expression of physical potential that as we watch it, our emotions follow those same extremes. Sure, people boo at baseball games, but it's far less, well, lusty, and baseball players never get the sense that they may attacked and killed by fans. Football, though--how there's never been an all-out prison-style riot at a football game is just mind-boggling.

So when a team makes the token effort to discourage booing, usually with posted reminders and maybe a pre-game announcement about sponsorship, the concern is noted and then immediately discarded and set ablaze the first time the home team gets called for pass interference. It's football; we ignore politeness. Boooooooo.

Ah, but when the cry for fans' sportsmanship comes from demi-god Nick Saban? That gets noticed awfully quick:


"Our football program and our stadium is probably the largest window that anyone looks at in the state of Alabama and maybe the University of Alabama," he said. "And I just don't think there's any place for booing anywhere in college football, and that includes booing the other team. ..."

Penn State "is a class program with class people that have been there for 45 years and done wonderful things for college football, the game of football, and a lot of people over a 45-year period," Saban continued. "And I think it would be a (bleep) crying-(bleep) shame if we booed 'em when they come into the stadium like we did last week's team. I just don't understand that."

Saban's concern is meritous, to be sure, and the best way to express dominance has always been through the power of setting an example, not following one.

And yet, Saban's never tailgated 3/4 of the way to blindness and then sat in stands, unable to directly communicate with that jerk of a ref who just called another phantom hold and whose side is he on anyway, hey? So Saban's asking favors of people whose situation he's somewhat unfamiliar with, and that's a tenuous proposition at best. Perhaps the fans obey Saban's wishes and don't boo JoePa and his charges before the game. Perhaps. But man, if those Nittany Lions actually win down there this weekend....

Posted on: September 3, 2010 3:28 pm

Butch Davis could have gone to LSU... twice

Posted by Adam Jacobi

LSU fans who spend the week chuckling at the misfortune of Butch Davis and the Tar Heels, who are missing somewhere between 12-15 players for tomorrow's game in Baton Rouge, should heed a little caution and consider a sobering fact: Butch Davis has, on multiple occasions, come very close to being the head coach at LSU.

The Shreveport Times detailed the Tigers' extended courtship with Davis, noting that before hiring Nick Saban in 1999 and then Les Miles in 2005, LSU came very close to taking Davis instead; in '99, Davis had been too open about his interest to eventually coach in the NFL, and then health problems derailed what would have been a sure hire by the school in '05.

This is not to insinuate that LSU is a crooked school or that they would have intentionally courted the type of academic malfeasance that has been alleged with the Tar Heels today, of course. It's not like Butch Davis interviewed with North Carolina and told them "I'm planning on farming out my players' classwork to my kids' tutor." 

And seriously, LSU fans; do not mock Butch Davis this weekend or thereafter, because you are tempting the mischievously cruel football gods if you do. After all, Les Miles' job isn't completely safe, and do these sound like the words of people who are trying to put any distance between their former school and Davis?

In reference to the '99 opening:

"We interviewed Butch before we talked to Nick [Saban]," former LSU Board of Supervisors member Charles Weems of Alexandria said this week. "We really thought he was great."

Weems along with LSU chancellor Mark Emmert and Board of Supervisors member Stanley Jacobs of New Orleans were in Miami to talk to Davis.

"We were very interested in Butch," Weems said. "He was really impressive, but the situation was that Butch knew he was going to be going to the pros sooner or later.

And from the '05 opening:

"It was too bad," [former LSU AD Skip] Bertman said. "I would've taken Butch in a heartbeat."

"It's sad because he really cleaned up the Miami program," Bertman said. "Butch is a super straight shooter. He was the new sheriff in Miami. He's a clean guy. I hope they get this worked out at North Carolina. Butch is a great coach."

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