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Posted on: January 28, 2011 5:46 pm
Edited on: January 28, 2011 5:47 pm

Bret Bielema gets a contract extension

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Some good news for Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema on Friday, as it turns out that leading your team to the Rose Bowl and nearly scoring 100 points in a game a few times will get you a contract extension and a bit of a raise. 

Wisconsin announced that Bielema, along with several other coaches at the school, has received a contract extension. Bielema's new deal will run through 2016.

What isn't known at this point is what kind of raise Bielema is likely getting with the extension, and that Bielema made about $1.78 million in 2010.

In his five seasons at Wisconsin, where he replaced his current boss, Barry Alvarez, Bielema is 49-16. The team's trip to the Rose Bowl this season was the first time Wisconsin played in Pasadena in eleven years.
Posted on: January 19, 2011 5:54 pm

Niners want to talk to Chryst

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While the Randy Edsall Award* of 2010 hasn't been handed out yet, there isn't much question that Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst is the runaway favorite to win it this season.  Chryst's name has popped up for job openings with Minnesota, Texas, Vanderbilt, Pitt and even the Dallas Cowboys.  Of course, none of those jobs actually panned out, but it seems there's another NFL team now interested in Chryst.

The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez has told the paper that the San Francisco 49ers have sought permission to talk to Chryst.  The 49ers recently hired Jim Harbaugh -- maybe you heard -- as their new head coach, and Harbaugh just hired Geep Chryst to coach tight ends and quarterbacks in San Francisco.  Geep is Paul Chryst's brother, and it's also a name I'm not sure how to pronounce.

Anyway, what San Francisco wants from Chryst, I don't know.  Greg Roman has already been hired as offensive coordinator, so if Chryst is to be offered a job, it'd likely be as a position coach.  There's also talk that a raise is in the works for Chryst at Wisconsin, and that it's just awaiting approval by the school's Board of Regents in February. So whether Chryst has any interest in leaving Madison or not, the fact that others are interested in him has earned him a raise at the very least.

*The Randy Edsall Award is an award I just made up.  It goes to the college football coach who's name pops up in the most coaching rumors during an offseason.  For the past few years Edsall's name came up in seemingly every opening, but he never left UConn until this season when he took a job at Maryland after his name was never even mentioned as a candidate.
Posted on: January 5, 2011 11:41 am

Paul Chryst offered Texas OC job

Posted by Tom Fornelli

In the Rose Bowl, Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst made a few decisions that left Wisconsin fans baffled and angry.  Now it sounds like his next decision could end up leaving Wisconsin and its fans without an offensive coordinator.  Chryst has been rumored to be a candidate to replace Greg Davis at Texas for a while now, and he was in Austin to interview on Tuesday.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, he flew back to Madison with an offer on the table.

While there is no official word on what the offer is, it has been rumored that Texas is willing to pay up to $1 million to each of their new offensive and defensive coordinators, and while Wisconsin is working on giving Chryst a raise from his current $361,000 salary, would they be willing to give Chryst $1 million?  He's already the second-highest paid assistant in the Big Ten.

Chryst has been an assistant at Wisconsin for seven seasons, though he was let go by Barry Alvarez in 2002 and spent the next two seasons at Oregon State before Alvarez brought him back to Madison in 2005.  What may keep Chryst in Madison is the fact that he's a Wisconsin native and a graduate of the school, and may not want to uproot his family to Texas.

All that being said, $1 million is $1 million.  Offers like that don't come around every day, and can prove to be hard to turn down.
Posted on: December 7, 2010 7:40 pm

Minnesota AD offered head coach spot to Alvarez?

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The St. Paul Pioneer Press published a back-and-forth between reporters Bob Sansevere ("BS") and Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi ("JM") today, regarding Minnesota's recent hire of Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill. To call it "unusual" might not do the exchange justice; it's probably requires reading in full. Here's just a snippet, revealing just a fraction of the candor Maturi displayed today:

BS: You're the one who said you'd try to get another Tubby.

JM: Yeah, I did. I offered it to Barry Alvarez, and he didn't take the job.

BS: I've heard you say that three times now. Did you truly say, "Barry, do you want to come here and coach the Gophers?"

JM: Yeah, I did.

BS: And his response?

JM: He said, "I like what I'm doing. And my days of coaching are done."

BS: So you were sincere when you asked?

JM: Well, I know Barry pretty well now.

BS: But it was a serious offer?

JM: Oh, yeah. Heck, yeah. I said, "If we could make this work."

Yes: Maturi asserts, repeatedly, that he would have given the Minnesota job to Alvarez, who is on the doorstep of 64, hasn't coached in five years, and has spent the last 20 years in the service of Minnesota's biggest and longest rival. Amazingly, that offer wasn't accepted.

One might notice that "Tubby" comment at the beginning of the excerpt above. That's a reference to Minnesota coach Tubby Smith , who was a high-profile coach from a high-profile school. Upon firing Tim Brewster earlier this year, Maturi had said that he would make another "Tubby Smith" hire. Regardless of the overall quality of the hire, which will become apparent over the next few years, Jerry Kill probably doesn't qualify under those guidelines. That, according to Maturi, is the fault of the guidelines, not the school:

BS: Do you feel the Tubby Smith comment was taken out of context?

JM: Well, I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, I knew we weren't going to get a BCS head coach. Now, I'd like to get a splash like that. Let's be honest about it. I'm not trying to downgrade Minnesota. The intention was to get somebody people can accept, people will feel good about, and hopefully will be successful and revered as much as Tubby Smith. It's words that I wish I would have taken back, quite frankly.

BS: The kind you'd like to shove back in your mouth?

JM: Yeah, I would. I'll be honest with you in regards to that. Again, I'm not trying to discredit us or whatever it is, but how many BCS head coaches would leave there to come here? If you could give me a couple, I'm willing to listen to you, especially successful ones.

In other words, Maturi is fully and freely admitting that he had no shot at bringing a big name to Minnesota, new stadium be damned.

Now, there's one crucial piece of background information that will help this all come into much sharper focus: Maturi's contract is up next year, and there's a strong sentiment in Minneapolis that Maturi won't be back. He'll be in his late 60s by the time his contract expires, his teams at Minnesota have struggled as of late, and he has little incentive to stay at the post. Most damningly, he has abandoned the typical non-committal press-speak, and that's a sure sign that his tenure's just about at an end, and that end is of his own volition.

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