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Tag:Janoris Jenkins
Posted on: March 19, 2011 11:00 am

Janoris Jenkins settles pot arrest

Posted by Tom Fornelli

If it weren't for shoulder surgery that he needed, right now Janoris Jenkins would be getting himself ready for the NFL Draft and possibly a year off from football due to the current labor situation. Instead, Jenkins is still a member of the Florida football program, and you have to wonder whether or not he'd have been busted with weed in the bathroom of a Gainesville night club had he left for the NFL. Which is exactly what happened to Jenkins a few weeks after deciding to stay in Gainesville. 

Whatever the case, Jenkins spent some time in a courtroom on Friday to deal with the situation. Jenkins was busted in January, when police spotted him rolling a joint in the bathroom at Status night club. The police did not arrest Jenkins, but gave him a citation to appear in court.

That court date was on Friday, where Jenkins pled to misdemeanor possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana, and will have to pay $316 in court costs and fines. 

This is the second time Jenkins has had some trouble with the law at Florida, as he was also arrested in May 2009 for resisting arrest after getting into a fight outside a Gainesville night club. So maybe Janoris should start going to dive bars instead?
Posted on: January 24, 2011 3:10 pm
Edited on: January 24, 2011 3:11 pm

Janoris Jenkins arrested for marijuana possession

Posted by Chip Patterson

Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins made headlines earlier this month his announcement to skip the NFL Draft and return to Gainesville for another season.  For new head coach Will Muschamp, it was a great display of leadership from one of the most talented upperclassmen on next year's roster.  Unfortunately that positive act was quickly offset with Jenkins' citation over the weekend for possession of marijuana.

The Gainesville Police Department informed the Associated Press that Jenkins was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession early Saturday.  He was in the bathroom at a nightclub and caught with a "clear baggie" of marijuana.  The misdemeanor charge is for an amount of marijuana less than 20 grams, and his court date has been set for February 17.

Of course this is a notable arrest for Muschamp's campaign to win Florida their first Fulmer Cup, "awarded" to the program with the worst collective criminal record.  Urban Meyer often was criticized for the off-field issues under his watch in Gainesville, and this arrest does suggest that little has changed.

The timing was also not ideal for Jenkins' arrest.  Being the midst of changing coaching staffs, and just two weeks after his big return announcement, it will not be easy to quietly sweep this story under the rug.  Jenkins would like to keep his name in the headlines for next year's NFL Draft, but he would prefer the story to be on the football field.  

Posted on: January 10, 2011 11:28 am

Patrick Peterson to enter draft

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While Florida may be getting Janoris Jenkins back for another season, another SEC cornerback, who many consider to be the best in the country, won't be following the same path.  At a press conference on Monday afternoon, LSU cornerback and return specialist Patrick Peterson will make the announcement that he won't be coming back to Baton Rouge for his senior season, but will be entering the NFL Draft.

"I have to make the decision that's best for me," said Peterson. "It was a pleasure the years I was here. When that decision comes down, I believe they (LSU fans) will still be Patrick Peterson fans."

It's a smart decision for Peterson to make.  Now that Andrew Luck has decided to stay at Stanford for another season, Peterson's draft stock has only risen.  Our own Rob Rang envisions the Carolina Panthers taking him with the first overall pick.  Just about every mock draft you'll see has Peterson going in the top five.

Peterson had 42 tackles, 10 passes defended, and four interceptions for LSU this season.  He also returned two punts for touchdowns.
Posted on: January 10, 2011 11:14 am

Janoris Jenkins returning to Florida

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It seems like Janoris Jenkins has had a change of heart.  Last week there had been reports that the Florida cornerback, who missed the Outback Bowl with a torn labrum, was going to enter the NFL Draft.  Well, he's not.  It turns out that one of the better cover corners in the country has decided to come back to Gainesville to play under Will Muschamp.  Who, as you'd expect from the defensive-minded coach, is happy to hear the news.

“I’m excited. I would have supported him in whatever decision he made, but I commend him for making a mature decision,” said Muschamp. “It would have been real easy for Janoris to make an emotional choice and leave early, but with our contacts in the NFL, we were able to assist him in understanding his draft status and he could make an educated decision.”

What those contacts told Jenkins, I don't know, but both of our mock drafters had Jenkins going 13th overall to the Detroit Lions.  Maybe Muschamp had some friends pretend to be NFL contacts and tell Jenkins he was a third round pick?

Jenkins had three interceptions for the Gators in 2010, and has had eight in his three-year career.
Posted on: January 7, 2011 11:46 am

Gators' Janoris Jenkins to enter NFL Draft

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

In the flood of departures for the NFL Draft yesterday, featuring such luminaries as Ryan Mallett, Mark Ingram, and not Andrew Luck, there was one early entrant that seemed to be unjustly overlooked: Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who multiple reports stated would be declaring in the near future.

Jenkins doesn't have a whole lot in the way of stats -- three interceptions, a handful of tackles-for-loss, some mostly nondescript punt returns -- but being named first-team All-SEC by the AP reflects how dominant Jenkins was in man-to-man coverage, moreso than any other player in the conference that wasn't Patrick Peterson. (That the SEC's coaches selected South Carolina's wobbly Stephon Gilmore over Jenkins for first-team honors is maybe the worst case of preseason-accolade inertia we've seen that hasn't involved Adrian Clayborn.)

The consensus on Jenkins is that he'll go in the first round, possibly in the top 10 or 15 picks , and given the premium on top-level cover corners on the next level (as wel las the college one), that makes sense. Maybe he's not Ingram or Mallett in terms of star power, but there's a chance Jenkins could outshine both in the league.

Posted on: December 31, 2010 8:46 pm

CBS Bowl Bonanza: Outback Bowl

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Basics: Florida (7-5) vs. Penn State (7-5), Jan.1, 1pm ET

Why You Should Watch: Well, first of all, you should watch this game because it'll be starting around the same time you're finally waking up out of your New Year's Eve haze.  Nothing like some football to help you shake the cobwebs out of your brain.  Oh, and it's also the final time you will have a chance to see Urban Meyer nearly suffer a heart attack on a Florida sideline.  Not to mention, depending on who you want to believe, it could also be the final time that Joe Paterno ever graces a sideline.

Keys to Victory for Florida: You could question how Florida will approach this game given everything that's gone on in Gainesville over the last month, but I don't think motivation is going to be a problem.  There's no way these Gators want to send Urban Meyer out with a loss.  To do this, well, the Gators will have do so something they haven't done all season.

Find some consistency on offense.  Whether it's John Brantley through the air, or Trey Burton on the ground, whoever is at quarterback for Florida is going to have to make some plays against this Penn State defense.  That means the Gators offensive line, which has been pretty disappointing this year, is going to need to step up the protection.  When Brantley is back there he tends to make dumb decisions when facing pressure and has a hard time reading coverage.

The best way to help Brantley would be to get the ground game going with Mike Gillislee, Emmanuel Moody, Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey.  Penn State has had some problems with the run this season, and the Gators should watch the game film of the Penn State game against Illinois and copy Illinois' game plan.  Maybe Ron Zook can finally win a bowl game for Florida after all these years.

Keys to Victory for Penn State: Florida is faster and more athletic than Penn State.  The best way for Penn State to counter this will be to attack, attack and attack some more on defense.  Blitz John Brantley like there is no tomorrow and force him to make decisions he's not ready to make. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the Nittany Lions need to tighten things up against the run.

When Penn State has the ball it should look to exploit the Gators a bit in the secondary.  Yes, Evan Royster should still get plenty of carries to soften up the Florida defense, but the Gators don't have Janoris Jenkins in this game and he's not an easy player to replace.  Now, the problem here is that as good as Matt McGloin has been, he's not very effective on deep routes.  Which means that Penn State should look to attack Florida on shorter routes like slants and hitches. 

Finally, it will be important for Royster and the offensive line to have move the ball against the Florida run defense.  Royster had a couple of lackluster games against tough run defenses like Alabama and Ohio State this season, and for Penn State to have a legit chance in this game, he's going to have to produce.

The Outback Bowl is like: one of those Rolling Stones farewell concerts.  You know that even though they claim it's the last time you'll ever see them performing, they're going to come back eventually.  Yes, Urban Meyer may be leaving Florida to spend time with the family and tend to his health, but do you really believe a man that immersed in football is never coming back?  I don't.
Posted on: December 27, 2010 11:40 am

Janoris Jenkins to miss Outback Bowl

Posted by Tom Fornelli

We already know that the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day will be Urban Meyer's last game coaching the Florida Gators, and now it sounds like Florida's top cornerback may have already played his final game as well.  Janoris Jenkins had surgery on his right shoulder following the Florida State game, and according to a team spokesman, he has not made the trip to Tampa with the team this week and will not be playing in the game.

He may still make the trip to Tampa this weekend to be with the team, though.

Jenkins, a junior, is considered the top NFL prospect on the team this season and has been projected as a first round draft pick if he decides to leave school early and declare for the NFL draft.  Of course, whether or not he'll leave school will depend on a few factors like the health of his shoulder and a possible NFL lockout next season.

Jenkins won't be the only member of the Gators missing the Outback Bowl thanks to an injury, as the team will also be without RG Maurice Hurt, DT Lawrence Marsh and DT Terron Sanders all had surgery as well.
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