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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:27 am

Arizona St., Wazzu get new looks

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Last Friday we mentioned that Arizona State was prepping for the unveiling of a new set of uniforms. As it turns out, what Nike cooked up for the Sun Devils wasn't only a new look but an entire "re-branding" of the entire athletic department. Behold:

Our first question: has Nike found a way to make the uniforms smoke like that even when they're on the field? Some sort of tiny dry ice machine hidden in the shoulder pads? Because, dude, that would be intimidating.

And isn't that intimidation sort of the point of this overhaul? You'll notice that when it comes to the helmet logo, "Sparky" -- the mischievous devil who's adorned ASU helmets since 1980 -- has been exiled to a sticker on the rear of the helmet, with only a souped-up version of his pitchfork remaining. It's a bit of a shame, really; charming cartoons and decades of tradition are out, Jerry Glanville- esque monoblack alternates are in. (And about the logo, guys, Maserati called ... )

Then again, those new road whites do look pretty sweet, and the home look isn't bad if the Sun Devils keep the gold pants and stay away from the corporate-looking mono-red.

But nonetheless, our choice for the best new uniform of the week belongs to Washington State, who also picked this week to unveil a set of new Nike-designed looks. Check out the new gray alternates, complete with all-gray helmet:

It's the little tocuhes -- the crimson Pac-12 logo, the gray Wazzu helmet logo -- that make this intriguing. (You can see the standard home-and-away uniforms here, which have both been more tweaked than overhauled.) Now if Phil Knight and Co. would get rid of the Oregon number font that looks like 2004's idea of numbers from the year 2034, we'll really be in business.

Posted on: September 28, 2010 8:53 pm

Chip Kelly gets a contract extension

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Things have worked out well for Chip Kelly since he took over for Mike Bellotti at Oregon after spending two years as the team's offensive coordinator.  In his first season in Eugene, Kelly's Ducks went 10-3 and won the Pac-10 before losing to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.  This year the Ducks are 4-0 and scoring more often than Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab.

So it's not surprising to hear the news that Oregon has given Kelly a contract extension.  The extension is for six years and will pay Kelly $20.5 million over the course of the deal, or $3.4 million a year.  A nice chunk of change if you can get it.

“The success of a football program at any university is a crucial component to the financial security of any collegiate athletics department at the Division I level, specifically those who are financially self-supporting,” said Oregon AD Rob Mullens in a statement.

“Chip Kelly’s track record in a short amount of time speaks volumes for his character, integrity and ability to lead this program to a new set of standards. It became clear before my arrival at Oregon that retaining him to head the university’s football program was a priority. This is an investment in the future success of Oregon athletics and an investment in retaining one of the brightest college coaches in the country."

Upon hearing the news former Nike CEO and Oregon graduate Phil Knight laughed and said "good for him" before lighting a cigar with a million dollar bill.
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