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Posted on: November 17, 2011 12:02 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2011 12:03 pm

Gary Pinkel shouldn't coach this weekend

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel was arrested for drunk driving on Wednesday night, and now his future at Missouri is in question. Whether or not he survives this mistake in Columbia is up to the school, and we can't be sure how Missouri athletic director Mike Alden will respond. Though we do know Alden is taking this seriously.

"We hold ourselves to very high standards, and this is a very serious breach of those responsibilities," said Alden in a statement on the arrest Thursday. "We are gathering facts and will take action appropriately, and when those actions are determined, we will communicate them publicly.” 

While he waits to find out what the school will do, I know what Pinkel should do. He should not allow himself to be on the sideline on Saturday against Texas Tech. Consider it a self-suspension.

Earlier this season linebacker Will Ebner and tight end Beau Brinkley were both suspended the first two games of the year after each was arrested for DWI over the summer.

Isn't it only fair that the man who handed down those suspensions to his players hold himself to the same standard?

Gary Pinkel had a spotless record at Missouri before this incident, and has been a great leader of the program, but that shouldn't excuse him from the same standard of behavior he's held his players to. In fact, that's exactly why not coaching this weekend would be the right thing for Pinkel to do.

"I have already met with our staff and communicated with our players and have apologized to them. I accept full responsibility for my actions and will abide by whatever course of action our leadership deems appropriate," said Pinkel in his statement.

Accepting full responsibility should start this Saturday, coach.
Posted on: November 16, 2011 1:58 pm
Edited on: November 16, 2011 2:06 pm

Iowa State WR hit with felony robbery charge

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Iowa State sophomore wide receiver Albert Gary had a warrant issued for his arrest on Wednesday morning by university police, and Gary turned himself in to a local sheriff's office. He has since posted bond and been released.

The receiver is alleged to have commited first-degree robbery, which is a class B felony and is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

In June Gary allegedly held up a man at gunpoint on campus along with a group of others. Gary then fled the scene with the others after police had been called, and four pellet guns were found north of the crime scene. Police determined that Gary had been involved during their investigation.

As for what this would mean for Gary's availability to the Cyclones, you'd think getting charged with a felony would probably cut into your playing time, but as of now that's not the case. When reached on Tuesday about the story, head coach Paul Rhoads said that the team was aware of the incident and that Gary had been suspended for three games earlier this season.

He did not indicate that Gary would have to sit out Friday night's game against Oklahoma State, though I'd expect that to change before long.
Posted on: November 16, 2011 12:13 pm
Edited on: November 16, 2011 3:19 pm

UPDATE: Landry Jones' tires stolen from truck

Posted by Tom Fornelli

That's a photo of Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones' truck. You may notice that it no longer has tires on it, which are essential to automobiles, for they cannot travel without them. Which no doubt made it very hard for Jones to get to practice on Tuesday, but there was some good news for Jones, and that was that he didn't have to call the police to conduct an investigation.

Actually, it turns out that he did need to involve the police.

In an update to his original story on Jones' truck, The Oklahoman's Travis Haney is now reporting that this was not a prank pulled by Oklahoma linebacker Tom Wort. It turns out that Jones' tires actually were stolen. According to Haney, an Oklahoma player told him on Wednesday afternoon that the while everybody may have thought this was a joke, Jones really did have his tires stolen. He had to buy a new set on Wednesday morning, and the culprit is yet to be found.

Though if I'm Jones, I'm still not exactly thrilled with how funny Tom Wort finds all of this.

Posted on: November 7, 2011 12:16 pm
Edited on: November 7, 2011 12:17 pm

Oklahoma's Stephen Good arrested

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Oklahoma left guard Stephen Good probably should have stayed home on Saturday night following Oklahoma's win over Texas A&M on Saturday. Six hours after the game had ended, Good was arrested in Norman following an altercation at a restaurant.

According to a report in the Tulsa World, Good got into a fight at Seven47, a restaurant and night club, around 1am on Sunday morning, in which Good shoved his victim's head against a wall. Good was arrested on a misdemeanor assault and battery charge, but was allowed to leave the premises after signing the municipal complaint.

Good has only started 11 games at Oklahoma in his four years, including two starts this season against Ball State and Texas, but he's been a regular part of the rotation at left guard. He saw some time there against Texas A&M on Saturday.

There's been no word from Oklahoma yet on whether or not he'll be punished further by the team.
Posted on: November 6, 2011 6:56 pm
Edited on: November 6, 2011 7:23 pm

Paterno releases statement on Sandusky mess

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Penn State head coach Joe Paterno released a statement on Sunday regarding the child sex abuse charges that were filed against his former longtime assistant Jerry Sandusky along with perjury charges against Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and vice president for business and finance Gary Schultz.

"If true, the nature and amount of charges made are very shocking to me and all Penn Staters," said Paterno in the statement. "While I did what I was supposed to with the one charge brought to my attention, like anyone else involved I can't help but be deeply saddened these matters are alleged to have occurred.

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"Sue and I have devoted our lives to helping young people reach their potential. The fact that someone we thought we knew might have harmed young people to this extent is deeply troubling. If this is true we were all fooled, along with scores of professionals trained in such things, and we grieve for the victims and their families. They are in our prayers.

"As my grand jury testimony stated, I was informed in 2002 by an assistant coach that he had witnessed an incident in the shower of our locker room facility. It was obvious that the witness was distraught over what he saw, but he at no time related to me the very specific actions contained in the Grand Jury report. Regardless, it was clear that the witness saw something inappropriate involving Mr. Sandusky. As Coach Sandusky was retired from our coaching staff at that time, I referred the matter to university administrators.

"I understand that people are upset and angry, but let's be fair and let the legal process unfold. In the meantime I would ask all Penn Staters to continue to trust in what that name represents, continue to pursue their lives every day with high ideals and not let these events shake their beliefs nor who they are."

Both Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are scheduled to turn themselves in on Monday at a district judge's office in Harrisburg.
Posted on: October 21, 2011 12:16 pm
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Tide frosh Calloway arrested on marijuana charges

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Barring a shocker on the part of Auburn or Tennessee this week, LSU's Nov. 5 visit to Alabama is still shaping up as the Game of the Century of the Year. But neither the Tigers nor the Tide seems to be showing much in the way of discipline with two weeks to go.

On the heels of the suspensions for three key LSU players comes the news that Crimson Tide freshman running back Brent Calloway was arrested early Friday morning and charged with second-degree possession of marijuana.

Per the Tuscaloosa News, Calloway was booked shortly after 12:45 a.m. and has since been released from Tuscaloosa County Jail. A vehicle in which Calloway was a passenger was stopped by police for not having its lights on, and according to officers a search produced a small bag of marijuana in Calloway's possession.

A Crimson Tide spokesperson said that Nick Saban had been informed of the arrest and would deal with Calloway's punishment within the program. "Coach Saban is aware of the situation and like all other disciplinary action, this will be handled internally," he said.

The arrest is yet another turn in what has been a tumultuous calendar year for the one-time five-star prospect out of Russellville, Ala. A longtime Crimson Tide commit expected to play linebacker, Calloway turned heads at the Army All-American game by suddenly announcing that he'd be signing with Auburn instead to play running back. But on Signing Day, Calloway faxed his LOI to Tuscaloosa, eventually claiming he'd been turned off by the Tigers signing other running backs. Calloway then took longer to receive his NCAA qualification and was one of the final members of the Tide's 2011 class to arrive on campus.

He has yet to see this field this season and was expected to redshirt, meaning that whatever punishment Saban has in store for him won't have nearly the kind of on-field impact that the LSU suspensions will. In fact, it won't have any kind of on-field impact at all.

But given the immense stakes of any and every game Alabama plays from here on out, there's little doubt that Saban's not going to stand for even the slightest of distractions ... and that Calloway's career, which seemed to already be struggling to gain traction in Tuscalooa, is about to have another hurdle thrown in front of it.
Posted on: October 13, 2011 11:58 am

Tulsa's Johnson pleads guilty to embezzlement

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The NCAA's all-time record holder in all-purpose yardage has pled guilty to felony embezzlement charges. But it still might not keep Tulsa's Damaris Johnson from returning to the football field in 2012.

Per the Tulsa World, Johnson and co-defendant Chamon Jones each pleaded guilty to charges of felony embezzlement filed after Johnson's Aug. 31 arrest. Jones stood accused of selling Johnson more than $2,600 worth of merchandise from the Macy's department store where she worked to Johnson for $13.

As part of a plea agreement, both Johnson and Jones were sentenced to deferred one-year prison sentences, 800 hours of community service, fines, and a one-year probation. Upon completion of the probation program, both Jones and Johnson's cases will be dismissed without a felony conviction. Neither will serve any jail time.

The deferred sentence and dismissal of the felony conviction may allow Johnson to make his eventual return to the Golden Hurricane football team. Johnson remains indefinitely suspended, and Tulsa head coach Bill Blankenship said he "can't foresee anything changing" where the 2011 season is concerned. But 2012 could be a different story.

"[It] might open the door for him next year," Blankenship said.

If so, Johnson would finally have the chance to build on his tremendous record-breaking career, one in which he's already the FBS all-time leader in kick return yardage and all-purpose yardage. But if not, what's already a crushing mistake will become, somehow, even bigger.
Posted on: October 4, 2011 10:30 am
Edited on: October 4, 2011 10:33 am

Former Tide player says UF's Easley attacked him

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

In what we fully expect to be the strangest story Eye on CFB covers today, a former Alabama football player has accused Florida starting defensive lineman Dominique Easley of attacking him outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium folllowing the Gators' 38-10 loss to the Tide Saturday night.

The Tuscaloosa News reported Tuesday that former Tide defensive back Reggie Myles has filed a complaint with University of Florida police. The complaint states that sometime shortly after midnight, Myles was tackled from behind in an unprovoked attack while waiting on a stadium walkway. According to the complaint, Myles was able to identify his attacker as Easley after speaking to Easley's parents, who were present at the scene.

The Florida UPD has yet to confirm that identification, however, and has neither arrested or cited Easley nor has any current plans to.

"I'm trying to identify a suspect, who it was that actually hit him and injured him. I'll go from there," said UPD officer Steve Wilder.

That identification could hinge on a cell phone which Myles recovered at the scene. According to Myles, Easley dropped the phone during the attack and his parents requested its return following the incident. The phone was turned over to police. Myles told the News that two other eyewitnesses would also be making statements to the UPD.

The Gainesville Sun reported that the Florida athletic department had made no comment on the situation as of Monday evening.

Myles himself was charged with public intoxication and criminal mischief related to his angry reaction to the attack. "It was based on the way he was behaving when we were trying to sort everything out," Wilder said. "He'd just been hit from behind by an unknown assailant, and was scraped up pretty good. I understand him being upset. Unfortunately, we couldn't get him to calm down."

Myles's allegations do result in an arrest -- and that's a gigantic "if" at this stage -- it would be another black eye for a Gator program that's acquired quite the reputation for its run-ins with the law over the years, and Easley's potential punishment could be a substantial blow for a talented defensive line that showed against the Tide it still has room for improvement. (Easley currently leads the Gators with 4.5 tackles-for-loss.) But until/unless the UPD makes a positive identification of Easley as Myles's attacker, any fallout from Myles's allegations remains in the realm of pure speculation.

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