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BYU and TCU to meet at Cowboys Stadium

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Back in August when word leaked out that BYU was going to be leaving the Mountain West and going independent, TCU head coach Gary Patterson said that he would not consider playing the Cougars and that BYU should "be careful what you wish for." Now, six months later, TCU has announced that it is leaving the Mountain West as well, and has been given a bit of the pariah treatment. The Mountain West moved the Horned Frogs game against Boise State from Fort Worth to Boise. Shortly before that decision, Texas Tech backed out of a game against TCU for the second year in a row, leaving the Horned Frogs with an empty spot on the schedule.

Well guess who filled that spot? As was reported last month, TCU and BYU will now be playing a game in Cowboys Stadium.
Brigham Young and TCU will meet Oct. 28 at Cowboys Stadium in a game set to be nationally televised by ESPN2.
The game helps fill out TCU's schedule, which has yet to be formally announced. It replaces a scheduled BYU game at Louisiana Tech on Nov. 5.
Kickoff for the BYU-TCU game is set for 8 p.m. ET.
It will be the second time playing at Cowboys Stadium for both teams. BYU played the first college football game in Jerry Jones' salute to football decadence back in 2009, beating Oklahoma, and TCU opened it's 2010 season with a victory over Oregon State there.
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TCU doesn't want a Wisconsin rematch

Posted by Tom Fornelli

TCU put a nice bow on their undefeated season with a victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, but it seems that one victory over the Badgers is enough for the Horned Frogs for now. Apparently UNLV wants out of its season-opening date with Wisconsin on September 3rd, and an unknown third-party then contacted both Wisconsin and TCU with the prospect of the two schools kicking off 2011 against one another.

It was a matchup that Bret Bielema was all to eager to rekindle.

"I was contacted a week and half after the bowl game about the opportunity to play TCU in our opener," Bielema told The Big 1070 in Madison. "It was something that was going to be broadcast and made a big deal, it took me all of about point five seconds to say yes."

Unfortunately for Bielema and the Badgers, TCU wasn't as excited about the idea. Though not because they feared playing Wisconsin. TCU AD Chris Del Conte confirmed that he was contacted about the rematch as well, but turned it down since there would be only one game and it would be played at Wisconsin.

"We already have Baylor for our opening game," Del Conte said. "A team supposedly Wisconsin played last year doesn't want to go back there. A third party was shopping the game around to other teams. I have no interest in playing a one-[time] game."

Considering that TCU has already had its game against Boise State moved to Boise, I can understand why it wouldn't want to add a trip to Wisconsin to its schedule. Those would be two incredibly tough games to start and finish your season with, and if TCU can't get consideration for a national title when it goes undefeated, it isn't going to a BCS game with two losses either.

Though Del Conte did say that he'd make an exception for Ohio State. Seems he's still a bit sore about E. Gordon Gee's "Little Sisters of the Poor" comment.
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BYU, TCU in talks to play at Cowboys Stadium

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As we are all well aware of now, TCU is scrambling to put together a schedule for 2011 after having Texas Tech drop a game between the two, and it looks like TCU will be staying in Texas to replace that game. A number of reports today say that TCU is currently engaged in talks with former Mountain West counterpart BYU about playing a game in Cowboys Stadium.

When the game will be played is a bit up in the air, as BYU already has twelve games scheduled in 2011. Since one of BYU's games is being played in Hawaii, however, the Cougars are allowed to schedule a thirteenth game next season. As of now the two open dates on BYU's schedule are October 29 and November 26. Odds are that November 26 is out of the question since it's on Thanksgiving weekend and the Cowboys traditionally play a home game on Thanksgiving, so preparing for two games in a matter of days would be a bit much.

So unless BYU rearranges the rest of its schedule, or drops another game, odds are if this matchup happens it'll be on October 29.

The game is not yet set in stone, though indications are that it should be announced in the coming days. According to TCU AD Chris Del Conte, TCU plans on releasing its 2011 schedule soon.
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MWC moves TCU/Boise game to Boise

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Feel free to leave the Mountain West, TCU, but don't expect any fond farewells or parting gifts. After rumors surfaced last week that the Mountain West was looking to move the first and last conference game between Boise State and TCU next season from Fort Worth to Boise, the conference made it official on Tuesday evening.

Here is the statement from the Mountain West about the scheduling change.
After carefully considering all sides of the issue, the MWC Board of Directors decided to implement the change in the 2011 football schedule as had been recommended by the athletics directors. TCU will now play at Boise State, while Boise State's contest with San Diego State will be played in San Diego. The Board felt the change was in the best interest of the Mountain West Conference and would help address current and future scheduling concerns created by the new set of circumstances which stemmed from another change in membership.
The first sentence was edited quite a bit. It originally said "after carefully considering all sides of the issue, and then deciding we don't care about TCU's side since they're leaving." Or at least, that's how I read it. I know it's just a single game, but it's a pretty big game. Odds are that if any team from the Mountain West is going to be in a BCS bowl next season, it'll be either Boise State or TCU. There's a very real possibility that the game will serve as a MWC Championship of sorts, and to have it moved north to Boise has a huge impact on how things could turn out.
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Texas Tech ditches TCU game...again

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It seems as though nobody wants to play TCU these days.  The school is in a bit of a bind with its 2011 schedule as both BYU and Utah will be leaving the Mountain West, leaving two open dates, and Boise State is trying to get its date with the Horned Frogs moved from Fort Worth to Boise.  Then there's Texas Tech.  Texas Tech was scheduled to play TCU in 2010, but when ESPN decided it wanted to air Tech's game with Texas on the same day, the Red Raiders dropped the game.  ESPN then helped set up TCU's game against Oregon State.

Well, Texas Tech's decided it enjoyed not playing TCU so much in 2010, it's going to do the same thing in 2011, as the Raiders have once again dropped TCU from the schedule.  News that TCU AD Chris Del Conte doesn't sound all that thrilled to hear.

"It's a done deal for sure," Del Conte told the Star-Telegram. "Nothing has been determined for the future; we're negotiating that right now."

"To me it was a little late in the game [to change the schedule]. They knew Nebraska was going to the Big Ten eight months ago. We would have had more time [to find a new opponent] if they had told us earlier. It's disappointing we couldn't make the game work. I did everything possible."

The reason Texas Tech backed out of the game is because the new Big 12, the one with ten teams, will be playing a round robin conference schedule in 2011.  Which means the amount of conference games increases from eight to nine, and that eliminates one non-conference game.  So when looking at its slate of non-conference games next season, Tech saw TCU, New Mexico and Nevada and decided to say sayonara to TCU.  

Texas Tech says it hopes to reschedule the game sometime in the future.  No doubt it's hoping that TCU is a bit weaker by then.
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