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Posted on: January 6, 2011 6:20 pm

Thomas says Fairley's 'got a lot of dirty plays'

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Darron Thomas met the press today and didn't bother to pull any punches about what he thought of ... well, anything. (""They've got a great front eight (on defense)," he said , "but have never played a team like us that plays at the speed we do.") That included notorious -- and notoriously good -- Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley, who Thomas said had come by his reputation for illegal play --particularly where it concerns opposing quarterbacks -- honestly:

"Oh yeah, we've seen he's got a lot of dirty plays, throwing people around after the play and things like that," Thomas said Thursday. "But that's just football. I don't worry about it because it's a physical game" ...

"If it happens, it happens," Thomas said. "You've just got to get back up for the next play."
Fairley naturally denied the charge, claiming he simply "give[s] 110 percent" and if dirty is "what they call it, that's what it is." But if his Twitter comments are any indication , he's also not all that bothered by Thomas's comments:

Of course, offended or not offended, it's not likely to change the fact that Fairley's going to do his best to treat Thomas as if he had been.
Posted on: October 19, 2010 10:13 pm

Vizio is the new sponsor of the Rose Bowl

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Those of you who haven't been able to sleep for the last four months because you were worried that the Rose Bowl wouldn't be able to find a new title sponsor for the game this year can rest easily tonight.  It was announced on Tuesday that Vizio, the company that makes HDTVs and other electronic goodies, will be sponsoring the game through 2014.

Which also means that the 2014 title game, should we the people have not yet raged against the machine and toppled the BCS by then, will be called the 2014 Vizio BCS National Championship Game.  A game which will also mark the 100th anniversary of the Rose Bowl.

"The Rose Bowl game by itself is an incredible pull," said Randy Waynick, Vizio's chief sales officer. "The fact that it's going to be the BCS game is icing on the cake."

The Rose Bowl had previously been sponsored by Citi, but it decided not to renew the deal following last year's game citing the economy.  It actually works out well for Vizio, because now it'll be having its brand mentioned a million times a day on television during the holiday shopping season.

Still, I must admit that this pairing just doesn't seem natural to me.  The Rose Bowl has always struck me as a Sony type of bowl game.  Vizio should be sponsoring the Music City Bowl or something.
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