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Posted on: July 23, 2011 12:38 pm
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Kansas' Berglund charged with assault

Posted by Tom Fornelli

One of Kansas' top recruits from its 2011 class has some legal issues to deal with. Brock Berglund, a three-star quarterback from Colorado, has been charged with third-degree assault for an incident that took place in April.

Berglund allegedly punched a man who had been harrassing his girlfriend, though a complaint wasn't filed until June 24. Coach Turner Gill is aware of the issue.

"We are going to let the legal process run its course," Gill said in a statement. "We will also handle it appropriately internally here at KU."

This is just the latest twist in what has been a confusing story since Berglund committed to Kansas. He graduated from high school early and enrolled at Kansas in January, but he hasn't been around campus all that much since then.

Berglund missed spring practice and hasn't been participating in the team's summer workout sessions, and while you might think that this legal issue definitely has something to do with it, as the Lawrence Journal-World points out, the alleged incident didn't take place until the sixth day of spring practice.

Making things a bit stranger, Gill announced that Berglund wouldn't be participating in spring practice due to "personal circumstances" in March, a full month before the alleged assault even took place.

All of this led to a lot of speculation that Berglund was reconsidering his decision to attend Kansas, which Berglund put to rest last week. Still, considering that Berglund was being considered a candidate to start for the Jayhawks at quarterback this season, he hasn't done much to help make that a reality the last few months.

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Posted on: June 24, 2011 3:34 pm

Hot Seat Ratings: The Big 12 coaches

Posted by Tom Fornelli

CBSSports.com's very own Dennis Dodd went through every head coach in the FBS this week and assigned a hot seat rating for each one, with 0 being the "coolest" seat and 5 meaning that the coach may end up in a hospital burn ward should he sit down. Looking through Dodd's ratings for each coach in the Big 12 this year, while I agree with most of his ratings, there were a couple I didn't feel were accurate.

Here's the list of Big 12 coaches and the Hot Seat Rating Dodd gave them from lowest to highest.

- Bob Stoops, Oklahoma: 0.0

- Bill Snyder, Kansas State: 0.5

- Paul Rhoads, Iowa State: 1.0

- Gary Pinkel, Missouri: 1.0

- Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State: 1.0

- Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech: 1.5

- Art Briles, Baylor: 2.0

- Mack Brown, Texas: 2.0

- Mike Sherman, Texas A&M: 2.0

- Turner Gill, Kansas: 3.5

Again, for the most part, I agree with Dennis' rankings, but there are a few of the coaches who I have some nitpicks about. So instead of just writing Dodd an email to let him know, why not publicize it?

Mack Brown - Dodd gives Brown a 2.0 ranking, which according to his system means "Safe--solid position." I do not agree. Honestly, if these were my rankings, I'd bump Brown up to a 4.0. Which Dodd describes as "Warm seat--feeling the pressure." Which is exactly where I think Brown sits at the moment. Coming off of a 5-7 season Brown had to let go of his offensive coordinator Greg Davis and brought in Bryan Harsin. He also saw Will Muschamp leave for Florida. Which means that he was already feeling pressure. You don't go firing your offensive coordinator, and essentially lay the blame at his feet in the process, if you aren't a bit worried about what might come your way.

In a sensible world, Mack Brown should be at 2.0. He should be safe. But this isn't a sensible world, this is Texas Longhorns football where a 5-7 season just isn't acceptable at anytime under anybody. Brown may have a national title to his name, but if Texas goes through another season like the one it went through in 2010, I don't care who Mack Brown is. He'll likely find himself out of a job.

Mike Sherman - Much like Mack Brown, Dodd sets Sherman at a 2.0, and much like Mack Brown, I feel this number is a bit too low. After all, last October when Texas A&M was 3-3 on the year and 0-3 in the Big 12, there were plenty of people who felt Sherman wouldn't be around College Station much longer. Sherman then made the move he had to make by benching Jerrod Johnson for Ryan Tannehill and Tannehill rewarded him by saving his job and helping lead the Aggies on a six-game win streak and berth in the Cotton Bowl.

Still, even with that 9-4 season, the Aggies are still only 19-19 in Sherman's three seasons with the school. The Aggies may not be the power that they once were these days, but I don't think a .500 record is ever going to sit well with a fan base that wants to rule the state of Texas year in and year out. Now, after such a positive finish to the season, expectations are raised at A&M. Should the Aggies and Sherman stumble out of the gate again this season -- and with a stretch of games against Oklahoma State, Arkansas and Missouri early, another 3-3 start isn't out of the question -- then Sherman's pants may be literally on fire before the year is done.

Art Briles - Dennis has Baylor's Art Briles at a 2.0, but I feel that's a bit too high. I'd put Briles at more of a 1.0 or a 1.5 because I just don't see a situation where he's going to be fired this year. In his first two seasons in Waco, Baylor had 4-8 campaigns under Briles, but there was improvement in the team that was evident in anyone who watched. Improvement that led to a 7-6 season in 2010 and Baylor's first trip to a bowl game since 1994.

At a school like Baylor, where football success isn't exactly a common theme, nor is it that big of a deal, I don't see any way in which Briles is going to be fired after leading the program to its first bowl game in 17 years. The only way I can envision Briles not coaching at Baylor in 2012 is if he gets a job somewhere else.

Bob Stoops - Dodd lists Bob Stoops as a 0.0, the safest coach in the Big 12. Dennis is right, Stoops is the safest coach in the conference, but I just don't feel that 0.0 is low enough. I'd put it at a -5.0 because the only way I see Bob Stoops getting fired is if he goes on some cross-country killing spree, and even then he might survive. 

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Spring Practice Primer: Kansas

Posted by Tom Fornelli

College Football has no offseason. Every coach knows that the preparation for September begins now, in Spring Practice  . So we here at the Eye on College Football will get you ready as teams open spring ball with our Spring Practice Primers . Today, we look at Kansas, which starts spring practice on Friday.

Spring Practice Question: Can Turner Gill find a quarterback worthy of keeping the job this season?

Turner Gill's first season at Kansas was not a success. In fact, it was something that most Kansas fans have probably spent the last four months trying to completely erase from their memories. While the players did their best to adjust to the new lifestyle choices that Gill was instituting -- how does a college kid survive without a cell phone and girls, anyway? -- the results on the field showed that this is a process that is going to take some time.

It was a season that began with a 6-3 loss to North Dakota State at home, and was followed by eight more losses and only three wins. Of those eight losses, five came by 20-point deficits or more. To put that in perspective, Kansas couldn't even manage to score 20 points in nine of its twelve games.

The offense finished 111th in the country in points per game with 17.1, while the defense came in at 103rd with 34.4 points against per game. Not exactly a winning formula.

So, clearly, if you are expecting some great turnaround with Kansas this season, you should share whatever drugs you're on with everyone around you. Your world seems like a wonderful place.

Instead of focusing on winning the Big 12 this season, Turner Gill will be best suited looking to improve his team, and finding answers for the future. The first position he'll be looking to improve, however, is usually the hardest one to get right.

The Jayhawks had a bit of a quarterback carousel through 2010. Through the season, Kale Pick, Jordan Webb and Quinn Mecham all got time at starting quarterback. Gill does not want a repeat of that in 2011, and he's answered part of the question a bit by moving Pick to wide receiver this season.

Unfortunately, even though spring practice hasn't even begun, the Jayhawks have already had a setback at the position.

Quarterback Brock Berglund was the biggest recruit that Kansas landed in its 2011 class. There was some thought that the 6'4 dual-threat quarterback from Colorado could come in and start his freshman season. He even graduated from high school last December so he could enroll early at Kansas. Sadly, due to what the school referenced as "personal circumstances," Berglund has returned home to Colorado and won't be around for spring practice.

Which means that April will be a two-man battle between Webb and Mecham. Neither player was fantastic for the Jayhawks in their time, but given the fact that Turner Gill is focusing on the future, I'd have to give an edge to Webb.

Big 12 Primers
He'll be a sophomore this season, while Mecham will be a senior. Normally the experience of a senior might mean something, but Mecham has thrown less passes in his first three years (102) than Webb completed in his freshman season (121).

Webb also played pretty well at times for the Jayhawks. In a four-week stretch following the opening day loss against North Dakota State, Webb completed 67 of 110 passes (61%) with 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. It's just after that nice start, Webb only completed 48 of 93 passes (52%) with 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions. Which is the kind of swing you'd expect to see from a freshman playing in the Big 12 for the first time.

So, in that sense, while Kansas will not have its quarterback position settled by the time spring practice ends, I think the next month of practices will be very important for Webb. If he can show improvement and a greater grasp of the offense, he'll enter the summer on top of the depth chart.

Which will give him an advantage over Berglund, who will be in Lawrence this summer, and will have to make up some time if he hopes to wrestle the job away before the season starts.
Posted on: February 8, 2011 1:39 pm

Kansas WR Chris Omigie busted for DUI

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It had been a few days since we had our last college football player break the law, an offseason tradition, but Kansas wide receiver Chris Omigie has restored order to the world. Omigie was picked up for a DUI early on Saturday morning. He was stopped by a Kansas public safety answer, and the 19-year old receiver posted $500 bond later in the day and given a February 16 court date.

The school knows of the arrest, but if there is going to be any punishment for Omigie's arrest, the school hasn't said what it will be yet.

“He is still a member of our team. Coach (Turner) Gill will handle the discipline internally,” associate AD Jim Marchiony told the Lawrence Journal-World.

Omigie played in 10 games as a redshirt freshman for the Jayhawks in 2010, catching 7 passes for 73 yards.
Posted on: December 22, 2010 1:13 pm

Kansas recruit is greatest QB ever, just ask him

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier this week Turner Gill and the Kansas football team got some good news as quarterback recruit Brock Berglund committed to the school.  Berglund, from Colorado's Valor Christian, is considered a three-star prospect by Rivals, and is considered the 13th best quarterback prospect in the country.  Though if there are 12 quarterbacks in the 2011 class better than Berglund, they must be insanely freaking awesome.

The Lawrence Journal-World caught up with Berglund this week, and when he was asked to describe himself as a quarterback, the kid set the bar rather high.

“I would say Tim Tebow, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning kind of all put together,” Berglund said. “I’m not comparing myself to those guys or anything like that, but if I had to say what my skill-set was like, I would say those three guys.”

I don't know about you, but if I were a college football coach, I'd take just one of those three quarterbacks.  A hybrid of all three?  I think it's time for a contract extension!  Now, obviously, it wouldn't be fair to take Berglund's description at his word.  He is just a high school kid, after all.  So I decided to do some research, and it turns out he has the skills to back up the bravado.

I unearthed some exclusive footage of Berglund's high school games.  Here's some of what I found.

On this play, following a kickoff, Berglund lined up at running back.


As if that run wasn't amazing enough, let's remember that Brock can throw the ball too.  Here he is just messing around during practice.

And he was doing it left-handed!  Kansas is never going to lose again!
Posted on: October 21, 2010 11:22 am

Firing Turner Gill won't be cheap

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It's time to dump a bucket of ice-cold water over the heads of all those Kansas fans out there who would like to see Turner Gill fired following the season.  Sorry, folks, but it's not going to happen.  At least, not unless you all start one of the greatest fundraising campaigns in school history.  Why won't the school fire Gill this year?

Because it would cost them $8 million.

See, when Lew Perkins signed Gill to a five-year, $10 million deal before the season, he didn't include a buyout clause in the deal.  Why?  Who knows.  You would think that after the school was forced to pay Mark Mangino so much money after firing him, they might learn the value of the buyout clause, but apparently not.

Making matters worse, it's not like Kansas would have years to pay Gill the $8 million, it would have 90 days.

So get over it, Jayhawks fans.  Gill isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and nor should he be.  I know that Gill's first season in Lawrence has been an unmitigated disaster.  Aside from an upset over Georgia Tech that gets harder to comprehend ever week, the season has been a nightmare.

Still, I feel the need to remind you that this is Gill's first year.  It takes time to rebuild a program, and let's remember that it's not like the Jayhawks were in great shape when Gill got there, or else he wouldn't have been hired in the first place.
Posted on: October 19, 2010 12:01 pm

Turner Gill in danger of being one-and-done?

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

If there were a Richter scale for first-year coaching disasters, where Steve Kragthorpe or Mike Locksley rated a 10.0 and, say, Larry Coker a 0.0, the coaching seismometer would be gauging Turner Gill 's first season at Kansas as a solid 9.7 ... with it only missing out on the perfect 10 due to the Jayhawks' increasingly inexplicable Week 2 upset of Georgia Tech .

The rest of Gill's "results" to date? A touchdownless season-opening loss to FCS North Dakota State (after which the Bison's head coach suggested the Missouri Valley Conference would be too tough for KU), a non-competitive loss at C-USA's Southern Miss , and now back-to-back Big 12 losses (to Baylor and Kansas State , not exactly the league's heavyweights) by a combined 100 points. This debut campaign hasn't just been a red flag regarding Gill's long-term success at Kansas, it's been a giant red banner covering all of Lawrence like the orange draperies in that AT&T commercial that has Nick Drake spinning in his grave . (Ahem.)

But even if Gill's days at KU already look numbered, even instant fired-men-walking like Kragthorpe and Locksley got a second year. Surely, surely, Kansas wouldn't humiliate Gill -- one of the profession's truly nice guys, by virtually all accounts -- by pink-slipping him after just one season. But Omaha World-Herald columnist Lee Barfknecht says that nothing for Gill is guaranteed :

[Firing Gill] will be discussed — and I mean by KU decision-makers — for two reasons.

First, the topic is on the table after consecutive losses [to Baylor and K-State] ... The Jayhawks looked woefully ill-prepared and showed little effort in both games. Plus, Gill's postgame interviews were filled with long pauses and no concrete answers.

Second, Kansas is searching for a new athletic director. As abhorrent as it might seem, it is possible for those in charge to decide Gill's hiring was a mistake, end his term in November and allow the new A.D. to pick his own coach.

That is a bone-chilling scenario, but unfortunately it can't be dismissed.

Gill is getting pummeled nationally for his Victorian Era rules of no cell phones for players the 24 hours before a game and no female companionship after 10 p.m. every day.

That seems like three reasons rather than two, but you get the point. It's a long-held assumption that football players will deal with a "Victorian Era" approach to discipline like Gill's as long as it seems to be paying off in wins. If it's not, morale can go south in a hurry ... and though we're wading pretty deeply into rank speculation at this point, the Jayhawks' "effort" in the Baylor and Kansas State losses has to beg the question of whether Kansas's players are still buying what Gill is selling. If the new KU A.D. discovers that program morale is already past the point of no return, a first-year firing could be within the realm of plausibility.

That said, it remains extremely unlikely for a whole host of more convincing reasons than the "fire him now" reasons above. There's the inevitable public relations hit from pulling the trigger on a first-year coach (and an African-American coach at that, it has to be noted); the simple fact that Gill could turn things around, and by not doing anything to embarrass the program off the field a la former head coach/deplorable bully Mark Mangino , it's fair to say he's earned that chance; and perhaps most persuasively of all, there's Kansas's potential inability to buy Gill out of his contract this soon. After this year's $3 million ticket-scalping scandal, the $2 million to buy out disgraced former athletic director Lew Perkins (not to mention the millions spent paying Perkins' exorbitant salary ), and the cost of hiring a new A.D., the Jayhawk coffers can't exactly be overflowing in the current economy.

So if Gill doesn't wind up on the Kansas sidelines in 2011, it'll still be something of a shock. But that the plugged-in likes of Barfknecht can even suggest that he might not -- and that that suggestion has to be taken seriously -- should offer some indication of just how rocky things have already gotten for Gill in Lawrence.

Posted on: October 15, 2010 8:15 pm

Insane Predictions, Week 7

Posted by the College Football Blog Staff

Every season, every month, every week, there are several outcomes and achievements that, frankly, nobody operating within reason would ever predict. Who could have predicted Nebraska would beat Florida for the 1995 title by 38 points, or that Boise State would pull off three late trick plays to knock off Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, or that Les Miles would look like the endgame genius against Urban Meyer and Florida? Nobody... until now. We're going to try capture that lightning in a bottle by making similarly absurd predictions every week. Are they at all likely to come true? No. Do we even believe the words we're writing? No. But if we make even one correct call on these, we will never stop gloating. Ever.

Highly Unlikely

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore sprains his knee when he trips while running onto the field during pregame ceremonies, and all of a sudden, the Broncos must face San Jose State with a brand new quarterback. Boise coach Chris Peterson blames San Jose State and their groundskeeping for the mishap, and feeling untold amounts of shame, SJSU coach Mike MacIntyre forfeits the game. Moore recovers fully for the Broncos' next game, and Boise's march to a 12-0 regular season continues unabated. -- Adam Jacobi

As the closing seconds count down on the scoreboard at Ross-Ade Stadium, Tim Brewster looks up at it to see the final score: Purdue 37, Minnesota 13.  Knowing that these are probably the last few seconds that he'll spend on a sideline COMPETING and FIGHTING  with the Gophers, his emotions get the best of him.  Danny Hope begins to make his way to midfield to meet the coach, but instead Brewster bursts into tears and sprints off the field.  He then hides in a supply room deep within the bowels of the stadium, refusing to come out until eventually Minnesota AD Joel Maturi lures him out by promising he's not going to fire him.  Brewster then opens the door and comes out, his face red and blotchy, covered in tears.  "Really?" he asks Maturi.  "No, you're totally fired," says Maturi before kicking him in the groin. -- Tom Fornelli

Arizona's slide continues after falling to Oregon State despite getting some help from the replay officials.  This time, facing Washington State, the home officials give the Wildcats a taste of their own medicine and refuse to replay a game-winning touchdown that was actually an incomplete pass. Mike Stoops has no timeouts, and the Cougars quickly kick the extra point to pick up that elusive first conference win. It is later revealed that the replay official was Washington State alumnus Drew Bledsoe, who emerges from the booth in full Wazzu regalia and facepaint. The Pac-10 finds no fault in this. -- Chip Patterson

Severely Unlikely

With Texas trailing Nebraska 24-7 just before halftime, Mack Brown makes his way over to Colt McCoy who is watching the game from the sidelines.  "Listen, I need you to come to the locker room at halftime.  Give these boys a pep talk."  McCoy agrees, but Brown was lying.  Instead Brown locks Garrett Gilbert in a shed -- hey, it's popular in Texas -- and convinces McCoy to put on Gilbert's uniform.  McCoy then goes out and leads Texas to a comeback victory, finding James Kirkendoll for the game-winning touchdown with, you guessed it, one second left on the clock. -- Tom Fornelli

Michigan's defense pitches a shut out against Iowa. The Big House rocks as Denard Robinson totals 600 total yards of offense and the Wolverines bounce back from the loss to "Little Brother" with a performance for the ages as the Wolverines reclaim a spot in the Top 25 with a 48-0 win over the Hawkeyes. Adrian Clayborn, struck with grief, eats 400 cheeseburgers on the ride home and gives up on the NFL for a career in the lawn and garden industry. Turns out Clayborn is quite the green thumb. -- Chip Patterson

The Kansas football team shows up to an empty Memorial Stadium in Lawrence. Head coach Turner Gill and his Jayhawks were under the impression that their game would be played on Saturday, and thanks to various elaborate pranks by Kansas State fans, they had no idea that they had been scheduled to play on Thursday night. KSU coaches, upon finding out that Kansas had not appeared for the game, dressed their scout team in KU colors and had them put up token opposition. Somehow, they also had a scout team Turner Gill. The garbage-time touchdown Kansas State allowed to its double agents was a sublime touch. -- Adam Jacobi

Completely Ludicrous

McNeese State trots into Death Valley on Saturday night and shines under the lights. LSU quarterbacks Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson combine for an NCAA-record 11 interceptions, five of which are returned for touchdowns.  The other six picks are hideous arm-punts that prevent the Tigers from finding the end zone once. Patrick Peterson returns 4 kick offs for touchdowns, but LSU falls 35-28. -- Chip Patterson

Emboldened by reports that he was coaching with his job on the line, Tim Brewster leads his team to an emotional 35-34 victory over a frisky Purdue squad... then rips off five more wins to finish the season, culminating in a 55-0 revenge win over Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeyes at TCF Bank Stadium. Minnesota's 7-5 (6-2) record and a host of other conference losses among the rest of the Big Ten vault the Gophers into the Rose Bowl, making them the first five-loss team to earn a trip to Pasadena. A month before the game, Brewster announces that he's leaving the Gophers to coach his beloved Texas Longhorns; Mack Brown has retired, as expected, but the program was stunned when defensive coordinator (and presumptive next head coach) Will Muschamp pulled a simultaneous "sympathy retirement." The Gophers hire Mike Leach on the spot, and the new Pirate Gophers stun Oregon on January 1st, 45-31. -- Adam Jacobi

There's nothing out of the ordinary taking place in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night.  It's early in the fourth quarter and the Alabama Crimson Tide have a healthy 24-6 lead over the Rebels, but then suddenly a bright, white light can be seen in the sky.  Those who notice it assume that it's a comet or meteor passing by the planet, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger before everyone suddenly realizes it's coming right for them.  As it gets closer, it becomes clear that it is some kind of UFO, in fact, the space ship actually looks like a piece of fried calamari.   It lands at the 50-yard line, and out comes Admiral Ackbar.  Knowing immediately what's taking place, the new Ole Miss mascot makes a break for it before he is apprehended by members of the Rebel Alliance.  The Rebel Alliance then holds a trial on the field, determining whether or not the Bear shall live.  This does not please Nick Saban.  After a few minutes Saban walks briskly up to Admiral Ackbar, takes his gun, and executes the Bear himself before saying, "There.  NOW GET THE HELL OFF OF MY FIELD."  Ackbar and his soldiers sheepishly retreat to their ship and take off.  Not even the Rebel Alliance wants to mess with Nick Saban. -- Tom Fornelli

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