Posted on: June 20, 2011 12:19 pm
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The Situation causes a stir in East Lansing

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It turns out that Dave Brandon isn't the only athletic director in the state of Michigan who has had to deal with some fan backlash in recent days. It seems tradition and mascots are merely peanuts when it comes to reality television stars.

On Friday Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis tweeted that Jersey Shore "star" Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would be coming to a Michigan State game this season, and that he was a Spartans fan.

As you might expect, this caused quite a bit of backlash amongst Spartans fans that don't really want to be associated with The Situation or anybody who likes to spend their days tanning, drinking and fighting. So much so that Hollis had to get back on Twitter a little later to make sure that everyone understood that Sorrentino was coming to Spartan Stadium on his own, not as a guest of the school.

I also find Hollis' spelling of humorous to be humorous as well. As for The Situation, why he wants to attend a Michigan State game, I have no idea. 

Posted on: April 27, 2011 12:15 pm

Urban Meyer's daughter tired of OSU rumors

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It's only natural, really, that people would start speculating that if Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel were to be fired thanks to everything going on at Ohio State, that Urban Meyer might be the man to replace him. After all, Meyer isn't coaching anywhere at the moment, and while he may want to spend some time with his family, nobody thinks that he's retired from coaching. There's also the fact that Meyer is from Ohio and he had his first coaching job at Ohio State, which is where he also met his wife.

Meyer and his wife Shelley, who is also from Ohio, then went on to produce three children. One of whom is getting really sick and tired of people asking her about whether or not her father will be taking the Ohio State job.

There. That should put an end to all the speculation, right?

Posted on: April 19, 2011 1:33 pm

Twitter busted Georgia high school thieves

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Last week it was reported that somebody had stolen items that belonged to Georgia players from the football team's locker room. Things like iPods and iPhones, and other expensive stuff that we all need to have to get through the day to help us keep our mind off of doing other things like our jobs. Well, yesterday we found out that the thieves were a couple of area high schoolers who had been visiting the school in Carver Columbus High's Deion Bonner, Marquis Hawkins and another unnamed recruit.

After the arrests were made, Georgia's police chief Jimmy Williamson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Facebook was "a big help" in finding the perpetrators. Well, Williamson lied. Or, at least, he got his social networking sites confused. I present to you these screenshots of the Twitter page belonging to Bonner.

Now, being fluent in Twitter/text speak -- I got my doctorate from Oxford -- I can tell you that Bonner's tweets say he wants to sell these iPods, LAUGH OUT LOUD there's nothing wrong with the two he now possesses, and that he doesn't know, it has 8 gigabytes of memory.

Of course, it doesn't take a doctorate from Oxford to know that if you were recently in a locker room that had stuff stolen from it, which makes you a suspect, don't go trying to sell the stuff on Twitter. No, that only takes common sense. Not that you should be stealing stuff in the first place, but if you're going to, don't be an idiot about it.

The more you know, kids. The more you know.

Posted on: March 22, 2011 12:19 pm
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Bob Stoops cracking down on Twitter

Posted by Tom Fornelli

As a blogger, I absolutely love Twitter. It's a great way for me to keep track of stories to write about, and also discuss those stories with others. It's also a great way to waste some time talking about stupid things with friends. If I were a head coach, though, I could see why Twitter could be a huge headache. Yes, at most college football programs, players are trained on how to deal with the media, and taught to measure their words before they say them. On Twitter, however, there is no filter between a player's mind and his fingertips, which could lead to trouble.

Which a few Oklahoma players have run in to the last year or so. There was Jaz Reynolds joking about a shooting at Texas last season, and in general, it's a great way for other teams to get some nice bulletin board material. Many head coaches around the country have banned players from using it, and while he hasn't gone that far yet, Bob Stoops plans on implementing a Twitter policy with his team.

“Guys that don't know what they're doing need to have it taken away,” Stoops told The Oklahoman.

“It's hard to believe they don't get it. They still think they're at East Handkerchief High School, where no one cares. And that's not the case.”

Of course, while he hasn't completely banned his players from using Twitter yet, it seems that it would be right around the corner. While he implements this policy with his players, it's not hard to imagine that the second somebody slips up on Twitter and says something they shouldn't, Stoops is going to just take it away from them.

And when he does, I'll likely tweet a smart-assed comment about it.
Posted on: January 24, 2011 1:51 pm

ND's Ruffer gets his scholarship

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It seems that Notre Dame players can get whatever they want just by chanting it. Following the Irish's win over Miami in the Sun Bowl, players chanted "one more year" as Michael Floyd accepted his MVP award following the game. Floyd will be coming back to South Bend for his senior season. Then, when it was kicker David Ruffer's turn, the players began chanting "shol-ar-ship." Ruffer, who set the school record with 23 consecutive field goals, was a walk on at Notre Dame, paying his own way through school.

He's not going to have to do that anymore. Over the weekend at a Notre Dame awards banquet, head coach Brian Kelly announced that Ruffer would be placed on scholarship during his fifth year at Notre Dame. Ruffer wasn't available for comment about it this weekend, but he did turn to Twitter.

Now that Ruffer is on scholarship, that means Notre Dame will now have four kickers or punters on scholarship in 2011. Which seems like too many, but it makes more sense than making the best of that bunch pay his own way.
Posted on: January 10, 2011 5:16 pm
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Join us for tonight's game

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Tonight is a bittersweet evening for us here at the College Football Blog.  On the surface, we're all extremely excited for the title game between Auburn and Oregon tonight.  No matter how you feel about the BCS and the way that college football settles things, it's hard to argue that the matchup between these two teams isn't as good as it will get in college football this season.

Underneath all of that, though, remains one rather depressing fact. After tonight, we don't have any more college football games for nearly nine months.  That's an entire pregnancy.  That's right, an entire living human can be conceived and formed in the time that will pass before you get to see your favorite schools line up on a Saturday afternoon again.

Still, we'll deal with that crippling withdrawal when we have to.  For now, we soldier on and look forward to the legends that tonight will bring.  No matter where you're watching the game, just know that the boys and I will have you covered.  If you like, you can join me, Tom Fornelli, over on our Facebook page as I'll be holding a live chat throughout the game.  If Twitter is more your thing, then follow our Twitter account (@CBSSportsNCAAF) where Adam Jacobi will be making observations about what he sees.  Or, if the social media thing just isn't your scene, you can stay right here on the blog.  Chip Patterson will have live updates here on the site all night long.

So join us tonight as we celebrate the culmination of what has been our first season here with you at CBSSports.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, and in the end, you'll know that no matter what happens, you're a better person for just being there.  Or you'll just have spent a few hours watching a great football game.  Whatever you prefer.  Just join us, won't you?
Posted on: December 3, 2010 6:48 pm

Navy athletic staffer shoots down Minnesota rumor

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Earlier today, some rumors started floating that Minnesota had interviewed Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo and considered him a finalist for the Gophers' head coaching spot. Unsurprisingly, the rumors were started by Tom Dienhart , who -- and we don't mean this as pejoratively as it probably sounds -- does this sort of thing a lot.

Well, Navy associate SID Scott Strasemeier is on Twitter, and caught wind of Dienhart's reporting. Hilarity, as they say, ensued.

"Tom, this is not true," Strasemeier replied to Dienhart. "Coach Niumatalolo has not interviewed with Minnesota nor have we been contacted for permission."

This isn't the first time that one of Dienhart's rumors has been shot down by a school official on Twitter; just last week, Dienhart's rumor about Rich Rodriguez 's imminent firing was dismissed by Michigan AD Dave Brandon in a tweet, although it's debatable whether RichRod did himself any favors on that front yesterday.

Still, between this and the Jon Gruden follies from earlier this week, it's demonstrably important to take any rumors of coaching hires or interviews with a grain of salt -- provided that grain is the size of an ottoman. Besides, if the school's conducting its business properly, its new coach's name won't be floated until the hiring's announced.

Posted on: October 19, 2010 3:44 pm

Randall Cobb is sorry, everybody

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Following an upset win over South Carolina on Saturday, Kentucky wideout Randall Cobb went to his Twitter account and went off on Kentucky fans for what he deemed a lack of support.   Cobb said that he enjoyed hearing the crowd tell the Wildcats they sucked and that they couldn't even fill the stands with a top-ten team in town, before letting them know that basketball season was just around the corner.

Except he said it with worse grammar.

Well, now that he's had a few days to think about it -- also known as getting yelled at by his coach and talked to by the school's pr department -- Randall has seen the error of his ways and issued an apology on Tuesday afternoon.

“First off," Cobb told reporters . "I just want to start off by saying I made a mistake. I did. I messed up. I take blame for everything I said. I know I was wrong. I was wrong for the fact that I took a small percentage of our fan base and lumped them all as one and made it all whole. That’s not how our fans are. 99 percent of our fans are great fans. And they know that. They’ve been there supporting us throughout the years. I took a small chunk and made it something big, and I can’t do that. I made a mistake, I’m a man, I admit my mistake and I just want to let everybody know that I’m sorry and I hope they can forgive me.”

While saying he's sorry is a great first step, I think if Cobb really wants to win the fans back he should take them out to Red Lobster for some cheesy biscuits.

As for whether or not Kentucky head coach Joker Phillips plans on instituting a no-Twitter policy, the coach said he has no plans to do so.  According to Phillips, it's fine if the players tweet, but that they have to "be smart about it."
Hat tip: CFT
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