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Posted on: September 22, 2010 4:59 pm

WVU's Brandon Hogan is back with the team

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The West Virginia Mountaineers suspended cornerback Brandon Hogan indefinitely following his DUI arrest on September 12, and it turns out that indefinite is another word for a week.  Hogan is back with the Mountaineers and practicing this week as the team prepares to head south to take on LSU on Saturday night, though whether or not they'll have Hogan with them remains in question.

Bill Stewart says that while Hogan is back and practicing, that doesn't mean he's going to be playing on Saturday.
"Brandon Hogan is in an evaluation period by me," Stewart said. "He is going to practice, that's his status. ... I will watch him work. He is undergoing, right now, the exact same formula that any student who has any problems [goes through] by the student judicial affairs committee.

"I don't know if he will play this week, and I don't know if he won't play this week. If he is to play this week, he will have earned the right to play, according to my standards, and my standards alone."
Stewart says he won't make a decision on Hogan until Saturday.  Though odds are that Hogan is going to play, or else he wouldn't be practicing.  Hogan was replaced by sophomore Pat Miller in West Virginia's 31-17 win against Maryland last week, and both of Maryland's touchdowns came at the expense of Miller.

Once on a 60-yard pass, and another on an 80-yard pass.  So unless Hogan decides to get drunk and go for a ride between now and Saturday, you can bet he'll be on the field this week.
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