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Posted on: October 26, 2010 12:40 pm
Edited on: October 26, 2010 12:42 pm

Jerrod Johnson's reign of terror appears over

Posted by Tom Fornelli

During a 45-10 win over Kansas last week, Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson became the Aggies all-time leader in total offense while splitting time with fellow quarterback Ryan Tannehill.   Something that should be of some consolation for a quarterback who has failed to meet the expectations placed on him before the season started.

What kind of reward will Johnson be getting for this feat?  Well, it looks like he's going to lose his job.

Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman won't come out and say it just yet, but from the sounds of it, Tannehill will be starting for the Aggies when they take on Texas Tech this weekend.

"We'll play it by ear. It's too early in the week to make that decision when I don't have to," Sherman told the Dallas Morning News . "I have two really good quarterbacks."

Sherman also went on to say that the Aggies would need both quarterbacks, but if I understand my coach speak, I believe what Sherman is saying is that Tannehill is going to start.  Generally when there's a question at quarterback, if the starter will remain the starter, a coach says that his starter is still his starter.

When he starts implying that he hasn't made his decision yet, that just means he's made his decision and he's trying to protect his former starter for as long as possible.  So, to me, it looks pretty clear that Tannehill will be starting against Texas Tech.  Which is a decision that Sherman probably should have made a few weeks ago.

Posted on: October 16, 2010 1:53 pm

Mike Sherman may want to consider running more

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Texas A&M Aggies trail Missouri 16-0 at halftime, but they're lucky that there are no negative points in college football because if there were, they'd surely qualify.  The good news for the Aggies is that Jerrod Johnson hasn't thrown any interceptions or fumbled in the first half.  The bad news for the Aggies is that he's still Jerrod Johnson.

Johnson has completed only 7-of-21 passes for 83 yards in the first half.  Which means that over his last six quarters of play, Johnson has thrown 61 passes and completed 22 of them.  Now while some of the blame can be laid with his receivers -- Ryan Tannehill dropped what should have been a touchdown late in the second quarter -- the overwhelming majority of it lies with Johnson.

The very next play following the dropped touchdown, Johnson had Tannehill wide open and overthrew him by about ten yards.  The Aggies then went for it on fourth down, and Johnson dropped back before overthrowing his receiver by a good 20 yards.  In fact, the closest person to the pass was a water boy on the Missouri sideline.

Now, the Aggies don't have much depth at quarterback on the roster.  The backup is actually Tannehill, who has completed 3-of-4 passes this season, so I wouldn't blame Mike Sherman if he doesn't want to replace Johnson under center.

But for the love of god, man, call some more run plays.  There is no reason for Christine Michael to only have six carries in the first half when the passing game is as abysmal as it has been.
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