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Alabama suspends Brandon Moore

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Alabama faces the not-so-easy task of replacing behemoth Marcell Dareus on its defensive line in 2011, and so far spring practice isn't doing much to help the Tide find a replacement. Last week Kerry Murphy suffered a knee injury that will cost him the chance to play and compete this spring, and on Saturday night Nick Saban announced another defensive lineman will be on the sidelines for a while.

Saban told reporters on Saturday night that defensive end Brandon Moore has been suspended indefinitely for that old standby, a violation of team rules and policy. Saban didn't make it sound like Moore would be back within a couple of days, either.

"That's indefinite," said the coach. "We don't know what's happening there."

Moore isn't the first member of the Tide defense to be suspended this spring, as cornerback Robby Green was suspended last Monday for violating team rules as well. 

Moore played in four games as a freshman in 2010, making three tackles.
Posted on: March 23, 2011 12:31 pm

Notre Dame makes Michael Floyd disappear

Posted by Tom Fornelli

There's been a lot of teeth gnashing in South Bend since the news of Michael Floyd was arrested for an OWI early Sunday morning, his second alcohol related problem with the law in 15 months. Sure, the first time was just a citation for underage drinking, but it didn't help Floyd's case, as he was quickly suspended indefinitely by head coach Brian Kelly.

Given that it's Floyd's second offense, there are plenty of Notre Dame fans losing sleep over the possibility of Floyd being booted off the team, and out of school altogether. Notre Dame has a history of making some decisions, and considering that Floyd is one of the best wide receivers in the country, and already holds the school records for career touchdown catches, it's easy to see why fans would worry. Losing Floyd would be a huge blow to the Notre Dame offense.

Now, while the school hasn't given any indication on how long Floyd's suspension will last, or any other information about its plans since the news surfaced, it gave a strong indication to the world on Tuesday. That's when the school released its 13-page spring prospectus to the media, and the only area where Michael Floyd's name was listed is a bad omen.

You couldn't find Floyd on the roster or in the wide receiver position preview. No, if you wanted to see his name, you had to go to the section that gives an overview of the talent lost from 2010. In other words, the only way the school feels like referring to Floyd at the moment is as a former player.

Now, this doesn't mean that Floyd's time in South Bend is over. I'm sure if Brian Kelly had the final say in the matter, Floyd would sit out this spring, then miss a game or two and rejoin the team. Unfortunately for Kelly, the final decision will rest with the school's Residence Life board. While the ResLife board has shown some leniency in recent years with player transgressions, it also has a history of showing no mercy to players for offenses that hardly cause people to blink at some other schools around the country. Particularly with repeat offenders.

So if you are a Notre Dame fan who has been losing sleep over this, I wouldn't expect to get a full eight hours anytime soon.
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Tennessee reinstates Brent Brewer

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While one person on Tennessee's campus was losing his job on Monday, on the Tennessee football team, a player was getting a second chance. Five weeks after the Vols suspended Brent Brewer following a domestic assault charge in February, head coach Derek Dooley announced on Monday that Brewer had been reinstated to the team.

"He has served a five-week suspension from all team activities," Dooley told the Times Free Press. "There's still some other internal disciplinary measure that are taken. It was a learning lesson for Brent, a learning lesson for all the members of our team (and) it was very unfortunate what happened."

Which is good news for both Brewer and Tennessee, as the team has been without its two starting safeties for the last month. Though the absence of free safety Janzen Jackson has been due to his withdrawing from the school for personal reasons. Dooley also took some time to address Jackson's current situation.

"He seems to be managing his life well right now. (He's) on pace to come back, but that's day to day and month to month."

Posted on: March 18, 2011 11:24 am

Report: Six Canes to be suspended for opener

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Over the weekend there were rumors coming out of Coral Gables that Miami offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson had been suspended for the team's season opener against Maryland, and that Henderson was preparing to transfer. Well, Al Golden and Henderson's father went out of their way to make it clear that he would not be transferring, but Golden did not address the suspension rumors, which seemed a bit strange.

Now we know why, as there are now reports out of southern Florida that not only will Henderson be suspended for the Maryland game, but five more of his teammates will be joining him.
According to two anonymous sources, Henderson, RB Storm Johnson, LB Kelvin Cain, DB Keion Payne, DL Dyron Dye and DB Devont'a Davis will all be spending the season opener on the sideline. The report says that the suspensions are not academic related, and that all six broke team rules.

Al Golden has not commented on the story, as he's on vacation this week with the rest of his players, as Miami is on spring break.
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Stephen Garcia suspended for spring practice

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Spring practice began at South Carolina on Tuesday, and it seems that the Gamecocks are beginning their SEC East title defense without the quarterback that helped lead them to the SEC Championship game last December. Stephen Garcia was not at practice on Tuesday, as it seems he has been suspended for the nefarious "violation of team rules" by head coach Steve Spurrier.
Garcia has been suspended for the start of spring practice for a violation of team rules, a source with knowledge of the situation told The State. Garcia, a senior who is trying to hold off sophomore Connor Shaw this spring, could return to the team in time for Saturday’s scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium.
Coach Steve Spurrier is expected to be available for comment following today’s practice.
It has been confirmed that Garcia's suspension will last at least a week.

As for what those team rules were, we can't be entirely sure, though we do have an idea. There were reports earlier this month that Garcia, during the week of South Carolina's appearance in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl against Florida State, held himself quite a party in his hotel room. According to the story, when his coaches found out about the party, they forced him to run off his hangover on a treadmill and thought about suspending him for the game, or at least holding him out for a series.

The suspension never happened, but Garcia did go on to have a rather terrible game for the Gamecocks.

Whether that story is true, or is the cause of this suspension, nobody knows yet, and we probably never will. What we do know is that this isn't the first time Stephen Garcia has been suspended for a spring practice, and that Spurrier has made no secret of the fact that Connor Shaw is going to have a chance to earn the starting job this spring. Being suspended isn't the best way for Garcia to hold on to it.
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Seantrel Henderson not transferring, suspended?

Posted by Tom Fornelli

There have been a lot of rumors involving Miami offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson floating through Miami and Coral Gables in the last few days. According to InsidetheU.com, Henderson has been suspended for Miami's season opener against Maryland in 2011. Then there are the rumors that Henderson is thinking about transferring from the school.

Which wouldn't be the first time Henderson changed his mind about his school, after all. One of the most highly rated recruits of the 2010 class, Henderson originally announced a commitment to USC on signing day in 2010, but did not sign his letter of intent. He wanted to wait and see about the sanctions that would be hitting USC before signing, and then eventually chose to go to Miami.

One of the biggest reasons Henderson chose Miami was head coach Randy Shannon, who has since been fired and replaced by Al Golden. And that's where the Henderson transfer rumors grew from. Rumors which have now been denied by both Henderson and Al Golden.

More Miami

“Seantrel has every intention of remaining with the University of Miami and our football program,’’ Golden said in a written statement. “It is disappointing that individuals are taking the liberty to hypothesize on his future. He is coming off a strong finish to off-season workouts, rotated with the first team on Thursday and is well respected and liked by his teammates. Seantrel is growing into a leader, loves the game and cares deeply about being a part of the Miami Hurricane family.’’

“I am committed to my teammates, coaches and the championship goals we are chasing at the University of Miami," said Henderson in his statement. "I have no desire to play anywhere but at the U.”

Of course, while that settles the transfer rumors, you'll notice Al Golden said nothing about any possible suspension. Though according to Seantrel's father, Sean, neither he or his son have been informed of any suspension.
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Jim Tressel fined $250k, suspended 2 games

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Shortly before a press conference on Tuesday night, Ohio State announced some self-imposed penalties on head coach Jim Tressel in regards to Tressel's knowing about six Ohio State players selling memorabilia eight months before the school reported the case to the NCAA. Tressel will be fined $250,000 and suspended for the first two games of the 2011 season against Akron and Toledo.

Along with those penalties, Tressel will also be required to attend a 2011 NCAA Regional Rules seminar before September, and must review the "Protocol of Reporting Violations and bylaw 10.1 with the entire Ohio State staff on a quarterly basis through 2012.

Of course, these are just the penalties that Ohio State is imposing on Tressel, though the school said it has no plans on firing him -- in fact, President Gordon Gee said he's more worried Tressel would fire him -- and Tressel said at no time did the thought of resigning cross his mind. Still, the NCAA and possibly the Big Ten are yet to weigh in on the case. 

It's entirely possible that if/when they do, Tressel's punishment will be much more severe than what Ohio State has imposed.

As for the press conference, Tressel, Gee and athletic director Gene Smith said quite a bit without saying much of anything. The trio also refused to answer a lot of questions claiming that since the case was ongoing, they couldn't comment. Which, in the realm of public opinion, won't do Ohio State any favors.
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Report: Tressel knew of violations in April

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Remember last December when there was all the hullabaloo about five Ohio State Buckeyes selling memorabilia to Edward Rife, the owner of a tattoo parlor in Columbus? Remember how everyone was all up in arms about those five Buckeyes all being allowed to play against Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, and not having to begin serving their suspensions until next season?

Man, those were some crazy times. Thank goodness we don't have to deal with any of that mess anymore. Oh, wait. Yes, it appears we do. According to a Yahoo! sports report, Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel knew what his players were up to in April of last year. A good eight months before Ohio State told the NCAA it knew of the situation.
Ohio State coach Jim Tressel was informed that several Buckeyes players were selling memorabilia more than eight months before the school claims it was made aware of the scheme, a two-month Yahoo! Sports investigation has found.
Tressel received information that players were selling items to Edward Rife – the owner of Fine Line Ink Tattoos in Columbus – as early as April 2010, according to a source. However, neither Ohio State nor the NCAA investigated the transactions or the players’ relationship with Rife until December 2010, when the school claims it was informed of the situation by the local United States Attorney’s office.
Ohio State director of compliance Doug Archie declined immediate comment when reached Monday by Yahoo! Sports. Tressel and athletic director Gene Smith were unavailable for comment. The NCAA declined comment.
If this is true, then both Tressel and Ohio State could be in a lot more trouble. Tressel could be charged with all sorts of violations, including unethical conduct and failure to monitor and promote an atmosphere of compliance. Just imagine the fun Michigan fans would have with that following the beating they took with the whole Rich Rodriguez investigation.

In fact, things could be so bad for Tressel if this is true, that failing to report what he knew right away could result in his termination. As is detailed in section 5.1 of his contract which says that failure to report "any violations" could lead to "termination by Ohio State for cause." There's no way to know if things will go that far.

Still, if this report turns out to be true, and the NCAA comes down hard on Ohio State -- though with the decisions the NCAA has made lately, who knows where they'll come down on this -- it's not entirely out of the question. It's going to be an interesting spring for Tressel and the Buckeyes, that's for sure.
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