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Posted on: December 23, 2010 12:37 pm

Get your Gold Pants on eBay

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier today it was announced that five Ohio State players had been suspended for selling awards and receiving discounts on tattoos.  The players, including Terrelle Pryor, have been suspended for five games in the 2011 season.  Some of the things Pryor sold included his 2008 Big Ten championship ring, his 2009 Fiesta Bowl sportsmanship award and the Gold Pants he received in 2008.

Gold Pants are an award given to Ohio State players by the school for beating Michigan.  Of course, as it turns out, Pryor isn't the only former Buckeye trying to trade that gold in for some cash.  Why, if you want you're own pair, all you have to do is hit up eBay.

Now, obviously, these are from 1967.  But, still, you can buy them.  I don't think this particular player will be suspended or told to give the proceeds to charity.  So buy without guilt!
Posted on: December 23, 2010 12:13 pm

Ohio State players suspended for 5 games in 2011

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Here's the good news for Ohio State: none of the players involved in the NCAA violations the school was investigating will be suspended for the Sugar Bowl.  The bad news is that Ohio State's chances at getting back to a BCS bowl in 2011 took quite a hit on Thursday, as according to an NCAA release, five players have been suspended for five games in 2011.

Including quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  The other four players suspended are RB Dan Herron, WR DeVier Posey, OT Mike Adams and DE Solomon Thomas.

The reports first surfaced earlier this week saying that the players had received free tattoos in exchange for autographs, but it seems the players went a bit further than that.  They did pay for the tattoos, it's just they apparently sold trophies and rings to get them.  According to the release, Pryor has to repay $2,500 for selling his 2008 Big Ten championship ring, his 2009 Fiesta Bowl sportsmanship award and 2008 gold pants.

Dan Herron must pay back $1,150 for selling his jersey, pants and shoes for $1,000 and receiving $150 in "discounted services."  Posey owes $1,250 for selling his 2008 Big Ten ring for $1,200 and another $50 for those "discounted services."

All the payments will be made to charities.

“We were not as explicit with our student-athlete education as we should have been in the 2007-08 and 2008-09 academic years regarding the sale of apparel, awards and gifts issued by the athletics department,” said athletic director Gene Smith in the release. “We began to significantly improve our education in November of 2009 to address these issues. After going through this experience, we will further enhance our education for all our student-athletes as we move forward.” 

Another player, Jordan Whiting, was also suspended next season, but only for a game and he must repay $150 to charity.
Posted on: December 15, 2010 3:01 pm

Fresno State suspends 3 players for bowl game

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It looks like Fresno State will be short three players this weekend when it heads to Boise to take on Northern Illinois in the Humanitarian Bowl this Saturday.  The school announced on Wednesday that it had suspended three players, being kind enough to wait until after I'd written and published my Humanitarian Bowl preview.

Of the three suspensions, only linebacker Kyle Knox is a starter for the Bulldogs. The other two players are wide receiver Matt Lindsey and backup linebacker Daniel Salinas.

"Our student-athletes know and understand our rules and regulations," said Fresno State head coach Pat Hill said in a news release. "And those who don't abide by the rules will not be permitted to participate."

What those rules were, as is usually the case, were not released by the school.  

As for how these suspensions will impact Fresno, Knox's loss will likely be felt.  The junior has started all three seasons he's been at the school, and was second on the team in tackles this season with 74.  Considering that the Bulldogs have already been pretty soft against the run this season, not having Knox around against a read option team like Northern Illinois could cause even more problems.
Posted on: December 11, 2010 1:32 pm

Kentucky suspends Hartline for Compass Bowl

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Well, something tells me this isn't how Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline saw his collegiate career coming to an end, but he made his bed, and now he'll be lying in it instead of playing in a bowl game.  Hartline was arrested early Friday morning for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and failure to notify the department of transportation on an address change.  Now, a day later, his head coach announced that he'll be suspending Hartline -- a fifth year senior -- for Kentucky's appearance against Pitt in the BBVA Compass Bowl.

"Mike Hartline has had a good record here, conduct-wise, and I regret this," Joker Phillips told the media after practice on Saturday. "I regret that this happened, but it did. I really hate that it happened because of what he's done for us this year in leading this program to our fifth-straight bowl. He's done a great job at that, but we have clear expectations our players, how we want them to act, how we want them to behave."

Phillips also said that Hartline will be allowed to be with the team in Birmingham for the bowl game if he wants to go.

As for who will replace Hartline, who has started all 12 Kentucky games at quarterback this season, it looks like the job will go to sophomore Morgan Newton.  
Posted on: November 29, 2010 11:34 am
Edited on: November 29, 2010 12:53 pm

Cal suspends assistant for fake injury strategy

Posted by Tom Fornelli

There was a whole lot of uproar and outrage coming from the Pacific Northwest following Oregon's win over Cal a few weeks ago, as there was plenty of evidence that Cal players were faking injuries on defense in an attempt to slow the Oregon offense down during the Ducks' 15-13 win on November 13. It was rather obvious in this video that a Cal defensive lineman wasn't really hurt when he went down, unless a sniper in the crowd shot him in the leg with a BB gun.

Well, head coach Jeff Tedford denied it at first, but now it seems that the head coach has changed his tune.  Cal suspended defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi over the weekend for being the mastermind behind the evil plot.

"This is a young coach who made a mistake. We make mistakes in life a lot," said Cal AD Sandy Barbour in a statement. "He stood up and he accepted responsibility for it. The head coach accepted responsibility for it and I accepted responsibility for it. That's what we do as educators."

While Lupoi may have fallen on his sword, Tedford has no plans on firing him.

"I respect him a great deal," Tedford said. "In the heat of the battle and trying to get a substitution in, he used poor judgment. That's no reflection on his character whatsoever or his love for Cal and the program. ... He's a great football coach. A mistake was made. I'm sure we'll learn from it as a whole. We will make sure that we stand for the right things and move forward."

Yes, I'm sure Tedford and his coaching staff will learn from it in the future.  Next year, they'll make sure that their players know to fake the injury before being sent out there, instead of waiting for a signal from a rogue coach on the sideline.  Whom I'm sure was acting alone.
Posted on: November 15, 2010 12:11 pm

Auburn awaits word on its pugilists

Posted by Tom Fornelli

While Auburn was able to bounce back from an early deficit and overcome all the distractions of the previous week against Georgia on Saturday, things did get a bit chippy at the end of the game.  It all started with what many felt was a cheap shot by Auburn defensive tackle/eater of souls Nick Fairley on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.   A hit that now has Murray's status this weekend in question.   In the closing minutes, with the game already decided, there was plenty of pushing and shoving by both teams, but only two players threw punches.

Auburn's Mike Blanc and Michael Goggans were ejected on consecutive plays for throwing a punch, and the SEC rules are pretty clear about what happens when you do that.  Not only are you ejected from the current game, but you're forced to sit out the first half of your team's next game.  In Auburn's case, that would be the Iron Bowl against Alabama in two weeks, which is a pretty important one for the Tigers seeing as how they'd like to stay undefeated.

Well, it seems that Gene Chizik is holding out hope that he might have both of his players available, though he'll have to talk to the SEC about it first.

"I'm not going to really comment on that," Chizik said on Sunday. "We're going to talk to the SEC [Monday] and we're going to figure exactly what their status is at that point.

"The SEC reviews every situation, penalty-wise, that is reviewable or brought to their attention. We haven't talked with anybody. We know what happened [Saturday]. We're just going to reserve all comment until we really get some clarification on exactly what the status of those guys will be. I haven't had that opportunity yet."

Now it's possible that the Tigers could appeal the ruling, and have the punishment delayed, but I don't see how having either player suspended for the first half of the SEC Championship is any better.  Besides, I'm not sure what there is to appeal.  The rules are pretty clear, and there's video evidence of both players throwing the punches.
Posted on: November 11, 2010 12:09 pm

Jackson State coach suspended for tirade

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You know, if I were a head coach of a college football team, and I just lost a game, a sideline reporter would probably be the last thing I want in my face.  I'm pretty competitive, and the truth is, when I lose, I get angry.  So I wouldn't want Erin Andrews sticking a microphone in my face and asking questions because, odds are, I would say something I shouldn't say on television and get in trouble.

So I can relate to Jackson State coach Rick Comegy.   Following a loss to Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Saturday night, Comegy had such an interaction with a sideline reporter, and he went off on the officials.  Because of it, he now finds himself suspended for one game by the SWAC.  What did Comegy say?

It's time to play Mad Libs with Rick Comegy!

"I thought they (expletive) cheated that game," Comegy said. "They took that (expletive) game away from these (expletive) kids. That's what the (expletive) I've got to say."

Just in case you can't figure out what the correct expletives were, you can listen to Comegy's mini-tirade right here .

Comegy's team was penalized 17 times for 143 yards in the game, which no doubt played a role in the team's loss, and knocked them out of first place in the SWAC East division.

Photo courtesy of the Clarion Ledger

Posted on: October 26, 2010 1:37 pm
Edited on: October 26, 2010 1:43 pm

SEC joins helmet-to-helmet crusade

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The biggest story in the NFL over the past couple of weeks -- and as many would argue as the health risks become clearer and clearer, the league's biggest story for the coming decade -- has been the sudden rash of vicious helmet-to-helmet hits and Roger Goodell 's subsequent crackdown on the perpetrators via suspension.

As connected at the hip as major college football and the NFL have been for years, it's no wonder that it's only taken a matter of days for the anti-helmet-to-helmet crusade to trickle down to the college ranks. First conference up is the SEC , and the first (Second, rather; see below--ed. ) player suspended is ... drumroll please ... courtesy of the Clarion-Ledger 's Brandon Marcello ...

Mississippi State 's Chris Hughes ! It's not exactly a blow to the Bulldogs' chances against Kentucky this weekend (Hughes is a freshman backup who ranks 26th on State's roster in tackles this season) but that the SEC stepped in this quickly, and following a game where State's opponent came from outside the conference, shows that the league is making some level of commitment to cleaning up any wayward headhunting.

Of course, it's also easy to make that commitment in the wake of the NFL's high-profile decisions, and even easier to pick out an obscure backup linebacker at Mississippi State for punishment. When the SEC suspends one if its all-conference performers for a game with a divisonal title on the line, that's when we'll know their statement on player safety is serious.

UPDATE: Hughes is actually the second player suspended by the SEC in the past four days; South Carolina 's Rodney Paulk missed the first half of the Gamecocks' win over Vanderbilt after a last-minute decision from the league office.

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