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Posted on: June 10, 2011 1:34 pm

Michigan's Stonum gets two years probation

Posted by Tom Fornelli

In May Michigan suspended wide receiver Darryl Stonum after he was arrested for drunk driving. It was the third time Stonum had been in trouble with the law since coming to Michigan. While Stonum has yet to be reinstated to the team by Brady Hoke, he has had his day in court, and Stonum was sentenced to two years probation with a suspended sentence of one year in prison.

What that means, essentially, is that while Stonum doesn't have to serve any time in prison, if he violates the terms of his probation he may find himself behind bars for a year.

Stonum was arrested by university police on May 6th after being pulled over and having a blood-alcohol level of 0.11. He had previously found himself in trouble during his freshman season in 2008 when he was charged with operating a vehicle while visibly impaired. Stonum then spent three nights in jail last July after multiple probation violations.

Under the terms of his latest sentence, Stonum must submit to daily breathalyzer tests, random drug tests and is not allowed to drive for 45 days.

In three seasons at Michigan Stonum has 76 receptions for 1,008 yards and 6 touchdowns. 

Posted on: June 7, 2011 1:21 pm

Clemson suspends Joe Craig indefinitely

Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Saturday we told you about Clemson wide receiver Joe Craig and his altercation with track teammate Marlena Wesh. To recap, Craig showed up at Welsh's dorm room with a silver towel rod, where he then hit Welsh multiple times with the towel road according to the police report. Wesh, in return, apparently cut Craig's arm with a razor blade. Neither party decided to press charges, but Craig was suspended from the track team. If Craig was planning on spending his free time working out with the football team, he's now going to have to make new plans.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney announced on Tuesday that, due to the incident, Craig has been suspended indefinitely from the football team.

“Joe Craig has been suspended from the football team for the summer workout period,” Swinney said in a statement. “Because this is a serious on-campus student issue, there is a process that he will have to go through from a university standpoint. I respect the process and will fully support whatever the university decides to do.

“We will react from a football standpoint after that process has run its course, but I cannot comment any further at this time on the details of this specific issue.” 

Posted on: June 3, 2011 12:27 pm
Edited on: June 3, 2011 12:53 pm

Clemson WR allegedly attacks track teammate

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Clemson wide receiver Joe Craig was suspended from the Clemson track team for an undisclosed violation of team rules for an incident on May 22nd, and we now know the details behind his suspension. His female teammate on the track team, Marlena Wesh, was also suspended from the team. According to a report from OrangeandWhite.com's Greg Wallace, there was a rather violent and bloody confrontation between the two.

University police were called to Clemson House just after midnight after a resident witnessed Craig and another female, identified as his girlfriend, go down a hallway toward Wesh’s room.

Craig repeatedly banged on the door with a silver towel rod, leaving marks on it.

When police arrived, they witnessed Wesh emerge from an elevator on the ground floor, bleeding from her head and “screaming and hysterical.”

Craig was found in a silver Chevy Impala parked outside. According to the report, he was “bleeding profusely from his left triceps area,” and an officer tied his shirt around the wound until EMS personnel arrived.

The police report said that Wesh was "fearful for her safety" but that she opened her door to cut Craig with an eyebrow razor with a serrated blade. Craig then responded by hitting Wesh in the forehead and continued hitting her while she was on the ground. The police report also said that there was a bloody handprint on the door, and that blood was "spattered all the way down the hall to the elevator." The two teammates were then taken to a local hospital where they received treatment for their wounds, and neither pressed charges against the other.

As of now, no further action has been taken against Craig by Dabo Swinney and the football team. Craig did not have a single reception during his freshman season with the football team.

Posted on: May 25, 2011 2:22 pm

Toledo DE charged with assault

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Toledo defensive end Damien McIntosh has been arrested resulting from an incident on Friday. McIntosh was charged with felonius assault after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend. According to a report in the Toledo Blade, McIntosh began punching his girlfriend while the two were in a car.

According to the complaint, McIntosh, of 3711 Willow Run Dr., was a passenger in a car driven by Christina Tomusko and is accused of punching her in the face with a closed fist several times. Tomusko suffered nasal fractures, facial contusions and minor head injuries, according to the complaint.

McIntosh is currently being held at the Lucas County jail on $25,000 bond and has a court date set for June 2nd.

Toledo has not issued a statement regarding McIntosh's arrest, though I'd like to believe that if McIntosh was actually punching his girlfriend in the face multiple times and breaking her nose, he won't ever be playing another down of football in a Rockets uniform -- or any uniform -- ever again.

Photo courtesy of The Toledo Blade 

Posted on: May 25, 2011 1:09 am
Edited on: May 25, 2011 1:10 am

Report: Holgorsen finds trouble at casino

Posted by Tom Fornelli

West Virginia is looking into an "alleged incident" involving offensive coordinator and head coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen. According to a report in the Charleston Daily Mail, Holgorsen had to be escorted out of the Mardi Gras Casino and Resort by security early in the morning of May 18th.

Multiple sources told the Charleston Daily Mail Holgorsen was removed from Mardi Gras Casino & Resort after 3 a.m. May 18. Holgorsen had been at a Mountaineer Athletic Club function earlier in the day in Logan before spending the evening at the casino with other university representatives.

In a statement released late Tuesday night, Michael Fragale, the assistant athletic director for communications, said, "Athletic director Oliver Luck and head coach Bill Stewart have been made aware of the alleged incident. Once they have all the facts, they will deal with it appropriately."

According to police reports, local police received a call at 3:13 AM saying that a "white male" was "refusing to cooperate with the casino's management." Whatever the problem was, representatives from West Virginia who were at the casino with Holgorsen then intervened, and Holgorsen was then removed from the casino. Also according to the report, the entire incident -- whatever it was -- was caught on the casino's video surveillance.

Holgorsen was not arrested and it's believed he was released under the supervision of his fellow West Virginia representatives.

Posted on: May 24, 2011 11:32 am

Former AU player McNeil faced lawsuit, evictions

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

When he was one of four now-former Auburn players arrested in connection with an armed robbery March 11, ex-Tiger safety Mike McNeil had no criminal record beyond a speeding ticket. But as the Birmingham News reported today, that didn't mean McNeil wasn't facing his share of legal troubles.

According to court documents, McNeil and teammate Mike Blanc had been served with eviction papers and eventually a lawsuit by a former landlord. The suit resulted in a judgment against McNeil -- only days following his arrest -- for more than $12,000. McNeil and Blanc had also recently been evicted from a second apartment they shared with current Auburn cornerback Neiko Thorpe, who has been named as a witness in the robbery case.

Neither Blanc nor Thorpe have been accused of any wrongdoing in connection with the robbery. But the living arrangement helps explain why Thorpe (along with teammates Mike Dyer, Anthony Morgan and DeAngelo Benton) has been named as a witness.

Living expenses like rent might be one of the uses for the proposed "full cost of attendance" scholarships that have become a hot-button topic the past week. But obviously they'll arrive far too late to make a difference for the likes of McNeil.

Posted on: May 18, 2011 5:57 pm
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'Auburn Four' indicted on robbery charges

Posted by Tom Fornelli

In early March four Auburn football players were arrested following a robbery of a residence and were all quickly dismissed from the football team. Though just because the four players are no longer playing football, that doesn't mean that their done with dealing with the consequences of their actions, and on Wednesday the four players were indicted.
A Lee County grand jury has indicted four former Auburn football players on armed robbery charges in relation to an incident at an Auburn trailer park home in March, according to court documents.

Antonio Goodwin, Mike McNeil, Shaun Kitchens and Dakota Mosley were each indicted on five counts of first-degree robbery, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of third-degree theft of property. Mosley faces an additional charge of misdemeanor conspiracy to hinder business.

They are scheduled for arraignment in Lee County Circuit Court on May 26. A tentative trial date has been set for June 16.
The four players were arrested on March 11th after breaking into a trailer home south of Auburn's campus, and according to witnesses, making off with cellphones and a safe before leaving the scene in a car driven by Mosley. The players also brandished handguns as they committed the robbery. The players were then picked up by Auburn police in a routine traffic stop where a gun was recovered along with the stolen property, and after being fingered by witnesses, all four players admitted to their roles in the robbery.
Posted on: May 17, 2011 10:51 am

Auburn's McCalebb arrested on vehicle charges

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

While it's not in the same ballpark -- it might not even be in the same zip code -- as the armed robbery arrests earlier this offseason, an arrest in Atlanta for minor vehicle charges might make for a long summer all the same for Auburn's Onterio McCalebb.

According to the Auburn website the Auburn Eagle, McCalebb was arrested on May 14 for driving an "unregistered vehicle," one without a license plate or registration decal. McCalebb was also apparently unable to provide a valid driver's license.

With charges this minor (relatively speaking), it seems unlikely the 810-yard rusher of a season ago will miss any time, and certainly not more than the Tigers' opener against Utah State. But with Gene Chizik no doubt on the warpath after the embarrassment of the earlier arrests, McCalebb is probably on his way to getting very well acquainted with the Jordan-Hare Stadium steps this summer.

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