Posted on: October 20, 2010 5:47 pm
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The hits keep coming for UNC

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You're a good man, Charles Brown, but you won't be playing football for North Carolina this year.  That's according to a release from the school on Wednesday saying that Brown, who hasn't played at all this season after starting 13 games last year, will miss the remainder of the season thanks to that NCAA investigation.

Brown's teammate and fellow cornerback, senior Kendric Burney, won't be out for the rest of the season, but he won't be back in time for Saturday's game against Miami either.  Burney, like Brown and seemingly 500 other North Carolina players, has been held out due to an NCAA suspension thanks to the ongoing investigation.  He was originally expected back from suspension this week, but according to the school, an ongoing review of his status is yet to be resolved.

I tell you, basketball season can't get here soon enough for folks in Chapel Hill.

Posted on: October 14, 2010 11:48 am
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Colorado DB arrested for domestic violence

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Colorado has suspended freshman defensive back Josh Moten indefinitely following his arrest on Tuesday morning.  Moten was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence after getting into an argument with an ex-girlfriend. 

Apparently the argument started when Moten's ex-girlfriend demanded a pair of earrings she'd given him as a gift back, and then slapped him.  Moten then responded by shoving her.  Which, while I don't condone any kind of violence against women, seems like a pretty lame reason to be arrested for domestic violence to me.  Even the police seem to agree.

Police commander Tim McGraw -- no, not that Tim McGraw -- said that the altercation was "real minor" and that the investigation is ongoing, and could eventually result in the arrest of Moten's ex-girlfriend.  He said the police were forced to arrest Moten because the girl later reported feeling pain after Moten pushed her.

The only reason there was a domestic violence charge added was due to the relationship the two had in the past.

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Posted on: October 12, 2010 1:01 pm
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It's time to practice for Chris Rainey

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey hasn't been with the team since his arrest following a threatening text to a woman he used to date.  Rainey has since reached a settlement in the case, but had not returned to practice.

That has changed.

Rainey is back practicing with the Gators though he is yet to be fully reinstated to the team.  According to Urban Meyer, Rainey will have to meet certain conditions -- which the coach wouldn't state -- before he's allowed to play again for the Gators.  He will not be allowed to play for the team's game against Mississippi State this weekend.

“Chris Rainey is working towards being part of our football team again,” Meyer said in a statement. “I’m disappointed that he violated a core value of our program, but he continues to pay a price for his actions. Chris will have to meet a set of conditions to become a part of our team again and although he is practicing, he will not play this weekend. The timetable for his return will depend on his ability to follow the guidelines we have laid out for him.”

No word on whether Meyer informed Rainey through a text message saying "time to practice."

Rainey also released a statement on Tuesday morning, the first time he's spoken publicly since his arrest.

“I am embarrassed and sorry for my actions and I apologize to everyone that I affected by my behavior,” said Rainey. “I’m working towards being a part of the Florida football program again and I realize that representing this University is a privilege. I have spent the last several weeks reflecting on my actions and realized that is not who I want to be.”

The Mississippi State game will be the fifth game Rainey misses thanks to his arrest, and while we can't know for sure when he'll be back, considering that Florida has a bye next week before facing Georgia on October 30, I'd bet that's the game Rainey makes his return.

Posted on: October 11, 2010 3:24 pm

Spartans DB Rucker suspended one game

Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Saturday Chris Rucker was on the field for one of the biggest wins in recent Michigan State history -- certainly since Mark Dantonio took over the program -- even intercepting a pass from the great Denard Robinson.   I hope Rucker enjoyed the victory because on Sunday he was suspended for this Michigan State's next game against Illinois.

Citing a violation of team rules, Mark Dantonio said that Rucker would be suspended this week, though he would not go into specifics as to what rules Rucker broke.  When asked if Rucker will miss any more time following this week, Dantonio said "we'll see."

This is not the first time Rucker has gotten into trouble in East Lansing, as he was one of many Spartans suspended last season following an incident at Rather Hall -- a dorm on the Michigan State campus.  Several Michigan State players allegedly attacked a student following a team banquet and were suspended for the Alamo Bowl.

Rucker has started 30 games for the Spartans so his absence will be felt by the entire defense, but the timing may not be that terrible.  Illinois is a team that is built on running the ball, so losing a starting corner doesn't hurt nearly as much.
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Even TweetDeck knows Jaz Reynolds is suspended

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Beware of Twitter, everybody, because it's going to get you.  It seems that the social-media machine has become self-aware and it's only a matter of time before it rises up against its human oppressors and uses us to deliver short messages to its friends.

On Wednesday Oklahoma announced that it had suspended wide reciever Jaz Reynolds indefinitely for some tweets he'd written after hearing the news about a gunman firing off an AK-47 on the Texas campus before taking his own life.  Reynolds tweeted, "hey everyone in Austin tx.....kill yourself." 

Which is incredibly mature and very classy.

Anyway, I then turned to my TweetDeck application to find the offending tweet from Reynolds.  That's when I saw mankind's future flash before my eyes.

Prepare yourselves for the war, friends.

Posted on: September 22, 2010 4:59 pm

WVU's Brandon Hogan is back with the team

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The West Virginia Mountaineers suspended cornerback Brandon Hogan indefinitely following his DUI arrest on September 12, and it turns out that indefinite is another word for a week.  Hogan is back with the Mountaineers and practicing this week as the team prepares to head south to take on LSU on Saturday night, though whether or not they'll have Hogan with them remains in question.

Bill Stewart says that while Hogan is back and practicing, that doesn't mean he's going to be playing on Saturday.
"Brandon Hogan is in an evaluation period by me," Stewart said. "He is going to practice, that's his status. ... I will watch him work. He is undergoing, right now, the exact same formula that any student who has any problems [goes through] by the student judicial affairs committee.

"I don't know if he will play this week, and I don't know if he won't play this week. If he is to play this week, he will have earned the right to play, according to my standards, and my standards alone."
Stewart says he won't make a decision on Hogan until Saturday.  Though odds are that Hogan is going to play, or else he wouldn't be practicing.  Hogan was replaced by sophomore Pat Miller in West Virginia's 31-17 win against Maryland last week, and both of Maryland's touchdowns came at the expense of Miller.

Once on a 60-yard pass, and another on an 80-yard pass.  So unless Hogan decides to get drunk and go for a ride between now and Saturday, you can bet he'll be on the field this week.
Posted on: September 17, 2010 7:16 pm
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NCAA upholds Green suspension

Posted by Tom Fornelli

For those Georgia fans out there who were hoping A.J. Green was going to be able to suit up against Arkansas this weekend we've got a bit of bad news.  Green's appeal was heard by the NCAA earlier on Friday, and the NCAA has made it's decision.

They'll be upholding Green's suspension so he's not going to be able to play this weekend.

An NCAA committee has upheld the four-game suspension for Georgia star receiver A.J. Green.

Green had appealed his four-game suspension by the NCAA for selling a bowl jersey for $1,000 to person deemed to be an agent. But NCAA denied his request, which means he will miss the Bulldogs (1-1) Southeastern Conference game Saturday against No. 12 Arkansas.

Of course this also means that Green will be forced to sit out against Mississippi State next week as well.

"Our concentration is the same as the last two weeks which is preparing for the next game," said head coach Mark Richt in a statement. "We'll look forward to A.J.¹s return for the Colorado game on Oct. 2."

This decision may be disappointing for Georgia fans, but it's really not all that surprising.  The NCAA has made it pretty clear how they'll be handling any contact between players and agents, and by reducing their suspension of Green they would have sent the wrong message for what they're trying to accomplish.

Posted on: September 17, 2010 1:27 pm
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Will Hill to play for Gators on Saturday

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Will Will Hill play this Saturday after being forced to sit the first two games when Florida goes to Knoxville?  Why, yes, Will Hill will be playing, at least that's what Urban Meyer said on Thursday following Gators practice.  Hill had been suspended for Florida's first two games for "disciplinary reasons."

Those disciplinary reasons reportedly being due to Hill skipping two classes, so the team decided that if he wanted to skip two classes he got to skip two games as well.  Either way, Meyer says he's likely to play this weekend and could possibly start .

Coach Urban Meyer said Hill would return and said, "I think he will [start)."

Hill has led the team in special-teams tackles the past two years. Meyer said he was encouraged by the special-teams play in practice Thursday.

"I can see the development," he said. "When Matt Elam starts playing really well on special teams. He's starting to play really well. When Will Hill's doing the things he did today on special teams, I'm expecting a really good game out of him. Cause that means they're locked in, they're unselfish and they're ready to go."

The junior free safety is on the preseason watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award for the country's best defensive back, so his return to the field will make the Florida secondary -- one of the facets of the team that hasn't played poorly this season -- even stronger.  His presence will also help on special teams, as Meyer alluded to in the quote above, as Hill has led the Gators in special teams tackles each of his first two seasons in Gainesville.

Well, unless he decides to skip a class on Friday, anyway.

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