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UConn YouTube QB: 'I need to learn the offense'

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Hey, remember this video of UConn backup quarterback Johnny McEntee?

Of course you do, since every sports site on the Internet wound up posting it. (YouTube views as of today total more than 4.5 million.) So you might also still be asking the question nearly everyone asked when they saw it: if he's that good, why isn't he starting?

In an interview with Boston sports radio station WEEI , McEntee answered that question with good humor ... or at least, we hope this first part is humor:
Why isn’t he starting?:

“I’m too busy doing trick shots. I guess I need to learn the offense and defense a little bit better. These are just tricks. We have a new offensive coordinator, so we have a new [playbook] to learn.”

Surely, surely, McEntee didn't actually admit that he'd spent too much time fooling around with trick shots to learn the playbook ... right? He said shooting the video took an entire day, but that's just one day. There was still plenty of other time in which a bright kid like this could (and did) get the offense down ... correct?

McEntee added that the hype for the video is "starting to get a little out of hand," so don't expect a sequel for the time being. Unless he wants UConn fans to take the above quote at face value, that's probably for the best.

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Justin Bieber is a man, he's 40

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Something I never thought I'd be doing on this blog: posting about Justin Bieber. Yet, here I am, and here you are, on a college football blog about to see a video of Justin Bieber doing an interview on Radio Disney. Don't worry, once you see the video, it will make a lot more sense.

Yes, and let's hope that young Justin is a man, for he couldn't have felt very good last night after not winning a single Grammy. I mean, what kind of world are we living in when a band that these luminaries have never heard of can win Album of the Year, and Justin Bieber not take home a single award? Mike Gundy wouldn't stand for this.

UPDATE: Mike Gundy has come down with Bieber Fever in response.
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Why FBS, 'Nova? So your backup QB can go viral

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Villanova has a decision to make: accept the Big East's offer to upgrade their 2009 national championship FCS program and become the league's 11th football member, or remain in the conference in all sports outside of football and continue to compete for Colonial Athletic Association titles in the division formerly known as I-AA. So what better way to educate the 'Nova-affiliated masses on the pros and cons of that decision than a flash-video presentation on YouTube?

Yes, it's on the dry side, but it's also interesting -- from our usual rabid football fan perspective -- to see an issue usually simplified to "well, do you want to really play college football, or don't you?" laid out in such a calm, nuts-and-bolts fashion. (If you don't have seven minutes to spend, I'll sum up: FBS football would offer 'Nova a lot of notoriety. But it would also cost the school lot of money, especially in terms of facilities 'Nova would have to build almost from scratch.)

Of course, what the video above doesn't mention is the many unforeseen, intangible benefits to joining FBS. Take fellow Big East member UConn, for instance; if the Huskies were still fooling around in the FCS, would anyone have noticed this video (which has been plastered all over the Internet today) of third-string quarterback Johnny McEntee performing what's essentially the football version of the McDonald's Bird-vs.-Jordan H.O.R.S.E. contest?

Of course not. It's definitely something else to think about, Villanova decision-makers.

HT on 'Nova video: The Collision Course .

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Auburn's championship compilation video

Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Saturday over 78,000 Auburn fans showed up at Jordan-Hare Stadium to celebrate the team's national championship. Obviously, 78,000 is a lot of people, but not everyone who wanted to be there could be. So, with that in mind, let us share with you at least part of what you missed if you wanted to attend the rally and couldn't.

Here is the compilation video of the entire season that Auburn aired at the rally. You don't have to thank me, your smiles are all I need. Oh, and Alabama fans, I don't need the things you're throwing at me, either.

Via Mr. SEC
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This should make Oregon fans incredibly happy

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Without a doubt, one of the plays that will forever stand out in the memories of Auburn and Oregon fans alike from tonight's BCS Championship Game will be the 37-yard run by Michael Dyer on Auburn's final drive.  The one where he rolled over linebacker Eddie Pleasant , got up, stood around for a second, and then took off.

The play was reviewed, and the ruling on the field was upheld.  Dyer was never officially down, the Tigers picked up the key yards and a few plays later Wes Byrum nailed a field goal that made them national champions.  Well, Oregon fans may not want to watch the following video.

Of course, nobody knows for sure what would have happened had Dyer been ruled down following the review.  The way he was gashing Oregon's defense on that drive, the only difference may have been that Byrum's field goal had to cover more distance before flying through the uprights.  Still, to come that close to a national championship, and then see that video....it's got to hurt.

Video courtesy of the invaluable Mocksession
Posted on: January 7, 2011 3:04 pm

Jim Harbaugh is ... The Bachelor

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

There's no doubt that were we writing in a bygone era, the football world's most desirable object of lust, Jim Harbaugh, would be described as the prettiest girl at the coaching cotillion. This being the year 2011, though, cotillions are out and reality TV is in, meaning that it was only a matter of time before somone -- in this case, Tauntr.com -- came up with something like this:

Jesse Palmer , eat your heart out. ("You all have a lot of money to offer?" If you have seen even one episode of The Bachelor --and it's not something we recommend -- you will recognize that line as unqualified genius.) We'd say the image of Dave Brandon in a cocktail dress would be enough to send Michigan fans running for the eye bleach, but the last few days have probably been enough to drive Wolverine supporters past the point of being surprised by anything.

If there's one other thing The Bachelor and the Harbaugh frenzy have in common, it's this: it's a sure bet the producers at its heart still have a twist or two coming down the stretch. We're all staying tuned.

HT: NBCSports . And it's about an ABC show. Maybe this post was a bad idea.

Posted on: December 22, 2010 1:13 pm

Kansas recruit is greatest QB ever, just ask him

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Earlier this week Turner Gill and the Kansas football team got some good news as quarterback recruit Brock Berglund committed to the school.  Berglund, from Colorado's Valor Christian, is considered a three-star prospect by Rivals, and is considered the 13th best quarterback prospect in the country.  Though if there are 12 quarterbacks in the 2011 class better than Berglund, they must be insanely freaking awesome.

The Lawrence Journal-World caught up with Berglund this week, and when he was asked to describe himself as a quarterback, the kid set the bar rather high.

“I would say Tim Tebow, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning kind of all put together,” Berglund said. “I’m not comparing myself to those guys or anything like that, but if I had to say what my skill-set was like, I would say those three guys.”

I don't know about you, but if I were a college football coach, I'd take just one of those three quarterbacks.  A hybrid of all three?  I think it's time for a contract extension!  Now, obviously, it wouldn't be fair to take Berglund's description at his word.  He is just a high school kid, after all.  So I decided to do some research, and it turns out he has the skills to back up the bravado.

I unearthed some exclusive footage of Berglund's high school games.  Here's some of what I found.

On this play, following a kickoff, Berglund lined up at running back.


As if that run wasn't amazing enough, let's remember that Brock can throw the ball too.  Here he is just messing around during practice.

And he was doing it left-handed!  Kansas is never going to lose again!
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Happy 84th birthday, JoePa

Posted by Tom Fornelli

That video is a few years old, but the premise behind it still holds true today.  Joe Paterno is old.  In fact, he's a year older, as the winningest coach in college football history turns a spritely 84 years old today.  Yes, we've had some fun around here with Paterno's old age, but we're not too worried about it.  The coach has admitted that he doesn't use the internet -- something else he's older than -- so it's not like he's ever going to see this anyway.

Still, he may be old, and he may be an easy target for jokes because of it, but he's still a remarkable man who has done more in his life than most of us ever will.  Most of us can only hope we get the chance to live long enough to see our 84th birthdays, let alone still be leading a major college football program like Penn State.

So, from all of us here at the College Football Blog, happy birthday, coach Paterno.  Here's to 84 more.
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