Posted on: August 29, 2010 10:30 am

Flacco breakout season?

I don't believe all that garbage. LOL! With Boldin coming in all the hype has gone to the Ravens. Don't really have a problem with that. I think they have a good football team. Do I believe in all this passing game hype where Flacco is suppose to have a breakout season? I don't believe any of that crap. Other than Ravens fans who believes this? Boldin is a great receiver and all, but come on is he really gonna make Flacco a franchise quarterback? As far as the Ravens go next season I respect their defense. It has been great for several years and I never believe all that old defense crap either. They just prove people wrong every season. As for their offense the guy who scares me the most is Ray Rice. I believe he is the guy who will have the best "stats" for a running back this season. I believe he will be the best back by numbers. Write it down the best back in the NFL at the end of the season. As for the Flacco passing game where he is suppose to have a breakout season I don't see it.
Posted on: August 29, 2010 10:21 am

Why does ESPN constantly.......

ESPN is so annoying now days. Look at the Favre coverage everyone is whining about. ESPN includes themselves as one of us. They say they are sick of Favre and all this drama, but they have 2-3 days special about him? Why? I remember watching NFL Live and two "experts" were saying the top 10 things that happened when Allen, Longwell, ect. went to go meet up with Favre. Terrible comedy I mean it was really terrible. I just don't get it. If ESPN is sick of Favre and his drama then why do you have him on your channel? Same with some of you posters out there saying he is annoying and your sick of him. If you are sick of him why can't you change the channel? Why do you talk about a guy you are sick of hearing about? for some of you guys he makes your world go around. I mean it really is ridiculous. LOL! You guys come on here talk about Favre when you are sick of hearing about him? I don't get it. I for one don't wanna come on a sports site and here you moan about it. I could care less. It doesn't even affect you guys at all. What, he is on your TV? Turn off the TV. Only Viking fans and the organization should be worried or care about the decision made by Favre. Yes we get to hear about it from ESPN, but hey you don't have to watch it.
Posted on: August 29, 2010 10:14 am

Wildcard spot predictions.......

I have been thinking about the wildcard spots. I already have predicted the division winners. Now the wildcard spots are even tougher. Some folks disagree with me. I just wanted to see what everyone elses wildcard predicitons this year. I give the two wildcard spots to........One to the AFC North team and an AFC East team.

AFC West is simply the weakest division in the AFC so it is obvious they are not gonna have a wildcard team.

AFC South is a pretty good division, but with Texans having the toughest division in the NFL I don't think they can get it done this year. As for the Titans I don't believe CJ will have another stellar season as he did last year. He is their offense. As for the Colts, I believe the Colts will take the division again this year.

AFC East has in some folks opinion three great playoff caliber teams. I don't see the Dolphins a lot better than last years football team. Marshall is gonna be a bust. Brown is gonna get injured.....again. I don't see it. The Pats will take the division again. At least I believe so. As for the Jets they will take the wildcard spot. Great defense with some problems with chemistry which is the reason I believe they will not take the division. Contract issues with Revis isn't helping the situation either. Let's see if they can get it done without the Colts laying down for them.

AFC North is the best division in the NFL. No question about it.

Bengals made some decent acquistions, but I don't see them getting lucky again this season. They won't be making the playoffs. I don't believe in all the hype. T.O. doesn't make a team that great. If he did than wouldn't a team signed him before the end of July. Antonio Bryant is terrible!! Why do you think they went out and got T.O. They do have weapons as do other teams. Carson Palmer and the passing game isn't the reason they were successful last year nor this year. It will be because of the running game and the defense of the Bengals.

Ravens will be taking the last wildcard spot. Actually they will take the 5th spot because I think they will finish better than the Jets. They have a great football team. I respect that football team as well. Added some weapons and defense is always solid. Ray Rice is gonna be the best running back in the league at the end of the year. That is my prediction if you go by numbers.

As for the Steelers of course they will be winning the division and win the superbowl once again. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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