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Sportsmanship is over-rated!!!!

I'm sick and tired of sportsmanship seen across these boards. Especially when it is given to rivals. I'm shocked by the things I see on these boards. You come across some stupid Steeler fan that not only stated congrats to the Ravens on their victory, but hoping they will represent the AFC North well. Are you kidding me? Rivals do not root for rivals. That is fact isn't it? You don't see Boston Celtic fans rooting for Laker fans to win the NBA championship do you? Your not going to see a Yankees fan root for a Red Sox fan do you? This isn't college football where ignorant fans claim to root for this team and the next minute root for the same rivals they claim to hate so one conference can have the most bowl victories. It is down right ridiculous to me. It makes me sick to see. You know after a loss, the guy shaking your hand saying "good game and congrats on winning the game or  championship" really means that. After a loss, you are telling me you are watching the postgame interview/celebration by the opposing team? I don't think so!! You can't sit there and tell me Raven fans were rooting for Pittsburgh to beat non division football teams to represent the division well. You gotta be kidding me. Even you Steeler haters have to admit this. You even made a thread about rejoicing in the Steelers loss. When my fav team wins or when I win some award, I don't want the loser to be in my spotlight. I want to take that trophy and hold it high as the loser walks away with his head hanging. Who needs class? Who here is wanting to have a tea party? Give me a break..........Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Posted on: November 19, 2011 3:20 pm
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My opinion matters!!

For some reason I always have got to deal with people who rate my posts daily after I say something negative about their favorite team. This has happened with a lot of fan bases. Especially the Indianapolis Colts fan base when you say something negative about Peyton Manning. Does my opinion really matter that much for people to have to go months back to rate all my posts with their relatives? Than asks me if I want to play a rate game with them? Are you kidding? When has CBS become a family activity? It amazes me the influence I have on people. My opinion matters so much to people I have to send them a private message about it because it is on a daily basis. I even have fans every now and again rate my posts around the same time. I'm not talking in the amount of 30 minutes....I'm talking 30 seconds of a group of 5 members. It happens at random times.

The fact of the matter opinion matters. Why is that? Is it the way I type, the words I use when I educate you, the catchphrase I use at the end of my posts, could it be my personality, or is it simply because I tell you reality and you don't want to hear it? Whatever the case, I thank you all for the support you have given me. Whether it be negative or positive it truly means a lot. Giving so much time and effort into trying to get revenge somehow because you can't beat me with your words. It is better to learn reality now instead of it hitting you in the face when you are not expecting it. Chargers are learning the hard way as I type this. Now I'm not calling myself a genius even though some may call me that. All I'm saying is my opinion matters. If it didn't, I wouldnt make so many friends want to rate my posts from now to months back or have people rating my posts every day.

Thank you to all the supporters and you critics out there. I mostly want to thank the critics though because you make me feel far more superior the way you rate my posts like you do. LOL! What can I say.....I'm AWESOME!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Who got my votes for the ESPYs 2011

I always look forward to these awards every year. It does get boring in the middle of it o. I still enjoy voting and get to see athletes get awards. In any case, here is the list of guys, gals, and teams that got my votes. Some of them I won't mention simply cuz I have no interest in some sports and don't know those athletes so I'll keep some out. I voted for this a week or so ago. I'm using some site that says the nominees.

Best Male Athlete
: Dirk Nowitzki, NBA-he finally won his NBA championship that has eluded the man. To me he did the unthinkable. If you told me that Dirk would have had that kind of playoff performance with Dallas winning it all....I would have said you are insane. Come on....who thought LA would be swept in the playoffs. Just an impressive playoff run. He was unguardable. His performance in that playoff run gave him a strong legacy. He stayed with the Mavs and won their first championship in Franchise history. Congrats on beating the odds and proving all the doubter(including me) wrong. He deserves this more than any other athlete in sports today!!

Best female Athlete: Lindsey Vonn, skiiing-I know she has won some awards for the US in the past. I voted for simply for that fact along with I really didn't know anybody else besides Maya Moore who should receive some votes as well.

Best Championship performance: Tim Lincecum, 2010 postseason-I think we can all agree that it was rather unexpected. Not that he isn't a good pitcher, but the Giants winning the World Series. I was expecting Dodgers or Phillies to win it all. His playoff performance was great. Dirk's performance should have been a nominee.

Best breakthrough Athlete: Arian Foster- I'm not really a huge baseball fan. All I watch are Pirate games. I know Bautista has had a great season thus far, but my pick goes to Foster. Foster played outstanding early. He took over as the starter after Steve Slaton lost the spot. He did a great job. I expect Houston to compete for a playoff spot....though I didn't predict it to happen. Prove me wrong! I dislike Blake Griffin strongly with all the hype around his dunks. He didn't deserve to go to round 2. IT WAS FIXED!! I didn't vote for Tennis guy cuz I don't know him or her. Newton? I make jokes on the College boards about him earning his money. That is about it.

Best record breaking performance: Uconn women's win streak-I know a lot of males may hate me for voting for this, but come on now. They had a 2 or 3 year run without losing a game. They play like 30+ games a year. That is impressive in my book, but I can't take away Ray Allen's 3pt record or Rose winning the MVP as the youngest player ever to do so. Rory...I just plain don't like. I like Tiger as many fans do. I played a round of goofy golf. I bet I could beat him. Anyways, I admit I was happy when they lost cuz I was sick of hearing about it. Bet they deserve this award and should receive it.

Best upset: Seahawks upset Saints, NFL Wildcard playoffs-I absolutely loved every second of it. LOL! If anyone knows me they know I dislike the Saints. It was an awesome day for Seahawks who were the only team in NFL history to go to the playoffs. I loved to hear the haters afterwards saying it was fixed. It is fine though...If not for my dislike for the Saints....I would have voted for VCU NCAA basketball tourney. It was great to see I admit that. I wanted them to win the Championship after WVU got out. Didn't happen, but a great run nonetheless. Congrats to them! I won't be disappointed at all if they win the award o.

Best game: OKC beats Memphis 3-OT-I was shocked that it went to 3 which is the only reason why I voted for this game. It was great to witness. I wouldn't bet this gets voted o. I think the Eagles vs Giants game will be voted for. I was wanting the Giants to win that game, but they lost via special teams. It was terrible.

Best moment: Roy Halladay, no hitter MLB-Throwing a no hitter in a postseason game. Wow, just wow. He is one of the main reasons why I felt the Phillies would win it all after that.

Best team: Dallas Mavericks-Not a hockey fan, college football rankings have always been questioned, not women's sport fan, No way in hell I'm voting for the Packers. I absolutely loved watching Lebron and the Heat lose in the NBA Finals. It was awesome! They truly played like a team. Most bench players made a huge contribution for them winning it all. The road was very tough. Knocking off LA Lakers via sweep when they are looking for a 3peat. Miami heavily favorited as well. Getting chosen by everyone including me to be eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. They proved all the doubters wrong!!

Castrol Edge clutch performance: Arian Foster-I just can't vote for a Redskins player. Hate them....Foster played better than the other guys anyways.

Best Sports Movie: The Fighter- never really heard of any of the other movies. I'd like to see that one eventually o.

Best coach: Rick Carlisle-The guy coached great during the playoffs managing minutes with Peja playing terrible, Dirk having the flu, letting Kidd get rest and JJ get his minutes. The guy coached great and he deserves it.

Best NFL player: Troy Polamalu-You have got to figure o Brady or Rodger will win. I dislike them both which is one of the reasons I refused to vote for either of them along with the fact I'm a Steelers fan. Hint:Polamalu is a Steeler!!

Best MLB player: Roy Halladay-The guy is clutch!! He has played great thus far. Bautista will probably get the nod and probably deserve it more, but I give it to Halladay.

Best Driver: Jimmie Johnson-Who are the other nominees?

Best NBA player: Dirk Nowitzki-his performance through the regular season made him an MVP candidate. His performance in the playoffs obviously leveled much higher and made him unguardable. I hated the guy through the first 3 rounds. The only guy I dislike more than Dirk at the time was Lebron. I had to root for one of the two teams I disliked the most. Kobe no longer is bringing in that same production. No way I'm voting for Lebron. Rose? Where was Rose in the Eastern Conference Finals? I like Durant better than Dirk, but I think we can all agree he played much better in the playoffs.

Best Fighter: Manny Pacquiao-Other than Mayweather I know nobody else.

Best Male Golfer: Rory-really? No matter who I vote for he will win anyways.

Best Male Tennis player: Novak Djokovic-I didn't vote for this guy, but he certainly deserves the award. I think I voted the first night the nominees were announced or a couple days later. I didn't know he owned both Nadal and Federer which I later found out after Wimbledon which I voted before of course. Vote for him!!

Best Female Tennis player: Serena Williams-Don't know anyone else.

Best Female College Athlete: Maya Moore-only one I knew or heard of.

Best Male College Athlete: I forget who I voted for. LOL! I don't remember.Probably Kemba Walker or Newton.

Best Male Action Sport Male: Shaun White: Who else is there?

Best MLS player: Landon Donovan-The only guy I have heard of.
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