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Posted on: February 17, 2011 2:48 pm

Should Knicks wait or trade for him now?

The question is always being that the Knicks don't want to give up role players for Melo. Why trade for him if you can get him in FA? Why give up the talent if you don't have to. I do understand where the Knicks are coming from, but come on. Role players are replaceable. You can go out in FA and get them or trade for them. It does amaze me that the Knicks are not willing to take the risk. No guaranttee that Melo won't decide to sign that three year deal before the new CBA. He may be willing to give up x amount of dollars for the organization, but they won't give up role players for Melo? A guy like Melo is hard to find. He is a superstar and one of the best offensive players in the NBA. Would he instantly make an impact if he joined the Knicks? To me without a doubt he would which is why I still can't understand why they arn't willing to give up 2 or 3 role players for Melo. Knicks to me currently are just a playoff contender....not a championship contender. They get Melo they would be in a lot of folks opinions as a championship contender. How can you disagree with that? If I had an organization like the Knicks, I would trade for him without question. What would you rather have.....a championship now or later? Yea you could wait and have all these role players with Melo, but that isn't a promise. He still could sign a deal just for the fact he is leaving a lot of money on the table if he doesn't. Melo has been holding out of that contract all season for the Knicks. Can they do not do him a favor and trade for him? Get his paycheck he wants so he will be happy, your organization will be happy, Knick fans will be happy, and NBA fans in general will be happy cuz all the talk is over with. LOL! Everyone would benefit from this. Why take a risk on losing out on Melo for role players that are replaceable?

I just wanted to give my opinion on the Melo situation. Any comments on my opinion? What is your opinion on what Knicks should do?
Posted on: October 30, 2010 5:24 pm

Goodbye to A.I.

I believe the first time on a regular basis I watched basketball was in the early 2000s or some time around there. During that time their were a lot of great players in the NBA that made a huge impact on several different teams. KG in Minnesota, Shaq in LA, Duncan in SA, T-MAC in Orlando, and AI in Philly.

I was young when I first started watching the NBA. My friend got me hooked after playing video games at his house. Before that it was all about cartoons and pro wrestling on Mondays. AI to me was the most exciting player to watch. My favorite when I first started watching. He was a different kind of player that not many ever saw play that good before at his size and continue to lead his team to victory. He played with heart, speed, and passion for the game. He was small, but he could score 30 a night. Has some scoring titles to show for it along with an MVP award.

All the announcers would praise him about his ability to score with his size. Some mention why hasn't his body broken down. He led the NBA minutes for several years. I stuck by AI throughout his career. Including MJ's last game vs the 76ers.....friend asked me who I wanted to win cuz it didn't matter who won cuz his team was in the playoffs and this was MJ's last game. He said he wanted MJ to win. I said I'm sticking with AI. 76ers did in fact win the ball game. Didn't win a championship throughout his years.

76ers was my favorite team for all the years watching the NBA til they traded Iverson. I couldn't believe they did that. He was the best player on the team and all. I went on to root for the Nuggets in the West. It didn't work out there even though Iverson and Melo were 2 of the top 4 scorers in the NBA they were the worst defensive team in the league. They were so undersized. Didn't like Anthony Carter playing point cuz he wasn't even 6FT tall. Than they traded their best defensive player Camby. Iverson voiced his unhappiness because that was their best defensive player and they were the worst defensive team in the league.

Later Iverson was traded to the Pistons which to many folks believe was the start of the downfall for him. I thought it was a great oppurtunity for him to win the championship at the time. Pistons were a very good team up til than with Rip Hamilton, Prince, Rasheed was still there. Some folks believe he was set up to fail from there cuz he was on the last year of his contract and AI nor most of the players were happy with the situation. Rip sat on the bench and well he went to FA....downhill from there.

Memphis signed him and was later released cuz his frustration of not starting. He wanted to play. Wasn't satisfied with the playing time. He signed back where his home was in Philly. Was very happy for him.....in the middle of the season AI left the team due to family issues. Never returned......sad to see him not getting signed this summer. I think he still has play left in him. Heck he is worth 1 or 2 million. I would have been happy to see him play with Orlando on the bench. He could have brought more great things to the team than Duhon or Malik Allen. He could have brought in his scoring ability late in the 4th. Carter could have started at the 3 spot. I don't know, but now he is on a team in Turkey. He can't opt to go to the NBA during at least the first year.

In the end, AI will always be remembered in the hearts of all his fans. I know I will never forget him. Critics would whine about him getting voted in the all-star game saying he didn't deserve to be in it. Fans just loved to see him play as did I. I voted for him every year...I didn't care for the stats. Fans decide the starters. No one wants to see Chris Kaman play. They want to see AI play!! I hope one day he will play in the NBA once again. Whether he does or does not he will always be remembered. In my opinion he was definately one of the top 5 players of the last decade. I wish him well going forward. I hope this isn't the last goodbyes. We will miss you AI. Allen Iverson thanks for the great memories. You are one of the best to ever play the game.
Posted on: September 11, 2010 6:42 pm

Call upsets NFL regular season week 1

The whole point of this thread is obviously for you to predict some upsets you see that is gonna happen week 1. Since I created this post I guess I'll start us off.

Det wins over Chi-Detroit along with the Chicago Bears were active in free agency, but to me the Bears acquistions of Peppers will be a bust. Of course Cutler is an interception machine and I'm gonna love to see Suh rip apart the line. I think they are the better team right now. I think the draft really helped them be better than the Bears. I see an upset.

I predict Cincy will get the win over New England even though I don't want it to happen. The only strength the Patriots really have in this game is of course the passing game. I figure Benson will have a good game. The key for a Pats win will be the running game, but I don't see it working nor do I see Pats passing game getting through that top secondary in the league. I'm rooting for the Pats, but it will be tough. Defense doesn't look good at all. I say Cincy wins this one unfortunately.

Stl over Ari-It's true!! I chose this in my predicitons. Why not? Don't really know a lot about the Rams besides their offense, but I do know a lot about the Cardinals because they are more talked about this offseason with a lot of things going on. Warner, Boldin, Rolle, Dansby, ect are all gone. Those guys will obviously be missed. Joey Porter acquistion is a bust. He can't replace what the huge role or Dansby and Rolle made on defense. I think the Rams offense will surprise people. Bradford over Anderson. Jackson over any running back. Both defenses are terrible. Obviously the better passing game is Arizona advantage, but they are gonna run the ball more apparently and Fitz could be out for the first game. Either way I see an upset.

Baltimore over Jets-All hype for both teams, but obvious favorite is the Jets. Flacco over Sanchez. Running game goes to the Ravens as an edge. Offensive line is close, but Jets have the edge. WR core is obviously the Ravens. Rush defense in my opinion belong to the Ravens. Secondary of course the Jets. Will you look at that!! It is clear that the Ravens are the better team in my opinion, but with all this media hype I figure that this can be called an upset I guess.

Can the Steelers over the Falcons be an upset too? Nevermind....

Those are my upsets. What are yours?
Posted on: August 29, 2010 10:38 am

Time for people to wake up and smell the coffee

I was on a thread today where everyone was making their predictions about who is gonna be playing after week 17. I read the posters picks. I posted where is the Steelers? Some Padres fan acuses me of being a homer for saying that comment. So I'm not suppose to believe in my favorite team? I believe the Steelers are just as good as many football team in the NFL today when healthy. How can you disagree with that statement? Everyone on the thread basically chose the Bengals and the Ravens playing in the playoffs. I made a thread earlier this year stating "why is everyone writing of the Steelers". Not active enough on the thread to really get a true response besides no Ben, Holmes and Colon. That is one thing I can't get my fellow football fans is that all of you critics out there saying the Steelers arn't gonna be good because of last year or this year is bring up all the negatives. Why can't we look at the positives? I mean do you decide who's making the playoffs by watching ESPN? Come on guys get with the program. I have legit reasons why not only they will win their division, but they will make the playoffs and quite possibly go to the Superbowl. The only team that really can stop the Steelers in my opinion is the Colts which I think the Steelers can take them, but they are the toughest matchup in the AF. No one can disagree with that.

Negatives going into the season. Ben is suspended 4-6 games which Goodell in most folks minds believe he will reduce to at least 4 games. Holmes departure really doesn't help the situation nor does it help him being suspended. Traded him for a 5th rounder to the Jets. Head scratcher, but I think Wallace is more than capable of filling his shoes. Limas Sweed and the best offensive lineman Willie Colon is out for the season. Doesn't look all that good, but now let's look at the positives please.

Positives going into the season. Steelers were very active in free agency. Not big name players, but veterans to help out such as Battle and Will Allen for special teams. In my opinion that was the reason for Steelers failure to make the playoffs. 9 straight games giving up TDs if not that great field position. 5 of the 8 losses Steelers had last season were by 3 or less. Some of it was on fluke plays and missed oppurtunities. Reed missing field goals early in the season cost Steelers games early in the season. Dropped passes by Sweed that could have been TDs didn't help either. El returning makes in my opinion Steelers offense scary. He can throw just as well as the quarterbacks on the team which will give the offense a lot more oppurtunities. On the defensive end they added depth in the draft along with signing back of Larry Foote.

Trades Steelers made during the off-season. Leftwich for a 7th rounder. I like the idea. I like him and Dixon. I figure they are going with Leftwich to start the season, but they are both capable of doing the job. Bryant McFadden trade from the Cards was just awesome! I was very happy to hear that McFadden has returned the Steelers. He is a definately an upgrade at the cornerback position.

As for Camp, I've been taking some notes. Roethlisberger is in the best shape of his life. Which is a good sign for the Steelers. Offensive line looks like it is improving. Drafting Pouncey was a great upgrade. Flozell Adams is now on the Steelers also. Pro bowler is on the Steelers. Maybe replacing Colon. Don't know as of right now. Wide receiver position is really been good. Sanders a draftee by the Steelers in the third round is impressing. Running routes better than Mike Wallace. Dwyer could be a steal in the 6th round. At least Steeler fans are hoping so because he was projected to go in the 2nd round.

This is just a little bit of the reason why I have high expectations for the Steelers going into the season. Critics plz come right in.
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