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Posted on: October 13, 2011 10:49 pm

Jaguars @ Pittsburgh week 6 2011 preview

I had no idea about the Jags defense, so I looked up rankings. 8 in total yards and 11 in ppg. I think these rankings this early shouldn't be judged like....wow! The rankings are certainly based on the type of offenses they have faced such as teams like Titans and whoever else. LOL!Titans had one of the best defenses in the league, but Steelers still were solid both in the air and on the ground.

I am confident Steelers will pick up a win this week being at home again. Great fans getting behind them certainly energizes them to play better. The road is a different story of course. Certainly hope that changes later in the season. I think the Steelers will win by more than one TD to be honest. Wouldn't doubt if it is more than that. I feel the Jags offense stinks other than MJD. I'm sure the D will do a solid job against him like they did vs CJ2k. Gabbert isn't an accurate qb and I feel Steelers will come out of this with more than one turnover. That is one of the reasons I feel Pittsburgh will win this football game.

I'm wondering about how the running game will do this week. Not because the defense, but because Mendenhall situation where backups played very well. I didn't expect that performance out of the offensive line last week, but loved it. Hope the performance continues especially against Baltimore. I think Mendenhall's performance needs to be good if he starts. If not, certainly could see him benched sooner than later.

Hampton is out this week I believe with another player. Forget who it was, but Hoke did play well. Very impressed by him, Heyward, and so on. Woodley made the big plays after getting the big change. Hope it continues!! Expectation: Steelers 20 something Jags 10.
Posted on: October 11, 2011 12:10 am

Deserved praise and criticism week 5 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.


1.Al Davis/Raiders
-I was never a big fan of the Raiders. Not a big fan of any players on their football teams(exception McFadden). I was proud of the Raiders for pulling out that huge win for Al. I do wish the team well going forward. I want the Raiders to win the division this year for Al Davis. The story would just be tremendous. My bias towards rooting for Tebow to do well will not hurt the Raiders. Still proud to say the Raiders are undefeated in division play since Campbell came in. Prove them wrong!! RIP Al Davis

2.TEBOW TIME!!-I told you all Kyle Orton was over-rated. People bash Tebow for his accuracy when Orton is still one of the worst in the league. He lost his job and Tebow almost made Rivers have a heart attack. Tebow came in and led that football team. The sounds in that stadium was tremendous. An atmosphere, he created by the confidence he brought in with him. It would have been awesome to see that comeback win, but it didn't happen unfortunately!! Happy for Tebow and hope he proves the doubters wrong.

3.Vikings/All Day-Got their first win of the season and kept the lead!! Cards keep proving me right.

4.Saints/Brees/Panthers-It seems I have the Panthers on here every week. I am stunned by the way they have kept competitive in ball games. Deserve a lot of credit for getting the lead vs the Saints. I have been very hard on Brees and the Saints. Way more hate than they deserve. Saint fans and Brees, I apoligize. He truly is an elite quarterback in this league and I wish Brees and the Saints well going forward. I felt it needed to be said and I have felt this way since the game where I rooted for Brees and the Saints to win. I've been way too harsh towards the organization and the Saints. I said NFC Champs before the season began. Hope you prove me right! Again, I apoligize!

5.Packers/Lions-Undefeated through 5 weeks. I know both were expected to play well, but they deserve a ton of credit for their teams performance thus far. Calvin Johnson is currently my pick to win the MVP award with Rodgers a close 2nd. Both have played fantastic. Praise is well deserved!!

*Bonus: Seahawks-I think this was deserved after their performance vs the Giants. Know they won't be on here that often if they live up to my expectations. Congrats on the upset and huge victory.


1.Bucs-What happened? 3-48 loss to the 49ers. I had Bucs as the last team eliminated to miss the playoffs. Maybe it was the schedule. It seems like when they don't run the football effectively, the team struggles. I think Freeman needs better weapons. Picking the Saints to win the AFC South looks good right now! Again....thank you Falcons for keep proving me right!!

2.Jags-What is up with that? You have the lead and lose it? C'mon man!! Now Bengals look like they may start 5-2!! I bet Carson Palmer is happy!!

3.Colts lose lead-24-7 was when I said, Colts are gonna get their first victory. 28-24 was the final score....What happened? Chiefs ground game is non-existant. All they have is a passing game right now. I can't believe it! Colts will not have the worst record in the league o!!

4.Matt Schaub-With Texans being good they are getting more exposure nationally. That isn't good for Schaub because he is nothing, but a product of AJ and Arian Foster. He isn't an elite quarterback. He is worse than Romo and Rivers!!

5.Vick-Last season, I was rooting for Vick to be successful. He was, but this year.....he isn't looking too good. Dream Team comment probably killed this football team. I knew they would struggle early due to new coaches, but.....they have got to play better in all phases. It feels like in Philly they have too many personalities to deal with. VY obviously, Jackson wanting his pay check, and player playing with far more confidence. I don't know what it is, but they can't stop the run with those linebackers. That with the interception and turnovers. I had Eagles get the final wildcard spot with Lions/Packers getting #5.It looks if the playoff door is closing on the Eagles quickly. They gotta step it up!!
Posted on: January 1, 2011 4:46 pm

AFC playoff predictions/breakdown

I did an NFC already. I wasn't gonna do this, but I decided to do it anyways despite the critics. Who will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? Been pretty accurate these last few years. Well at least not my preseason predictions, but than again whose is?

I'll state why or why not I'm picking this team to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Still have a shot to make the playoffs, but I'm not picking them to get in. With their starting quarterback David Garrard now on IR ending his season I highly doubt they will even win their last regular season game with Trent Edwards.

New York Jets- The media's pick coming into the season was the Jets. All the talking with the HBO show to the foot fetish. All the talking has come to an end. Now you got to prove it. New York Jets winning the Super Bowl talk all year. Now all the talking will be on the field. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Chiefs upset the Jets. I'm actually picking the Chiefs to upset the Jets. Jets offense isn't consistant enough in my opinion. Sanchez isn't great at all. Not even good. LOL! Running game is lost. Defense wouldn't be able to handle an offense like the Colts or Patriots. I doubt they will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Again prove me wrong.

Baltimore Ravens-To me the Baltimore Ravens are one of the most under-rated football teams in the league. Yes they were one of the media's so-called picked, but they don't get the respect they deserve. They are a great football team. Great defense! Offense will need to step up for them to get to the Super Bowl. I don't think their passing game is as good as one thought. Running game was thrown out of the window where Rice wasn't getting his carry's. I think their offense will cost their team a chance to be in the Super Bowl. It will come down to the passing game in the end. Ravens could definately surprise us though. They are in my opinion the 3rd best team in the league right now.

Indianapolis Colts-I like their chances of making the playoffs and winning their division. Despite the teams struggles on offense due to injuries I think they are still a bit of a force in the AFC. They would give the Pats a battle if they were to face again. Just an opinion of course. I think the injuries will haunt them and lead them out of the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs-Some people would call this team a darkhorse. This team surprised us all. New coaching staff really helped revive this franchise. Matt Cassel has done a great job at quarterback. The running game is the true leader of this football team o. Charles along with Thomas Jones have made a force in that department. That is one of the reasons why I like them to take down the Jets. They are pretty good on special teams as well. Not that bad in the passing game either. I like their chances. Wouldn't be surprised if they did lose in the wildcard round like everyone expect. Wouldn't be surprised if they won in the wildcard round either. Great season o.

Pittsburgh Steelers-One of the reasons I wasn't gonna create one of these for the AFC because I would be criticized cuz of my biased towards my favorite football team the Pittsburgh Steelers. I like their chances to be honest. To me they are one of the top 2 teams in the league right now. Best defense in the league always helps come playoff time. Great wideouts with one emerging Mike Wallace. Running game is pretty good. Mendenhall is in the top 10 in that category. I think the Steelers will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. They have all the key components to get it done.

New England Patriots-Media's pick, majority of everyones pick. Of course they have a strong passing game. Under-rated defense among other qualities. Have a great quarterback who more likely than not will be named the MVP this year. They have one of the most praised head coaches in the NFL on their side as well along with home field advantage. You gotta think with all those advantages you gotta pick this football team. Any team can win on any given day. That's why we play the game. That's why I'm not picking the Patriots.

This is my breakdown of all of the AFC teams. Why and why not I pick them. So on and so forth. Tell me what ya think. Steelers will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.
Posted on: December 16, 2010 10:44 am

Win or stay home! Colts vs Jags preview:

As we all know the Colts have been one of the most successful frachises in the league in the last decade. Especially in the regular season. In the top 3 in winning percentage. That is very impressive if I do say so my self. The Colts are in a rough position right now. Ever since the loss to the Patriots in November they have not been the same. Injuries of course is a factor in all this. Peyton isn't playing all that well either. Interceptions has risen a lot in just these past few weeks. This game will be win or stay home for the Colts. That is how I'm looking at it anyway.

I'm surprised by the Jags play this season. Yes they won 7 games last year in last place I believe, but to be leading the AFC South. I had them at number 4 going in. Colts/Texans/Titans have not lived up to their expectations. I expected another 12 win season for the Colts. This will be the first season they havn't had 12 wins in I believe 8 years. That is impressive still, but the Colts have had losses in their division. 1 to start off the year vs the Texans. Of course they bounced back, but their season hasn't been successful at any means. The team won 14 games last year. Had a shot at a perfect season. In the Super Bowl last year as well. Ranked number 1 heading into the season over the defending champs.

Jags won the previous matchup vs the Colts earlier in the season thanks to the 3rd longest field goal ever made in the NFL set at 59 yarder. That just wowed me. I never expected the Colts to lose to a team like the Jags. Lucky for them they are still in this thing. This game will make or break their playoff hopes. If they lost this football game they do not deserve in the playoffs. No offense to Peyton Manning. He is a great quarterback and he will be listed as one of the best all-time when he is done. If the Jags sweep ya you just don't deserve in the playoffs. Don't know the last time they havn't made the playoffs. Again I'm still considered a teen so apoligies. I was playing outside on Sundays. Anyways good luck to both teams. If Jags win they definately deserve in the playoffs. This game is considered to me for the Colts anyways win or stay home. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be......STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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