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Posted on: July 30, 2011 9:51 pm

Best all-time/best right now at positions......

I did something similar to this some time ago. ESPN did it.....just want to hear other posters opinions on it. Who is the best all-time at respective positions? Who is the best right now at their respective positions?

C:Wilt Chamberlain/Dwight Howard
PF:Tim Duncan/Dirk Nowitzki
SF:Larry Bird/Lebron James
SG:Michael Jordan/Dwayne Wade
PG:Magic Johnson/CP3

Posted on: July 16, 2011 5:45 pm

Pat Riley isn't a genius..........

It amazes me that some idiots actually think Riley is a genius because the 2010 offseason. It wasn't his genius and it had nothing to do at all with Pat Riley. It had everything to do with the star players and where they wanted to go. That is why the NBA lockout is happening because the players have too much control right now. They decided where they wanted to go.

Riley didn't land Lebron because money or genius. He landed Lebron because Bosh joined the Heat. Bosh was the guy who really decided where Wade and Lebron would go. Talks emerged about the possibility of a sign and trade with Bosh going to Cleveland. If that would have happened Lebron would be in Cleveland right now. If that would have happened Wade would likely be in Chicago playing for the Bulls while the Heat have one player named Mario Chalmers making K dollars. Riley would probably have lost his position and Heat would have probably turned out being the laughing stalk of the league.

Lebron and Wade made their decisions last while Bosh was the first to make his decision. When Bosh made his shortly after Wade joined him of course. Riley wasn't a genius at all. It had nothing to do with him luring them in with money or his talks about winning a championship. It had everything to do with the players decisons which ended up being the 2010 FA class. Riley is over-rated as the president of the Heat and as a coach as well. Who couldn't win championships with those Laker teams? Seriously? Why did the Knicks not win a championship under Riley in the 90s? He won one with the Heat after letting all those bench players left the next season they started off getting blown out by like 30 points. Terrible season which led to Shaq getting traded to PHX. Heat were going no where. Wade wanted out!! Talk about talentless teams....look who Wade had around him. Wade would have left Miami if Bosh or Lebron went elsewhere. No doubt in my mind. Likely destination would have been Chicago. Riley would have been fired if he wouldn't have been able to sign Bosh. Genius Riley? I think not. Terrible team after terrible team he put together. He has been critic for only coaching for good situations. Gave another coach an oppurtunity to coach a terrible team. What a lucky guy. LOL! Riley said to big 3 "I'll coach if you want me to". Nah, spoelstra is our coach after questioned about him coaching for the Heat.

Again: Riley isn't a genius!
Posted on: June 17, 2011 10:22 am

Top 5 players each position currently!!

Top 5 each position NBA:

1.Dwight Howard
3.Al Jefferson
4.Al Horford
Honorable mention:Marc Gasol 

Power Forward:
4.Blake Griffin
5.Pau Gasol
Honorable mention:Kevin Love

Small Forward:
1.Lebron James
2.Kevin Durant
3.Carmelo Anthony
4.Danny Granger
5.Rudy Gay
Honorable mention:Paul Pierce

Shooting guard:
4.Kevin Martin
5.Joe Johnson
Honorable mention:Manu

Point guard:
2.Derrick Rose
4.Deron Williams
Honorable mention:Rondo
Posted on: June 14, 2011 11:32 pm

My despise for Lebron James is explained......

I have various times to explain my hatred for Lebron. People ask me variously on the NBA boards "Why do I hate LeBron James so much?". My hate for Lebron began years before "the decision". In 2009 I believe it started. When all the Nike commercials were hyping a matchup between Lebron and Kobe. I really didn't mind it first, but it started really to make me angry. In 2009, I was rooting for the Orlando Magic simply because Dwight Howard is my 2nd favorite player in the NBA at the time and my favorite player's team didn't make the playoffs. Dwight Howard met up with James in the Eastern Conference Finals. Dwight Howard had an interview about the puppets and talked about how disrespectful it truly was. Why not the best team go to the Finals? With some of the most bogus calls I could ever see. The superstar treatment really made me angry with him. It felt as if they were trying to help him get to the Finals. This one really didn't make me happy at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kwhi1twVO0 

Than with all the King crap along with all the praise by the media. Winning the MVP that season in which I thought Dwayne Wade deserved. I thought he was the best player that year in the NBA, but I guess the team record wasn't good enough. Cleveland really treated the guy like he was King. After Magic beat the Cavs in 2009 Eastern Conference Finals he left and not a handshake for Dwight Howard or anybody. It shows lack of sportsmanship and respect. He expects when he wins a handshake or something after a win. Why didn't he give one to Dwight? I'm a competitor he says. Hell yea....you have been a competitor all your life. That isn't a very good excuse at all.

Shaq traded to Cleveland. Sentence that will be remembered by his words: I'm here to win a ring for a king or something like that. Didn't really work out the way they planned. Lebron had another MVP season and Cavs made a "blockbuster trade" midseason to get Jamison who was suppose to be a perfect fit. Didn't really work out well either. Lebron led the Cavs to Eastern Conference semis and lost after taking a 2-0 lead over Boston. Some fans said he quit, he used the excuse injury as well. Why all the excuses? Why can't the Magic or Boston be the better team. Funny video about his injury that year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly28VtJxREA

Media again treat this guy like he is a king. Another thing that was a slap in the face to me was that after the guy was eliminated Lebron and free agency started overshadowing the playoffs. It made me angry because none of the crap started until he got eliminated. Give these playoff teams some praise. Shows the lack of respect to those teams. "The Decision" happened. I was very annoyed by all the talk, but of course I was interested in where he was going as many others were. I was hoping he would stay with Cleveland which of course he didn't. The way he did it along with the media. It made me angry of course. Lebron not telling Cavs or any other organization "the decision". That had to watch like the rest of us that arrogant bleep. Lebron showed lack of respect to all the NBA players in the NBA today stating he isn't gonna win 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 yada yada yada. He took the easy way out in my opinon. He got all angry because former NBA players and media were bashing him for the way he handled things. What do you expect? Praise for it? You get enough praise as it is. I was more annoyed by James that Summer than Brett Favre coverage.

I have disliked James before the decision. I never disliked the Heat til he joined the Heat. I rooted for them to win their first NBA championship vs the Mavs. I never disliked Wade and I still don't dislike Wade or Bosh. I only root against the Heat because of Lebron. I only disliked the Cavs because Lebron. For a year now I have had rather pity for Cleveland. Not really anymore though after the fixed lottery. I have disliked Lebron since his Cleveland days. Everybody really started to dislike Lebron after the decision. I disliked him before that time. In an article I read a day or so ago that I completely forgot about this. Lebron wouldn't grant Mavs owner a meeting with him to talk about joining Dallas last summer which caused all this investigation stuff. Kinda ironic he got beat by that same team.

Another thing that made me rather angry was the lack of respect Lebron showed. He asked a bunch of vets to sign minimum salary to join him on his "mission" to win a championship. These guys have family's to, but hey they were willing to do it. He is an arrogant and greedy kind of person that I dislike with a passion. I have disliked him for several years it mostly has to do with the lack of respect he shows and some it has to do with the media, but mostly it has to do with his arrogance, all the excuses over the years, and being greedy. I rooted against the Heat every single time I watched a game. Of course just nationally televised games. I feel as if I have the right to root against and for whatever teams I want. As do the rest of the NBA fans. I have reasons to dislike James and dislike certain teams/players. I think I have right to root against James as does everybody else. Lebron is the best player in the NBA today. No doubt about it despite not showing it in the Finals. He is a great player and is the face of the NBA. In Cleveland he was probably the most loved and popular player in the NBA. With the Miami Heat he is the most disliked and popular player. I'm gonna continue to root against the Heat as long as Lebron is on the team cuz of the arrogance, excuses, and lack of respect to the rest of the league and the NBA fans.

Join Heat haterz club if you wish. I think that is all....at least I can think of at this moment. Comments? Thoughts? Mavs beat the Heat to win the NBA championship!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool

Posted on: June 14, 2011 10:35 pm

My rooting 4 and against the Mavs playoff run!

This thread is made for the simple fact I want to show some much needed applause to the Mavs. I have to admit that I along with most of the NBA fans said that they would be knocked out by the Trail Blazers in the first round. They proved me wrong through out. I have hated the Mavs for a very long time. When I was younger and started watching the NBA I rooted for Allen Iverson's team because he was my favorite player. LA was reigning over the Western Conference for several years. Every year I would root against LA for obvious reasons. Kings could never get it done, but the Spurs did which is one of the main reasons why I liked the Spurs. They beat LA like no one else could really do all decade. Liking the Spurs(not my favorite team, but would root for them against certain teams) and their biggest rival in my opinion the Mavs. I think that is what drew the hatred that I had in my heart all these years.

Of course rooting against the Mavs vs virtually every team they faced just about. I rooted for the Heat in the Finals to win their first NBA championship in franchise history. Mavs had a great playoff run that year. Began the Finals series 2-0. The Heat came back and won it all. Of course, I cheered because the team I disliked with a passion lost. The following year the hatred probably got worse with Dirk winning the MVP award. Losing in the first round as the best team in the NBA was awesome at the time. Especially because it was the first time a team ever lost to a #8 seed in a 7 game series.

It cooled down rather with losses early in the playoffs, but I still disliked the team and rooted against the team vs virtually every team. Around 2008 or 2009 I found a guy I strongly disliked. His name was LeBron James. I eventually despised the guy just as much and more than the Mavs. I almost went off topic. I'll try to stay on it here. I rooted against the Mavs vs every team besides the team that Lebron was on since 2008 or 2009. There was no way, I thought that the Mavs would make it to the Finals. Not only that....I never thought I would ever root for the team to win a championship which I did in a rather weird way.

Playoffs began (thank goodness...I was beyond ready for like month before the season ended) of course rooted against the Heat and Mavs. Made a bold statement stating Mavs wouldn't make it out of the first round. That is my upset that didn't happen. My favorite team got the boot in the first round instead. Heat won their series(shocker...not). Mavs beat the Trail Blazers. I said Mavs won't beat LA. I'm gonna make an avatar bet thinking LA is gonna beat them without a doubt. Mavs not only beat LA, they beat them via sweep. If you would have told anyone before the season began LA would be swept they would have called you insane. Not only that, but if you would have said the Mavs of all teams would have swept them I figure they would have laughed at you. After my favorite team was eliminated....I rooted for OKC cuz they were underdogs. Underdogs in what I mean is after they were at the bottom of the NBA via standings  they came back and got to the playoffs and beat LA 2x. I thought that was impressive. I rooted for them cuz what a way it would have been. Meaning story of course in just a little amount of time to win an NBA championship from being one of the worst teams in the NBA without superstar signings or superstar trades. Didn't happen....Mavs beat OKC and were going to the Finals

If you would have told me 3 months ago or 5 years ago I'd be rooting for the Mavs to win their first championship I would have called you crazy cuz there was really no way that could happen unless of the two teams I hate the most face in the Finals. They met and I had to root for the team I have disliked for a very long time. They won their first championship and I was happy for them. Especially Jason Kidd. Rooted for him to win with the Nets vs LA. Good to see it. A good story to end their season. I'd like to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for showing such lack of respect to the team, owner, ect. You indeed did prove me wrong. I'm rather proud to say that since you beat the Heat. If you would have beat a different team I'd probably be upset right now. In any case, I have to give you the credit you deserve and much respect. Dallas prove not only me wrong, but virtually 95% of the NBA wrong. Congrats to the Mavs of the Cinderella story. I'm proud of the organization and the team. Oh yea, I'm also proud to have the Mavs logo on my avatar all month due to the bet. I wish the team well going forward. Once again congrats to the 2011 NBA Finals Champions......the Dallas Mavericks. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: May 12, 2011 10:32 pm

Is it destiny? The matchup to face in the Finals?

The star matchup has been talked about in the past and it has a possibility of happening this year. The star matchup I'm talking about is of course Durant/James. This would be considered by some as a dream NBA Finals matchup. We had Jordan/Drexler. This generation we could have Durant/James. What do you think? Is it destiny?
Posted on: March 22, 2011 12:52 am

Better matchup for Knicks......Boston/Miami?

After replying to Knicks/Boston aftermath thread I read a post by a Knick fan stating he'd rather the Knicks play C's over Miami. I think this would be a good debate which is a reason I started this post. Of course, talking about possible 1st round playoff matchups.

Now I know many Celtic fans may be upset same with the Heat about their team, but I'm gonna state it how I see it. State your opinions about my post or just state your opinion of the matchups of which would be better for the Knicks.

I'm gonna state the advantages and disadvantages of facing both teams. Than come to a conclusion on which matchup I think the Knicks would have a better chance of winning a playoff series against.

Heat's advantages against the Knicks: The Heat have three reliable scorers who are very consistant. 3 of them could go for 20 every game. Lebron and Wade could go 40. Their advantage is simple they have 3 scoring option to worry about. The team has played longer together as well. A lot longer than the Knick teammates have. I believe that is another advantage.

Heat's disadvantages against the Knicks: Of course this is against every team so it doesn't really matter. Point guard position is not reliable option especialy on defense vs a veteran point guard such as Billups who can score 20 on some nights. Size of course is both issues for both teams. That is one of the reasons I believe the Heat would be a better matchup vs the Knicks. Both teams are still trying to get chemistry like other veteran teams. Just another reason why I think Heat would be a better matchup vs Knicks. Heat's bench production is weak. It can't compare to the Celtic's bench by any means. Another disadvantage for the Heat.

Of course if you read thus far I think the Heat is the better matchup. They have in my opinion a lot more disadvantages than Celtics do.

Celtics advantages against the Knicks: The team has great chemistry cuz the majority of the roster has been to the Finals together more than once. Knicks gave up basically half their roster via trade before the trade deadline. Team has played what? 15 games together? Celtics also have a bit of a balance. In my opinion they are better defensively more so than offensively. The Knicks offense has got to score to win the game cuz they can't make stops on defense. They are probably the worst team defensively in the NBA right now. Celtics are probably the best defensively. Playoff success/experience may play a factor as well. The Knicks havn't been to the playoffs in quite a while. To me that is also an edge for the C's due to the fact the team has a lot of veterans that have won championships. I think Billups is the only guy to win a championship on the Knicks. Celtics have great production from their bench. A lot better than both the Heat and Knicks.

To me that just makes my point. Celtics are just a bad matchup for the Knicks. I wouldn't mind seeing C's play Knicks in the playoffs cuz I love the old school rivalries. I also like watching the Knicks lose. Who worse to get beat by than their rivals. Knick fans will be po.

Celtics disadvantages against the Knicks: Offense really isn't as consistant from Pierce, KG, or Rondo. I'm speaking about scoring ability of course of these players. They have their good and bad games. Not as consistant as the Heat's trio. I believe Allen is the most consistant o. Bench production is also an issue at times. With a lot of teams it happens like that. Days they don't show up. I still believe they have a good bench o. Celtics also have injury concerns with Oneal's and what not. I believe their health along with bench play will decide how far C's go in the playoffs.

Celtics have way more advantages than the Heat do. Heat has more disadvantages than the Celtics do as well. That is why I believe Miami would be the better matchup for the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs than the Celtics. Knicks may win a game or 2 if they play the Heat. I think it would be a better series. Celtics vs Knicks may last 5 games at the max. Wouldn't be surprised if a sweep occured the teams met in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Do you agree? Disagree? Comments? Who do you believe the better matchup for the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs?

Posted on: March 6, 2011 11:00 pm

Cavs 2009 record compared to Miami's 2010 record

Miami's record: 43-20

compared to last year's 2009 Cavs team with league's best record: 61-21

Will Miami reach that win total? I think not. LOL! It is rather embarrassing is it not? Miami is on their toughest stretch in their schedule currently and loss 4 in a row. Is the Cavs doing that great without James? No, but to say he had no help and crap like that is idiotic. To have league's best record 2 straight years. These 3 superstars together! 3 all-stars that led 3 different teams couldn't get the same record as the lowly Lebron's team. In which folks claimed he received no help. Obviously he had some help. Better help from those players than the young guns who claim they are the 3 Kings of the NBA.

What will the excuse be for the lack of victories? This team is no where near the 90s Bulls nor are they better than the 2009 Cavs or 2008 Cavs. If you ask me that is pathetic! What is your thoughts on this comparison via record?
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