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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:21 pm
Edited on: April 13, 2011 9:24 pm

NBA 1st round playoffs preview: Heat vs Sixers

Let me start out by saying, I dislike the Heat more than any team in the league. Last year they weren't for obvious reasons why not. Not gonna get into all that. In any case, here is my playoff preview for Sixers vs Heat.

The time we all been waiting for. The favorites are gonna be the hunted! The media loves them and most America hates them. I for one can admit it. Fact of the matter is.....Heat drastically changed my opinion of them in the past week. The Celtics game was the one that caught my eye obviously. A month ago, I wouldn't have gave Heat much of a chance vs C's if they did make it past the 1st round which we all expect. I saw something, I havn't seen all season long. Fire in their eyes, determination, will to win, ect. I fully expect a sweep even though I hope not. I say this series will only last four games. No disrespect to the Sixers. They are a good team, but Heat should finish it in 4. I figure that Lebron will play 4 which would be a tough matchup as Doug Collins has stated. He is a nightmare cuz he has no power forward on the team that could guard him simply because he has so much speed against them. He also has the power to guard a power forward if needed to. Bosh could play 5 as well. This series should be short and sweet. Don't expect a win for Philly. I'd be shocked to see one to be honest. X factor for Philly is Lou Williams/bench play. Bench comes out and plays well they may stay in games. Lou Williams has got to play great in this series for the team to have a chance. If he plays well at the 1 they should win a game or more. If he doesn't......will be a long series. Sixers prove me wrong!!

Heat win 4-0 sweep! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: March 24, 2011 2:32 pm

If playoffs started today predictions............

West Conference

SA vs Memphis=winner SA in 5
LA vs NO=winner LA in 6
Dal vs Por=winner Portland in 7
OKC vs Den=OKC in 6

SA vs OKC=winner OKC in 6
LA vs Por=winner LA in 6

OKC vs LA=winner LA in 7

East Conference

Chi vs Ind=winner Chi in 5
Bos vs NYK=winner Bos in 4
Heat vs Philly=winner Heat in 6
Orl vs Atl=winner Orl in 5.

Chi vs Orl=winner Chi in 6
Bos vs Heat=winner Bos in 6

Chi vs Bos=winner Chi in 7

NBA Finals

LA vs Chi=winner LA in 6.

Posted on: January 28, 2011 9:03 pm

26 days remain til the trade deadline..Melo trade

A lot of talk has been about Melo trades? I can honestly state now I doubt Melo will be traded as of now. It seems as if all the talk is done. I doubt the Nuggets will get as much as they would have from the Nets. Which in my opinion was way too much for Melo what they were asking for. Anybody think Melo will be traded? If so than to which team?

Richard Hamilton aka Rip is also rumored to be traded somewhere. He wants out. I have no idea about the desination he will be going. Pistons were apart of the Nets trade and Rip was heading to New Jersey til the trade talks immediately stopped.

Any other guys rumored to be traded I didn't mention? LOL! All of two guys.

Steve Nash has been rumored, but it is clear that they have no intention of trading a soon to be 38 year old.

I think the 76ers should trade Iggy sooner rather than later.

Granger is also rumored, but again who knows?

Anybody got any updates? Will Melo be traded?
Posted on: November 2, 2010 3:36 pm

Is A.I. a hall of famer?

I made a blog about a week ago titled "Goodbye to AI". To say a possible goodbye to my first favorite player. Usually when you first start watching something you'll always say that was the best. AI indeed to me was on of the best players last decade. Stuck by him through it all. I was upset to see his career go down like it has. He officially signed with a Turkish team. 1st year I know for sure he can't opt to play for an NBA team if a team would become interested. In any case I stuck by AI his whole career. He was my favorite when I first started watching NBA. He was great to watch. Rooted for the 76ers til they traded him away. I was very angry over it. Couldn't believe they did that so I rooted for him. He was the only reason I rooted for the 76ers anyways. He was exciting to watch and different. He went to the Piston I rooted for the Pistons and so on. In any case, lets say his career in the NBA was over would you nominate him or vote for him to go to the hall of fame?
Posted on: November 2, 2010 2:59 pm

NBA award predictions/division winners

NBA champions: Magic

NBA Finals: Lakers vs Magic

MVP: Dwight Howard, Magic

Coah Of the Year: Stan Van Gundy, Magic

Defensive player of the year: Dwight Howard, Magic

R.O.Y: Evan Turner, 76ers

Sixth Man: Michael Pietrus, Magic

Most Improved: Vince Carter, Magic

Most Overrated team: Heat

Most Underrated: Bucks

Most Disappointing Team: Mavs

Pacific Divison champion: Lakers

Northwest Division champion: Thunder

Southwest: Rockets

Atlantic: Celtics

Southeast: Magic

Central: Bulls

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