Posted on: January 16, 2012 9:17 am

Sportsmanship is over-rated!!!!

I'm sick and tired of sportsmanship seen across these boards. Especially when it is given to rivals. I'm shocked by the things I see on these boards. You come across some stupid Steeler fan that not only stated congrats to the Ravens on their victory, but hoping they will represent the AFC North well. Are you kidding me? Rivals do not root for rivals. That is fact isn't it? You don't see Boston Celtic fans rooting for Laker fans to win the NBA championship do you? Your not going to see a Yankees fan root for a Red Sox fan do you? This isn't college football where ignorant fans claim to root for this team and the next minute root for the same rivals they claim to hate so one conference can have the most bowl victories. It is down right ridiculous to me. It makes me sick to see. You know after a loss, the guy shaking your hand saying "good game and congrats on winning the game or  championship" really means that. After a loss, you are telling me you are watching the postgame interview/celebration by the opposing team? I don't think so!! You can't sit there and tell me Raven fans were rooting for Pittsburgh to beat non division football teams to represent the division well. You gotta be kidding me. Even you Steeler haters have to admit this. You even made a thread about rejoicing in the Steelers loss. When my fav team wins or when I win some award, I don't want the loser to be in my spotlight. I want to take that trophy and hold it high as the loser walks away with his head hanging. Who needs class? Who here is wanting to have a tea party? Give me a break..........Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.....STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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