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Tag:deserved praise and criticism
Posted on: December 31, 2011 5:52 pm
Edited on: January 1, 2012 11:13 pm

Deserved praise and criticism NFL season 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Packers finish best record-Certainly a big accomplishment for the defending champs this year. Got a 1st round bye, division crown, and in some folks minds....the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Finish final week with records set without starters in....

2.Houston Texans make the playoffs without stars-I believe the team lost Schaub week 7 and was still able to make the playoffs. The team also lost their backup qb in Leinart and still made the playoffs. Not only that, but both Andre Johnson and Arian Foster missed a lot of games as well. Very impressive especially Wade Phillips defense.

3.Lions playoff drought over!!-First time since 1999, the Lions have made the playoffs. It has been a very back and forth season for the Lions. Starting off solid than the handshake heard around the world. The Suh issues heated up, but they were able to overcome it. Congrats to the Lions and their fans.

4.49ers have got the coach of the year-Without question, the 49ers team has to be the move improved. People called me crazy for believing the 49ers would be battling for the division in December. They proved the doubters wrong just like Alex Smith has done. Can they get it done in the playoffs?

5.Record breaking season for Brees-We all know qbs don't individually put up those #s on their own, but Brees played one helluva season. One could argue he deserves the MVP any case....congrats to Drew Brees.

: Cam Newton proves critics wrong-Some would call his season, the best ever by a rookie qb. He is a pro bowl alternate, set records, and may lead the Panthers back to the playoffs next year. Congrats is deserved!!!

Deserved criticism:

1.Dream Team doesn't live up to the hype-I figure most of us out there figured the Eagles would struggle early because all the new acquistions that were made this offseason along with new coaches and so on. One thing to take out of the season is the Eagles made sure that Rob Ryan's words were shut after that sweep. Maybe next year........

2.Chargers/Rivers-The media hype machine built up the Chargers and fooled some brainwashed people in the process. It is sad that some people actually thought the Chargers would be in the Super Bowl. Back to back years the team hasn't been able to win the worst division in football. The team is barely .500 as I type. LOL! The choke jobs by the starting qb this year could be put on the funniest home videos. Classic "Worst Day Ever" quote on Monday Night vs the Chiefs. Elite? Probably at choking when the game is on the line.

3.Jets miss playoffs-Back to back AFC Championship appearances and this year....missing the playoffs. Always a ton of hype around New York, but it is very bad way to end the season with all the questions surrounding Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan. Will be a very interesting offseason. 

4.High expectations for the Bucs-Coming into the season, some folks had the Bucs making the playoffs while others having them just missing. In any case, the team ended their season with 10 straight losses. Will they have a coach change? Probably, but it was very disappointing.

5.Hanie led Bears no where-Bears were in position to make the playoffs til their starting quarterback in Jay Cutler suffered an injury vs the Chargers. Since....the Bears lost 5 straight and won their final game in which wasn't enough to get in the playoffs.

*Bonus: NFC West favorites-It seems as if year after year the favorite never wins the division. Last year, it was the 49ers and this year the favorites were the Rams. Rams now have a top 3 pick in the draft unfortunately.Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
Posted on: December 31, 2011 5:07 pm
Edited on: January 1, 2012 9:48 pm

Deserved praise and criticism week 17 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Packers win without Rodgers-Matt Flynn and the Green Bay Packers offense battled in a shootout with the Lions. They didn't disappoint....480 passing yards and 6 TDs. When was the last time have you seen a backup step in and put up those kinds of #s?

2.Jason Taylor played his last game-Big win over a team he was on a year ago in the AFC Championship game. Taylor and the Miami Dolphins end the season of the Jets along with an ending to one helluva career. Congrats'll be missed,

3.Pats clinch home field-Started off slow, but ended strong vs the Bills.  1 point away from 50 points. Congrats to the Pats!!

4.Falcons dominate-The game vs the Bucs was over at halftime. Score 42-7......wonder if that momentum will carry in the playoffs? #5 seeded Falcons will play NFC East division winner. Prove me wrong!!

5.Indy got what they wanted?-A loss today clinches the team getting the number 1 pick in April's draft. Will they take Luck or trade the pick? Either way, they got great value there.

: Kyle Orton get his revenge?-A very big game for Kyle Orton since he was the starter in Denver before Tebow. KC defeated the Broncos, but they still won the AFC West and made the playoffs.

Deserved criticism:

1.Jets season ends.....-Another predicted Super Bowl victory and another failure to deliver. Rex Ryan was furious on the sidelines as the qb who he continues to protect gives up turnovers.

2.Did Bengals want it?-Despite losing to the Ravens, they will get in the playoffs because every team lost who were in contention to get in the playoffs. Lucky for the pick to get first playoff win vs Houston. Write it down!!

3.Houston Texans lose 3 straight-!Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they lost 3 straight. Not a good way to be heading into the playoffs with virtually no momentum, no starting qb, and so on.

4.Raiders playoff drought continues-.The Raiders had the qb they wanted and they couldn't get it done. A win would have got the Raiders in the playoffs, but the job didn't get done. Team was 4-2 before Carson Palmer stepped on the football field. Doesn't look as if the trade worked out.

5.Lions lose to Packers with starters out-.No real excuse to lose to the Packers without key players out there like Rodgers. They actually played better vs the Packers Thanksgiving Day on the defensive side anyway. How does this defense expect to stop an offense the Saints have the way they played vs a backup qb.

*Bonus:Broncos lose to Orton led Chiefs -.Despite the loss...the Broncos made the playoffs because of Raiders loss to the Chargers this week. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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