Posted on: February 22, 2011 5:11 pm

Evaluating Wolves/Nuggets future

Wolves receive:  C Eddy Curry, F Anthony Randolph, $3 million
Wolves gave up:  F Corey Brewer

Wolves got a good deal. Heard Curry will be bought out. Obviously the deal with Melo couldn't happen if not for Curry getting out of New York with his expiring contract. Again the buyout of Curry's contract is a rumor. Figure they will o. So basically the Knicks gave up Randolph and 3 million for Brewer. Not that bad of a trade, but I think Wolves gained from this deal due to the fact Randolph is good and still has a rookie contract that is affordable. Get 3 million also. Very good deal for Wolves. It benefits in my opinion the Knicks also since they are receiving Melo.

Nuggets receive: G Raymond Felton, F Danilo Gallinari, F Wilson Chandler, C Timofey Mozgov, first-round pick in 2014, second-round picks in 2012 and 2013, $3 million.
Nuggets give up: F Carmelo Anthony, G Chauncey Billups, C Shelden Williams, F Renaldo Balkman, G Anthony Carter.

Obviously trading star players such as Anthony and Billups it looks as if they are rebuilding. They received some nice young talent to build around. They got something the Cavs and Toronto didn't get. That is some good prospects along with a good deal in my opinion. I praise Melo for stating to the Nuggets way beforehand that he wants out. Way better than letting them have nothing. Didn't expect the team to do well in the playoffs regardless this year. I don't expect or predicted that they would make the playoffs this season cuz of the Melo situation that I figured would play out. It did and I don't expect them to make the playoffs for a few years. Probably more than that LOL! In any case the deal is done thank goodness. It was very annoying with the drama all year. I wish both teams good luck going forward. They certainly need it. I wish their fanbases to stick in there.

Posted on: February 22, 2011 4:46 pm

Evaluating Knick trades with Wolves/Denver

I decided to do this last night, but it was late so I decided to do it tomorrow which is today. Anyways here is my evaluation on both of the Knick trades. Definately shook things up and I must say their future is bright going forward.

Knicks received: F Carmelo Anthony, G Chauncey Billups, C Shelden Williams, F Renaldo Balkman, F Corey Brewer, G Anthony Carter.

Knicks gave up: G Raymond Felton, F Danilo Gallinari, F Wilson Chandler, G Timofey Mozgov, first-round pick in 2014, second-round picks in 2012 and 2013, $3 million each to Nuggets and Timberwolves along with Eddy Currey and Randolph to the Wolves.

Obviously the Knicks gave up starters along with some bench players to get what they wanted. What they wanted was of course Carmelo Anthony. All the talk has been about Melo to New York. That destination he wanted to go and he is going with teammates along with new players. Gets to team with one of his friends in Amare. This is huge not only for the Knicks, but the Eastern Conference. Their fan base is quite strange. It is either that or some of their fans are. Some are just plain upset with the deal feeling they gave up too much for Melo? Did they? In some ways I guess you can say that. Keep hearing about the starters they gave up. Did they not get starters in return? Billups, Brewer, Melo need I go on. Yes you gave up 4 starters that had great talent. Denver and Minnesota did the same thing. Role players also I hear Eddy Curry and so on. Eddy Curry and his bad contract has been way overdue. They been trying to get rid of him for several seasons. I know some fans that were upset at the fact Curry optioned to return rather than be a free agent. Anyways the Knicks have a far better future now with Melo than without him. I figure if Knicks wouldn't have put up an offer like they did than Anthony would be heading to New Jersey. He won't leave that type of money on the table.

Future for the Knicks is bright like I stated. They have two superstars now. Do I believe they can win a playoff series this season? It is certainly possible, but I wouldn't bet on it. Will they next season? You can bank on that. Would they have won a playoff series without these trades? I doubt it more so. I think this is the best bet for their franchise to win a championship. A guy like Melo playing for your franchise doesn't happen every day nor every year for that matter. This was their oppurtunity and they took it. I woulda did the same thing. You get experienced vets in Billups and Melo which it will bring that to a young team like the Knicks. They were young anyway. I believe Billups has some game left in him. Brewer certainly does. The team is certainly one of the top tier in the East. I give congrats to the owner, organization, and so on for making this trade happen. Fanbase has suffered for a long time and now they got a playoff team that will soon become a championship contender. They made big steps closer to that with them deals they made.
Posted on: January 28, 2011 9:03 pm

26 days remain til the trade deadline..Melo trade

A lot of talk has been about Melo trades? I can honestly state now I doubt Melo will be traded as of now. It seems as if all the talk is done. I doubt the Nuggets will get as much as they would have from the Nets. Which in my opinion was way too much for Melo what they were asking for. Anybody think Melo will be traded? If so than to which team?

Richard Hamilton aka Rip is also rumored to be traded somewhere. He wants out. I have no idea about the desination he will be going. Pistons were apart of the Nets trade and Rip was heading to New Jersey til the trade talks immediately stopped.

Any other guys rumored to be traded I didn't mention? LOL! All of two guys.

Steve Nash has been rumored, but it is clear that they have no intention of trading a soon to be 38 year old.

I think the 76ers should trade Iggy sooner rather than later.

Granger is also rumored, but again who knows?

Anybody got any updates? Will Melo be traded?
Posted on: August 29, 2010 10:38 am

Time for people to wake up and smell the coffee

I was on a thread today where everyone was making their predictions about who is gonna be playing after week 17. I read the posters picks. I posted where is the Steelers? Some Padres fan acuses me of being a homer for saying that comment. So I'm not suppose to believe in my favorite team? I believe the Steelers are just as good as many football team in the NFL today when healthy. How can you disagree with that statement? Everyone on the thread basically chose the Bengals and the Ravens playing in the playoffs. I made a thread earlier this year stating "why is everyone writing of the Steelers". Not active enough on the thread to really get a true response besides no Ben, Holmes and Colon. That is one thing I can't get my fellow football fans is that all of you critics out there saying the Steelers arn't gonna be good because of last year or this year is bring up all the negatives. Why can't we look at the positives? I mean do you decide who's making the playoffs by watching ESPN? Come on guys get with the program. I have legit reasons why not only they will win their division, but they will make the playoffs and quite possibly go to the Superbowl. The only team that really can stop the Steelers in my opinion is the Colts which I think the Steelers can take them, but they are the toughest matchup in the AF. No one can disagree with that.

Negatives going into the season. Ben is suspended 4-6 games which Goodell in most folks minds believe he will reduce to at least 4 games. Holmes departure really doesn't help the situation nor does it help him being suspended. Traded him for a 5th rounder to the Jets. Head scratcher, but I think Wallace is more than capable of filling his shoes. Limas Sweed and the best offensive lineman Willie Colon is out for the season. Doesn't look all that good, but now let's look at the positives please.

Positives going into the season. Steelers were very active in free agency. Not big name players, but veterans to help out such as Battle and Will Allen for special teams. In my opinion that was the reason for Steelers failure to make the playoffs. 9 straight games giving up TDs if not that great field position. 5 of the 8 losses Steelers had last season were by 3 or less. Some of it was on fluke plays and missed oppurtunities. Reed missing field goals early in the season cost Steelers games early in the season. Dropped passes by Sweed that could have been TDs didn't help either. El returning makes in my opinion Steelers offense scary. He can throw just as well as the quarterbacks on the team which will give the offense a lot more oppurtunities. On the defensive end they added depth in the draft along with signing back of Larry Foote.

Trades Steelers made during the off-season. Leftwich for a 7th rounder. I like the idea. I like him and Dixon. I figure they are going with Leftwich to start the season, but they are both capable of doing the job. Bryant McFadden trade from the Cards was just awesome! I was very happy to hear that McFadden has returned the Steelers. He is a definately an upgrade at the cornerback position.

As for Camp, I've been taking some notes. Roethlisberger is in the best shape of his life. Which is a good sign for the Steelers. Offensive line looks like it is improving. Drafting Pouncey was a great upgrade. Flozell Adams is now on the Steelers also. Pro bowler is on the Steelers. Maybe replacing Colon. Don't know as of right now. Wide receiver position is really been good. Sanders a draftee by the Steelers in the third round is impressing. Running routes better than Mike Wallace. Dwyer could be a steal in the 6th round. At least Steeler fans are hoping so because he was projected to go in the 2nd round.

This is just a little bit of the reason why I have high expectations for the Steelers going into the season. Critics plz come right in.
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