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Deserved praise and criticism week 17 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Packers win without Rodgers-Matt Flynn and the Green Bay Packers offense battled in a shootout with the Lions. They didn't disappoint....480 passing yards and 6 TDs. When was the last time have you seen a backup step in and put up those kinds of #s?

2.Jason Taylor played his last game-Big win over a team he was on a year ago in the AFC Championship game. Taylor and the Miami Dolphins end the season of the Jets along with an ending to one helluva career. Congrats'll be missed,

3.Pats clinch home field-Started off slow, but ended strong vs the Bills.  1 point away from 50 points. Congrats to the Pats!!

4.Falcons dominate-The game vs the Bucs was over at halftime. Score 42-7......wonder if that momentum will carry in the playoffs? #5 seeded Falcons will play NFC East division winner. Prove me wrong!!

5.Indy got what they wanted?-A loss today clinches the team getting the number 1 pick in April's draft. Will they take Luck or trade the pick? Either way, they got great value there.

: Kyle Orton get his revenge?-A very big game for Kyle Orton since he was the starter in Denver before Tebow. KC defeated the Broncos, but they still won the AFC West and made the playoffs.

Deserved criticism:

1.Jets season ends.....-Another predicted Super Bowl victory and another failure to deliver. Rex Ryan was furious on the sidelines as the qb who he continues to protect gives up turnovers.

2.Did Bengals want it?-Despite losing to the Ravens, they will get in the playoffs because every team lost who were in contention to get in the playoffs. Lucky for the pick to get first playoff win vs Houston. Write it down!!

3.Houston Texans lose 3 straight-!Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they lost 3 straight. Not a good way to be heading into the playoffs with virtually no momentum, no starting qb, and so on.

4.Raiders playoff drought continues-.The Raiders had the qb they wanted and they couldn't get it done. A win would have got the Raiders in the playoffs, but the job didn't get done. Team was 4-2 before Carson Palmer stepped on the football field. Doesn't look as if the trade worked out.

5.Lions lose to Packers with starters out-.No real excuse to lose to the Packers without key players out there like Rodgers. They actually played better vs the Packers Thanksgiving Day on the defensive side anyway. How does this defense expect to stop an offense the Saints have the way they played vs a backup qb.

*Bonus:Broncos lose to Orton led Chiefs -.Despite the loss...the Broncos made the playoffs because of Raiders loss to the Chargers this week. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Deserved praise and criticism week 16 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Drew Brees breaks record-I don't think anyone deserves more praise this week than Drew Brees after his record breaking season. Despite some setbacks this year, I think the Saints are still the biggest threat to the Packers.  Congrats to Brees again on the accomplishment.

2.Giants are still in the playoff hunt-TWin over the NYJ means they still can make the playoffs. If they would have lost, Eagles would go to the playoffs if Giants win vs the Cowboys the following week. Regardless of that, Eagles are now out. It has come down to the G-Men and the Cowboys. 

3.All Bengals need is a victory-.With a victory over the Cardinals, they won't have to depend on other teams to help them out this week. Now they have to beat the Ravens to get in the playoffs this week. Big game for both the Ravens and the Bengals. Bengals are battling for a playoff spot while the Ravens are battling for a bye week along with home field possibly through the AFC championship game. Big game that I'm looking forward to.

4.Lions clinch playoff spot-First time since 1999 that the Lions have been in the playoffs. Not too long ago that the Lions were the only team in NFL history to finish with 0-16. Good story to hear....

5.Raiders win in OT-IPlayoff hopes are still alive after a victory over the Chiefs in OT. Now in a must win situation vs the Chargers this week. Raiders were 4-2 before Palmer came in to Oakland. Could Palmer be the reason why the Raiders won't make the playoffs? Good thing Palmer is facing the biggest choke artist of them all this week.

: Panthers are a team to look out for-!The Panthers have won 4 out of their last 5 games. A good draft should land the Panthers into playoff contention next year. Look out!!

Deserved criticism:

1.Texans lose back to back-Losing back to back games to teams that will finish with a losing record. It is now late December and this young team is heading to the playoffs with no momentum on their side.

2.Broncos blown out 2 straight weeks-wNow the Broncos must win this week vs the Chiefs. A division rival who picked up former starting quarterback in Kyle Orton. The Broncos either win this game, they lose and head to the playoffs on a 3 game losing streak vs an AFC North team, or the Raiders take their spot from them by defeating the Chargers. I wish I could see KC vs Denver game.

3.Giants punched Rex Ryan in the mouth-LAll the talk leading up to the big game and now the Jets will have to rely on other teams to lose to get a final spot in the playoffs once again. Crucial win for the Jets vs the Dolphins this week. I have the Jets going in at the start of the year, maybe they will or maybe these predictions will stop. LOL!

4.Falcons can't win on the road-They finish the season with 4-4 record on the road. That isn't good for the Falcons because now, they must be on the road again. Not only that, but the Falcons will have to play vs the Saints in their first playoff game likely....good luck to the Matty Choke Artist in the playoffs. Maybe you can lead the Falcons to a victory this year since you have enough weapons around you after that terrible draft trade.

5.Browns Phil Taylor offsides?-FSomeone correct me if I'm wrong on who the player was on the Browns, but come on now!!  Offsides on 4th down giving away the game to the Ravens late. I think it is a rookie mistake, but a very sad way to end the game.

*Bonus: Bucs lose again.....-Is it 9 or 10 straight losses? In any case, this team hasn't lived up to the hype they came int he season with. Maybe next year.....Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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20 Q&A NFL 2011 playoff edition

Playoffs is almost here and I've heard a lot of ridiculous predictions this year. One that made me laugh the most was Chargers representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. In any case.......

1.Lions will get their first playoff win in over a decade this year. True or false?(note:Lions will play NFC East division winner in the wildcard round unless a loss occurs this week.)
2.Packers will repeat.True or false?
3.Will the AFC West division winner be able to defeat an AFC North wildcard team?
4.Pats will get their first playoff win in 4 years. true or false...
5.Which team will receive the final wildcard spot in the AFC? Titans, Jets, Bengals, Raiders....
6.Will that team defeat the Texans?
7.Who wins the NFC Least?
8.Who gets the final bye week on the NFC side? Saints or 49ers?
9.Matt Ryan aka next Tom Brady will lead the Falcons to their first playoff win in Matty Ice's era vs the Saints or the 49ers. True or false?
10.The AFC West division winner will be.....
11.Which team in the NFC the biggest threat to the Packers? Note:Chiefs are not in the NFC or in the playoffs.
12.If Bengals make the playoffs....they will get their first playoff win since.....before ATKOOL was born. True or false?
13.If Jets make the playoffs, Rex Ryan's prediction will come true.....they will win a Super Bowl!! True or false?
14.If Ravens/Steelers 3 were to occur, would you bet(lose) your money on the Ravens?
15.The AFC North division winner will be........
16.NFC Championship matchup will be.......
17.AFC Championship matchup will be........
18.The Super Bowl matchup will be.........
19.Make one last bold prediction!!
20.The Super Bowl champion will be.........
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Deserved praise and criticism week 15 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.I must stay true to my promise-The Chargers have beaten the Ravens this week. Praise is certainly deserved. It looks as if the team has turned it around. Enough for the playoffs? I don't think so, but finishing strong is certainly a positive that you should look toward. Chargers got the job done!! Congrats!!

2.The Arrowhead surprise!!-The Chiefs hand the Packers to receive their first loss of the season. When I heard of a "possible" victory for the Chiefs over the Packers, I asked myself if the Packers were resting their starters. The starters played through out and the victory is legit. Congrats is certainly deserved for the Chiefs.

3.Suh blocks game some folks minds is the best kicker in the game and has been for several years. The W was on his leg, unfortunately.....the kick was blocked by Suh to seal the victory.

4.My NFC pick is looking solid-Saints and Brees passing game solid vs the Vikings this week. Impressive performance by Brees w/5 TDs, 400+ yards, and as always accuracy is solid.

5.Falcons dominate Jags-I know a lot of folks will say "The Jags?", but any time you play like the Falcons is a big confidence booster. Good time to have that kind of performance around this time. Looks as if they will make the playoffs. Will they win if they get there? Stay tuned!!

: First praise all season-Colts get their first victory of the season over the Titans!! The monkey is off their back after finally getting that first W!! Congrats!!

Deserved criticism:

1.Bears playoff hopes are going up in smoke-Losing to the Seahawks is one thing.....losing to the Seahawks by a large margin is another. Hanie stinks!!

2.Giants swept by the Skins?-wAfter defeating the Cowboys, Giants were on course to win the division. Unfortunately, they lost again to a division rival. 5 losses out of the last 6 games. The Giants must win out to win the NFC East now with a game against the Jets and finally against the Cowboys. Good luck with that........

3.Texans lose by double digits-Loss to the Panthers may have cost the Texans home field advantage in the playoffs. After that solid comeback last week vs the Bengals....come out and lose to the Panthers. Not a good way to head in to the playoffs.

4.Packers undefeated no more!-2Coming up against the Chiefs, it may have been over confidence or it may have been that the better team won. In any case, the perfect season wasn't meant to be.  

5.Jets in a tough spot-FLosing to the Eagles by a very large margin isn't a good sign for the Jets to make the playoffs. Next week with a tough opponent in the Giants who have the same issues. Both must win games for both teams. Should be a good game next week.

*Bonus: Raiders playoff hopes may be all, but gone?-Loss to the Lions Sunday really hurt the playoff chances of the Raiders because the Broncos own the tie breaker of the two teams. Raiders must win out if they want to make the playoffs!!Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Deserved praise and criticism week 14 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Jets dominant in win-Playing the Chiefs this week, they came out with their A-game. Better late than never is how the saying goes. Playoffs certainly at stake and they got the job done!!

2.Yates leads game winning drive!! -Not that bad for a 3rd string qb. Defeating the Bengals on the road. Come from behind victory with seconds left. WOW!! Congrats to the Texans on their first division championship and playoff berth.

3.Falcons kept playing!!-At half-time, Atlanta was trailing by 16 points. Came out and the defense didn't allow a score in the 2nd half while the offense put up the points in the process. Congrats to the Falcons on not letting up.....can't say the same thing for the Panthers!

4.Lions finally got a victory!!-After mocking Tebow in blowout victory about a month in a half ago, they get a win!! Can they keep it up to make the playoffs? Stay tuned!!

5.Broncos win 6 straight!!-.Division is in the hands of the Broncos now. Believe in the hype!! LOL!

: Redskins put up a fight-Against the Pats this week, Skins were in it til the very end. Brady even got in a argument with a coach on the sidelines. Impressive.........

Deserved criticism:

1.Raiders no longer tied for 1st-5Loss to the Pack by a huge margin lands Raiders out of 1st place tie w/ Broncos win. Not good time to be losing ugly. Classic Carson Palmer!!

2.Bengals hurt playoff hopes with huge loss-wNow with 6 losses, it looks as if they will have to win out. Baltimore is the final game on the schedule so that maybe the headliner for Sunday Night Football with playoff hopes on the line. So much for the possible Raiders/Bengals wildcard round playoff matchup.

3.Chicago D can't handle Tebow-Tebow heroics couldn't be stopped!! One could argue they have one of the worst offenses in the league without their starting quarterback and running back. That would be the case for every football team though. Huge loss and I believe it is doubtful that the Bears will be making the playoffs especially with those guys out.

4.Dan Bailey botch kick....again!-C2 weeks in a row, Bailey was given the oppurtunity to win the football game for the Cowboys. Unfortunately, Bailey got iced in both situations and choked. Maybe he can make up for it down the road? Cowboys and Giants must win out if they want in the playoffs. I figure both teams will be tied. The winner will head to the playoffs while the loser is sent home packing!!

5.Refs miss huge call in Minny/Lions game-For those of you who may not know what I'm talking about. Joe Webb led the Vikings to a possible game winning drive. Unfortunately, when Webb and Vikings offense were in the endzone....a defender grabbed Webb's facemask. Webb fumbled the ball in the process, but no officials saw his facemask get grabbed. Unfortunately, the game was decided after Lions recovered the "fumble". 

*Bonus: Bucs hurt by easy schedule last season?-A lot of people were high on the Bucs coming into the season, but the question was the schedule last season make them out to be a fluke. Horrible loss to the Jags and Freeman is still in his slump. Doesn't look good!!GSurprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Deserved praise and criticism week 13 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Tebow led Broncos first place!!-MWho would have thought Tebow would make this big of an impact to the Broncos team. The confidence they have in him and the confidence they have when he is there believing they can win!! That is something not all qbs have or players for that matter. 1st place in the AFC West as of now due to the fact they have the better division record with one more win than the Raiders. Congrats to the Broncos!!

2.Jets show why they are a playoff team -4th quarter came with the game tied and they score 21 points on the Skins. I thought the ending would be better, but it didn't end up being what I expected. Congrats to the Jets after that much needed win vs the Skins. I say they are wildcard team again this year. 4 games at home ahead with a pretty easy schedule to end it.

3.49ers shutout Rams-I know some folks are like Rams? Really? No matter what team you shutout I believe it is impressive. Especially against a division rival. Bounce back win after loss on Thanksgiving. Congrats!

4.CJ2k is back!!- Great game today vs the Bills. Obviously the big reason for the W they had today vs the Bills. It is great to see him get his play together, but the real question is: Did CJ2k show up to late to lead the Titans to a playoff run?

5.Andre Johnson is back!!-After coming back from his injury and with new qbs he hasn't been as solid. This week he had 90+ receiving yards. He along with Foster is what the team will need to lock up a playoff spot and possibly playoff wins. 

:Dan Orlovsky -The name of the qb that had a very good game. I know it is against the Pats defense, but I doubt anyone seen that coming. I know it was too late in the game, but he does deserve some props right?

Deserved criticism:

1.5-2 was Bills record....5 straight losses knock them out-5 losses in a row for the Bills more likely than not knocks them out of playoff contention now with their 7th loss of the season. It would have been a good story, but it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully Bills can finish strong and possibly sweep the Pats. Again doubtful, but it is a step in the right direction to think positive.

2.1 win out of 4-Bengals have had 4 straight division games. Won 1 of them which may hurt their chances of making the playoffs. Wouldn't it be something if Bengals and Raiders face in the wildcard round? That would be interesting to see. Hopefully it can happen for Bengal fans sake.

3.Hanie can't lead the Bears-Some serious questions after todays loss to the Chiefs arise with the Bears star running back injured. Time out.....I don't know. Forte is without a doubt an important player who has a very large role on offense. Not really good to have at this time. Hope Bears can get it together. Some question if they should sign McNabb....stay tuned!!

4.Is it Atlanta bad or Houston good?-Certainly a question I ask myself. On paper you have one of the best running backs in the league along with Matt Ryan with some nice weapons. Compare it to no starting qb on the other side in Houston. Ryan in some folks minds is elite and some have him in the top 10 qb. 20-47 and running game wasn't that great. I simply think the Falcons are over-rated. Said it before and I'll say it again.

5.Raiders lose to the Dolphins!- AFC West division is no longer in your grasp. Raiders are now tied with division rival in the Broncos. Both have tough schedules coming up. It was really an ugly loss. Hopefully they can bounce back next week.

*Bonus: Cards beat Big D in OT!-Garrett called a timeout before the game winning field goal was snapped. Bailey makes it, but he called the timeout. 2nd go round Bailey misses it which meant it cost the Boys the game along with that 52 yard TD! LOL!Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Deserved praise and criticism week 12

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Saints show why they are biggest threat to the Pack-Monday Night, Saints are making a statement loud and clear. I know Packers are watching.....Saints almost beat the Pack first go round. The only issue was they ran out of time. The Saints as I said in April, are going to the Super Bowl representing the NFC!!

2.Green Bay D along with officials -I lost a ton of respect I had for the Packers watching that Thanksgiving game. It seemed like every big play made by the Lions defensively or offensively ended up having to go back via penalty. All the talk about how terrible Rodgers defense is this year is ridiculous. How is a defense terrible if they lead the league in interceptions? It isn't all Rodgers you blind media crazed idiots. "It isn't all Tebow" than you turn around and say "It is all Rodgers and the offense". No wonder a defense can't stop the offense. How can you if a flag is thrown out to give the offense more oppurtunities to score.

3.Boys/Fins game was da best Thursday-Fins put up one helluva fight vs the Boys, but a field goal sealed it at the end. Better game than anyone expected. Best game surprisingly of Thanksgiving Day. No one saw that coming!!

4.Special teams battle!!- Raiders vs the Bears was really a battle of special teams where Janikowski kicked franchise record 6 field goals!! Lechler with his 80 yard punt over Hester's head. Up til the 4th quarter....only 1 TD was scored in the game along with 6 field goals. Congrats to the Raiders on the big win vs the Bears. Division lead is still intact!!

5.Patriots comeback-I didn't expect the game to be close, but after 10-0 lead by the Eagles.....I thought hey, they are in Philly and may be able to win this thing. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Pats came out and scored 24-3 run to go into half-time. It was pretty well over after that.

:*Patrick Peterson sets new NFL record!!-4 punt returns in his rookie seasons returned for TDs longer than 80+ yards!! WOW!! Devin Hester, jr?

Deserved criticism:

1.Giants chance to make a statement-Monday Night, you have a chance to prove you belong in the discussion as a Super Bowl contender. You are currently getting beat down by the Saints. Thanks to playoff chances on my fantasy teams have decreased thanks to Brees performance. I hold the Giants responsible for this. I knew Giants were going to choke away the division. What can I say? I'm a genius!

2.Lions ruined the game Thanksgiving Day/Suh stomping-I felt a lot of folks were really pulling for an upset. Lions come out and just give the game away with all those interceptions thrown by Stafford along with Suh stomping. My perception of the Lions is: A young team that is very cocky that had a ton of success to start. It got to their heads and they havn't been able to recover. Lions team has no class. Whether it be after a victory or loss or simply mocking Tebow after a sack.

3.Another hyped Super Bowl pick is gone from the playoffs-The "Dream Team" along with "very talented" Chargers have 7 losses after being some media Super Bowl picks. Chargers losing 6 straight which is the long losing streak since 2000 for them. Eagles struggles this season is they had a lot of free agents along with new coaches. Struggles I saw would happen early, but early struggles hurt them in the long run. Never recovered and Chargers.....What can I say? Excuses every which way you go. He is hurt, Gates missing time, coaching staff, and it continues. I'm starting to wonder how important Sproles was to that football team. No one seems to look at it, but look at what he is contributing over in NO. Just something to think about.

4.Steve Johnson celebration too early?-Let me be the first to say, I enjoy TD celebrations. I have enjoyed watching them in the past and Steve Johnson went a bit too far with his last week. Some feel he cost the Bills the game and one expert believes he should be cut. Take it for what you will, but there is a time and a place to have fun and play games. When you start hurting your football team in the win/loss column it will rub guys the wrong way on your football team. Expect Johnson to think before he acts!!

5.49ers upset?- 49ers have been booked as the #2 team in the NFC and the NFL for the last x amount of months. In any case, they didn't beat the team I wanted them to. It is unfortunate....bounce back win next week maybe.

*Bonus:Long snapper for the Cleveland Browns -Botching snaps week after week on game winning field goals isn't the thing to do. LOL! Playoff hopes are officially over after that 7th loss. Seeing ya next week vs Pittsburgh!! Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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Deserved praise and criticism week 11 2011

This series was created for the purpose of showing my critics I give praise to other football teams. I refused from the beginning to not have the Steelers part of this series because of being criticized for being a homer. I'll stick with that through out. Time to give praise and critic other football teams besides my favorite.

Deserved praise:

1.Tebow lead Broncos playoffs?-That is a question several folks have been asking themselves after the win Thursday night vs the Jets. Again coming through in the clutch. No one including myself expected Broncos would have .500 win % at this point. Congrats on the shocking victory over the Jets. Tebow is getting analysts to church with his play. AMAZING!!

2.Kevin Smith back/Stafford -140 yards rushing along with 2 TDs. Lions really havn't had a strong running game coming in, but Smith getting the job done helped in the end. Stafford was gonna be put on my criticism this week expecting they would lose, but the Lions came back and won vs the Panthers. Solid defensive play was a big key in the victory. 3-4 interceptions was a big plus for the offense to get a comeback. A victory they needed to keep their playoff hopes alive!!

3.Raiders back to back victories-Last week was no fluke. They sealed another W this week vs the Vikings. Still have the division lead in the AFC West by one game. Division games will decide the division if you ask me.

4.49ers own division!!- 49ers keep proving the doubters wrong!! For those who don't believe in them.....record shows otherwise. I'm not a full believer in them. I'd like to see them take on a team like the Saints or Packers and see how well it goes. I expect a W this week!!

5.Falcons bounce back-Facing a team that has playoff aspirations....they got the job done. After a questionable play call in OT that cost them a division game that could decide the division, they beat the Titans!! Playoff hopes are still alive....congrats!

Bonus:*Vince Young led Eagles to W!-3 interceptions early told me Eagles were gonna lose this one, but with a solid defensive effort....Eagles got the job done. Game winning drive led along with a late fumble recovery sealed it.

Deserved criticism:

1.Sanchez led offense-Stinks!! LOL! Jets had every oppurtunity to seal the game, but the offense let them down late with a crucial pick 6 along with the amount of points they put up on the scoreboard. Questions are back with Sanchez being a franchise qb. That isn't the worst question being asked at this point. The worst question they are asking is now will the Jets make it to the playoffs.

2.Andy Dalton interceptions-The interceptions has risen for the rookie qb after facing two division power houses. After 9 games....he had 7 interceptions. Now after 2 games vs Ravens and Steelers.....he has a total of 12.

3.Chargers lose 5 straight-I just don't know what to say? We have people who claim to know football put the Chargers in the Super Bowl in the off-season. They also put their qb in the elite category. Somehow, neither is true. Same old crap blaming the coaching staff. Why not blame the players? Leading the league in interceptions isn't helping things. Kordell Stewart said it best: "He didn't think Rivers play could get any worse, but it has. Chargers need to think about drafting a quarterback in April."

4.Fitzpatrick/Fred Jackson-Earlier in the season, Bills made a run no one expected. Now, they are back to being normal which really stinks after those high hopes after a huge victory vs the Pats. Losing I believe 4 straight and not being able to score a TD vs the Dolphins of all teams? Disappointing.....playoff hopes are shrinking.

5.Giants choke!- All indications showed the Giants would beat the Eagles. Every stat you wanted to throw at us would give Giants the edge. Eagles defense has been known as terrible against the run. Giants are one of the best at running the football. Somehow...the offense puts 3 points on the board thru 3. Lead rusher Jacobs had 21 yards to finish the game. This is the point where the Giants have the toughest schedule to finish. I said before the season began this would happen. They would be 1st in their division and choke it away in the 2nd half like they have done the past couple of seasons. Prove me wrong!!

*Bonus: Cam Newton helps Lions comeback-Panthers up by 20 points and somehow.....Lions comeback. Panthers D isn't that great, but throwing 3-4 picks isn't helping things. If you want to win games in this gotta control the clock and make good decisions with the football. Surprised??SurprisedDon't be.........STAY JEALOUS!!Cool
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